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  1. Yeah we beat them 1-0, Fletcher scored from the spot, it was Carlos second season in charge. Regarding Millmoor, been twice to watch Wednesday play...First time was a 1-1 draw Ashley Westwood scored an equaliser for us. Second time we beat them 2-0, think it was just after new year. Lee Bradbury and Adam Proudlock scored. That ground was an absolute sh!t tip.
  2. I went to that game myself, remember Jon Shaw and I'm certain, Terry Cooke, scored our goals. As you say we collapsed at half time, I think Steve Howard scored one of the goals for Luton. One of the worst grounds I've been too Kenilworth Road, remember thinking why am I walking through somebodies back garden to get into the stand.
  3. But with the right infrastructure and good planning it doesn't always have to be about getting to the Premiership and having to survive. I mean I don't think Leicester fans ever expected to see their club actually be league champions, yes a rarity but it proves its possible. Even the pigs had a comfortable first season there. For me it's the financial benefits that come with playing top flight football, that money can be used into stadium upgrades/development, investment into training/academy facilities. With the younger generation of fans now coming through it would a lot easier to get a young fan to attend games knowing they could see the likes of Salah or De Bruyne in the flesh as opposed to watching Wednesday playing Bristol Rovers for example.
  4. I've said it before but the competition as a whole, has lost its spark for me years ago. Used to be that real magic feeling about FA cup games and the final stages. Now it's just an opportunity for the big boys to field practically a team full of academy kids and disrespect the opposition.
  5. Sods law they would get a goal, its almost cast iron certainty. However they've gotta get at Forest from the start, at a packed City Ground and how good Forest are on the counter, I wouldn't be surprised if they conceded an early goal putting the tie to bed early...here's hoping anyway.
  6. Gotta say, out of all the signings we made in the summer, Shodipo is the one I really had high hopes for, after the reviews he got from his spell at Oxford. I guess he was signed originally to be used in the 4-2-3-1 system, I don't think he was ever going to be useful as a wingback. I'm sure I also read recently QPR were in discussions over a a new deal for him so they must obviously think something of him.
  7. He's a good player, be interesting to see how he coped in Championship. I know Oxford fans rate him highly.
  8. I would imagine Dean's wage demands might be out of our price range? Would love him back here though. I wonder if we might back in for that young centre half from Brighton who we were linked with previously? Player I would like to see us go for is Callum Branagan from Oxford but I fear he will be out of our price range. Thought he looked class against us at Hillsborough.
  9. I'd be guessing Hunt as he's out of contract. Think he was worth atleast another year but suppose Darren has his own plans.
  10. I've been impressed with FDB recently, think he's got really good strength on the ball, final ball could better but he's only young and can improve on that. I'm hoping for big things from Dennis next season, started off really brightly but I didn't think he dropped in form before his injury.
  11. Think he had a decent season with Lincoln when they got into the playoffs. Not really happened for him at Peterborough. Definitely a player I would look at though.
  12. Nope. But on a side note it's great to see Bamba playing regularly after his fight against cancer.
  13. Ralls would a decent signing, possible replacement if Bannan goes as he's a left footer. Although I think he'll end up at another championship club.
  14. Still livid and not going to pretend otherwise. Always the bridesmaid never the bride, in Wednesdays case. Once again a huge opportunity and in typical fashion we blew it. Those interested in what happens in the summer regarding transfers are going to be in for a huge shock, our better players will be replaced with lower quality. I know there are plenty of fans, not just on here, that have the "O well I got over it" approach and attitude, I'm not one of them. And I know its not about glory hunting- demanding we win every league and Cup competition but I do think for how much money the fans have invested into the club, particularly during the Chansiri years, that the club should have done a lot better on the field, we should have atleast had a spell, even if it was 1 season, in the Premiership. But that is now lightyears away, and one of the reasons why last night royally pi$$ed me off because the realisation of SWFC being a successful club just slid further down the pipe. The enthusiasm will be at draining point if the pigs get promoted this season, playing Premiership football (again) whilst we challenge the likes of Forest Green and Accrington.
  15. Case closed. Glad you've realised your mistake.
  16. Not bothered what your sexual orientation is. Just stating facts that Moore isn't, how you put it, a miracle worker.
  17. So....he's no miracle worker. Thought not.
  18. Moores done miracles? Steady down sweetheart, he's had a relegation and a failed playoff attempt in League One on his CV for us.
  19. To be fair he hasn't done anything good for some time to justify staying. Mind you he's an attacking winger who's playing wing back in a flat back 5. Tactical masterstroke again from Pep Moore.
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