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  1. Maybe but the writing was on the wall soon as he missed, I think majority in that stadium truly knew that Shrewsbury were gunna end up getting one chance and putting it away. We need to start being clinical and killing teams off. That second half was shocking, our decision making was poor and not one player seemed to even want the ball or making themselves available for the pass. This season, judged on what I've seen so far I think we will struggle on the road but will have a better record at home. That said I'm afraid, if your looking at challenging promotion, you need to be putting teams like Shrewsbury away and making a statement.
  2. BPF Hunt Iorfa Hutchinson Brown Adeniran Byers Shodipo Bannan Berahino Paterson Subs: Wildsmith, Dunkley, Johnson, Wing, Sow, Theo, Gregory
  3. Think Chansiri got confused in the language barrier when he ordered "gormy" instead of "gourmet" in the catering contract.
  4. Haha thought exactly the same!! "Erm" in that dopey sounding Brummie accent(apologies to any brummie folk on here)
  5. It's the lack of identity whats puzzling me, considering we've had a pre season to prepare for this. At the moment it's playing it out from the back and then looking continually lost after that. If its possession based then we've got it totally wrong because of the lack of urgency and willing to show for the ball from our players to support a team mate for the pass, the players run into brick walls and we lose possession so softly. It can't be a direct style side because we simply dont have enough attacking options who are good in the air, Gregory and Paterson aside, and we don't press high enough to win the second balls. Wether this is a new team and yes it does take time for them gel, but we just don't seem to be getting the basics right such as sticking to a settled squad or having a plan B ( whatever plan A actually is) At the moment we are every opponents dream to play against because we are the only side who can have the ball in the final third/penalty box and it ends up back in our own defence in about 3 passes.
  6. Our young un said to me she enjoyed today, I've told her I'm ordering a Chinese tonight and she's having none. Tough times.
  7. Think it was the 01/02 edition I used to play, remember 2 players you could pick up for cheap...Michael Chopra from Newcastle and a lad called Neil Tarrant from Villa, both would become absolute goal machines. Used to love this game.
  8. Is there a recall clause in his deal? I really hope not!!
  9. Wasn't long ago they were singing about how they were playing Chelsea whilst we were playing Luton....O how the mighty have fallen. Would really make a champagne season if we went up and they crumbled into turmoil on and off the pitch. Loads saying they will probably end up top 6...probably the same who said they would avoid relegation last season.
  10. Yeah I heard the same regarding Dingles not selling to us after the fans went berserk for Winnall joining. Back then I think he would have been useful. As I say in my opinion I think he is a player who has been in decline, he might prove me wrong and be good, but I wouldn't shouting from the rooftops if I was a pig fan. Gibbs White on the other hand sadly I do think he will be a decent addition to them lot, I know Wolves fans didn't really want to see him leave as he has been part of the first team set up. I was hoping Carlos might have rang his pal and got him to cancel the move last minute
  11. Sounds like deal is off for the Barcelona lad they were meant to be signing. Think Olsen and Gibbs White are good signings to be fair. As I've said before, regarding Hourihane, my opinion he's player you'de have loved in your team a few years ago but I think he's slowly declined in years gone by, Swansea fans weren't particularly keen on getting him back after his loan spell there. These new faces and I'm very surprised they didn't bring in a striker.
  12. Doesn't matter about the opposition, a performance and result to match like tonight can only have boosted the confidence amongst the team, especially with heads maybe been slightly down after the weekend. Hopefully we can take that into the next game.
  13. Kieran Gibbs? To be honest I don't think he's a bad signing for them, however another left footed centre midfield like Hourihane. Must be the end for Fleck and Freeman.
  14. Not surprised, weren't they trying to sign him before he moved to Man U?
  15. Quite possibly although I do think Joker see's Norwood as part of his plans. Think he'll replace the once golden child that is John Fleck, rumours are he wanted out in the summer and doesn't want to stick around anymore.
  16. Looks like they signing Hourihane on loan from Villa. Got to be honest I think he's one of those players who was good about 5 years ago and has slowly declined. I know Swansea fans weren't exactly raving about him during his loan spell there.
  17. Thought Wolves were extremely unlucky to not get atleast a point from that. Thought they played some good stuff, plenty of pace with the likes of Traore. Will say one thing though I don't actually think Jimenez suits their style of play, they need a fast striker with plenty of pace to get in behind.
  18. Only thing is, isn't he supposed to be on a hefty number at the Lane? Leaving a job in Qatar where he must have been raking it in, surely pigs must have given him a salary to match or bettered? I can't see him walking away from that.
  19. He'll settle in straight away. He's always had the Midlands accent to back it up.
  20. Poor Slav is gunna be in for a shock when the Prince shows him the transfer war chest.....
  21. No but they've had some decent results so far, even beat a strong line up Blackburn side in the cup, I think they'll surprise a few this season.
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