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  1. The last few weeks I've been critical of Moore and the way he's set us up in games. I will admit it's probably been out of frustration the fact we haven't been able to kill teams off such as Wimbledon and Shrewsbury, maybe with that I've had a touch of arrogance and disrespect towards these clubs thinking we should giving them a good hiding, I'm now starting to see why the likes of Sunderland have been in this league for a while. I was hoping we would go for Ryan Lowe before we appointed Moore, but as others have said it could have turned out to be a complete disaster, could have been a success.... we'll never know. I suppose instead of going on the manager merry-go-round again maybe giving Moore the time to implement his ideas may benefit us, particularly with a new squad where on face value he seems to be a very popular choice amongst the players. This isn't me suddenly saying Moore is the man, but I am now in the mindset of seeing where this goes, I would like to see us more aggressive attacking wise and with a settled 11/formation that's for sure and not the current way he's managing us. Here's hoping anyway, I do like to think as fans we are due a little bit of success and joy for a change.
  2. I'll tell you what they were mate, I stuck a fiver on Bet365 in play at 14/1, minutes after we scored the second. Unfortunately you could just see what was going to happen.
  3. You can give someone all the time in the world but there surely has to be signs of progression and improvement? Moore is persistent with this style of play which is blatantly obvious to folk that it isn't working, the playing it out from the back is just a defensive disaster waiting to happen. He doesn't seem capable, or willing, to change this. Any decent manager would look at trying a different approach whilst still in the experimental stage, this isn't happening. It's about getting the fundamentals and basics right, I haven't seen anything to suggest Darren can do this. It's getting to the point where we are fearing every opponent we face. There's the old joke on here about 2-0 been a nightmare lead, I think the majority of us had that sinking feeling we would somehow end up not getting 3 points from that position.
  4. This is exactly why I don't understand when we have fans saying "Give him time" Time to do what exactly? We look such a puzzled and uncomfortable side to watch, there isn't anything that looks like it's steady progression barring the odd "hanging on in there" victory. If today's performance is something he doesn't care about then we know exactly what to expect week in week out then, low level of energy, boring and toothless football and the team will continually get a pat on the back from the manager regardless. I've heard some say players love to play under him and he commands respect, I actually think they just realise what an absolute nugget he is and that he will never see faults in you despite how little effort you put in.
  5. Darren appears to me like someone who would look puzzled and surprised when toast comes out of the toaster.
  6. Sorry but I think your running on blind optimism. Things should be starting to click already, steady signs of improvement and that includes style of play as each game passes. This team seems to be looking worse and worse as each game passes in my opinion. Let's be right if it wasn't for Bolton been so wasteful infront of goal we could have lost that quite comfortably. Moore's philosophy and constant tinkering of formation/match day team is going to hold us back major.
  7. First half was a lot worse. To say Moore is trying to get us playing out from the back and keeping the ball we once again looked so clueless and uncomfortable in possession. From what I've seen of us so far we look better as a side that sits back and hits on the break, we aren't an aggressive enough side attacking, scared to take risks and atleast threaten the opposition...prime example first half when we were in the final third attacking and, like so many times this season, the ball ends up around the edge of our penalty area killing off our own pressure. It really is awful to watch and I don't think Moore has the ability in him to change it around.
  8. Once again a very average performance, still not sure about Moores tactics/philosophy. However 3 points and a clean sheet. Atleast it can be an enjoyable weekend now!! UTO
  9. Obviously it's always the case when you assemble a new squad so giving it time is definitely understandable, however as each games passes you usually see steady improvements. I honestly think we are getting steadily worse. We don't even look comfortable on the ball.
  10. As I said other week...we are the only side who can have possession in the opposition final third and the ball will end up in our box in about 3 passes.
  11. We look devoid of ideas already. So slow and clueless in possession.
  12. I'm guessing but perhaps 3-4-1-2 formation Wildsmith Palmer Iorfa Gibson Hunt Hutchinson Bannan Brown Berahino Gregory Paterson
  13. To be fair I can't see why Adam Proudlock would be in attendance today but who knows...
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