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  1. Regarding Palmer, I actually think he could end up leaving in in summer, remember the lad has broken into the Scotland national side, has bags of experience in the Championship, I could certainly see someone like Coventry or Hull (if they go up) taking a punt on him. Same as Paterson. These players aren't going to hamper their opportunities of international football by sticking around to play the likes of Crewe Alexandra on a Tuesday night.
  2. Bruce was already looking for a way out, the fact it was his boyhood club who came calling for him was his golden ticket out of there. As some of have said, I think it was the summer of Carlos' second season it started. Our recruitment and approach was simply sh!t or bust, there was no plan B in place. A very naive and quite frankly ridiculous way of running a professional football clubs transfer policy. Honestly this club deserves every bit sh!t it has had hurled it's way in terms of results, embargoes etc. It's the fans I feel sorry for.
  3. Having nearly died from pneumonia myself 5 years ago it really is a terrible illness. I remember the doctors telling me that if my partner, at the time, had brought me into Hospital an hour later there was a strong possibility I wouldn't be here today. Fluid had filled up on my lungs rapidly. The doctor then walked off and I sat up in my hospital bed and just burst into tears, dunno wether it was relief, the reaction to what they said, or whatever but it was one of the worst times of my life and I was 28 then. I honestly wish the gaffer a super recovery, he needs to take his time a
  4. Still needs a buyer though and unfortunately this is Chansiri we are talking about, the master of awkward negotiations and will eventually cause any interest/talks to collapse.
  5. Honestly I think we will struggle massively next season, I can see another Bolton situation where we end up dropping down the leagues whilst the deluded, arrogant one watches his ship sink rapidly, helpless. I can see Moore leaving pretty early next season, any signs that he's not going to get the backing required to rebuild the squad and he will be off sharpish.
  6. Admire your optimism, but let's be fair this team isn't going to produce form to get those points. Most are just doing light prep work ready for the move to the next club in the summer.
  7. Which why it is still gutting to think we signed Pudil at a later stage in his career, that first season with us he looked like the first best left back we've had in some time, I loved Reda but defensively he could be wreckless, always useful for grabbing a goal though.
  8. In my years watching Wednesday GK- Old Tidman RB- Chris Carr CB- Danny Maddix CB-Martin Taylor LB- Jon Beswetherick RM- Gary Teale CM- Jacob Butterfield CM- Danny Sonner LM- Petter Rudi CF- Kim Olsen CF- Jay Bothroyd Subs GK- Brad Jones Julian Bennett Franny Jeffers Paul McLaren David Graham Wayne Collins Ashley Westwood
  9. To be fair I like Mick and would have taken him after we sacked Monk no question. He did a good job at Ipswich considering he was working on a low budget, I remember their fans were gunning for him to go during his last season there, next season they started with Paul Hurst and ended up relegated.
  10. Bottom photo, why does it look like Pudil is saying to Wallace "Hey Ross is that your wife speaking to that bird you were knocking off a few month back?"
  11. I've gotta say when they first signed him I hadn't even heard of the bloke despite loads claiming him to be the next Scandinavian big shot. Games I've watched him he's not done anything remotely to justify the price tag he came with, he doesn't stand out in games he plays in although Blunts I know cream themselves over him. All that money spent and yet the only player they brought in this season who's looked ok, in my opinion, is Osbourn from Forest.
  12. Seems he is set to be manager of Dutch side VVV-Venlo Good luck Jos
  13. Bet it was Giddings who wrote that.
  14. I've been dreading this game predicting we'll get absolutely hammered however now I've seen the line-up I'm more confident it'll be a humble 0-3 defeat. UTO
  15. I'm sure the Humble one will take him to his next group of "pashun" warriors
  16. He was toytown manager at one point, think when they were playing at Don Valley stadium around that time. Didn't do much though as far as I recall, maybe the case of sometimes a good coach but not so much a manager
  17. As I've said numerous times, if we was currently in the top 2 or looking strong candidates for promotion then they would have been squealing for him to go long ago, I think its the fact we are going to be a division below them again and the fact he is a fellow pig, they are claiming him to be the greatest of all time. For what it's worth, I think they would have probably bounced back under him in the Championship but as you say after how he has spent the cash since getting to the Premiership, it's not a surprise the Prince has told him to balls.
  18. The funniest thing I've seen on Twitter is the amount of them who were thinking the cancelled press conference, was because they believed Sir Humbleness and Poundland had possibly kissed and made up. Nah sorry he was just discussing how his bank balance was getting topped up by shafting Bogroll Messiah out of a few more quid.
  19. Just scrolling through Twitter, anyone would think he has died with the way some of them are going off.
  20. Wouldn't surprise me, as I say he loves the drama and when everyone makes a huge fuss of him and his "pashun" Causing a crisis to benefit himself is exactly what he is a master at. Don't forget they were every global football fans favorite second team not long ago. I'm not reading too much into this unless the pigs themselves confirm it.
  21. Is this just a case of perhaps he was ill and not attended training today? You know what Wilderbeast is like, doesn't half love the spotlight, probably causing a deliberate stir just so the media can massage his ego for a few hours and make him feel like God
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