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  1. Theres no "Posse" Everyone has their opinions on this, your either 1 or the other. I for one happen to think Chansiri is not what is needed at this club and that there is more negative than positive during his tenure here.
  2. Always remember in my teenage years witnessing them toytown tw@t$ not once but twice score an injury time winner at Hillsborough, this made it the best revenge ever especially with them scoring what they thought was another late winner. Think it was only bit of class Stevie May ever showed backheeling it to Lee
  3. To be honest I always thought the Travs was a listed building so they couldn't knock it down, evidently not though! I always preferred the Travs myself. Towards the latter part of it being there I was remember Karaoke nights with Driftin Dronfield, supposedly fun for all the family, but it pretty much turned into him getting absolutely plastered, singing Turning Japanese and verbally abusing anyone who walked through the door
  4. Brings back memories, used to love going in there before games and popping into the Gate next door. I did hear a rumour that Wetherspoons had attempted to buy it before Sainsbury's took over, not sure how true that was though. Such a shame though because it was a great atmosphere in there.
  5. It's not a popularity contest who can gain the most members. I happen to have seen plenty of fans who defend Chansiri just as much as the ones who want him out. I just personally cant believe how anybody can defend a man who has gambled with our beloved clubs furture and lost.
  6. So you think Chansiri has been a success so far? I hope you weren't one of those who clapped like a giddy seal when he made the statement regarding the pigs and "if you thought they had a better team than us then you knew nothing about football" This man will destroy this football club and it's quite alarming, almost horrifying, the amount of fans who stick up for him.
  7. Those who are defending Chansiri's corner, I'd love to know what positives are taken from those answers to put your mind at ease? Personally, and once again like at the fans forums, it's another Chansiri "the whole world is against me" load of nonsense. Why should we believe a word from this guy? The same guy who knew FFP/transfer embargoes was on the horizon and pushed for fans to part with more money and ridiculous prices without even letting them know the situation at the time. The day he sells up and clears off with his pal is the day there might be a glimmer of hope for the clubs future.
  8. Absolute waste of printing ink. The opinion of John Garrett, the bloke probably has more knowledge on every item of his local takeaway than football, the triple chinned slob.
  9. Whatsapped him by all accounts "Or8 Chansiri, can u sign Rhodez plz. Get him 4 about 10 mill. Nice 1 m8"
  10. It's scary to think how much we've blown on salaries, those players you listed like Melo and Emanuelson, absolute throwing cash away. I remember when we signed that Dutch lad in Carlos first season, Daryl Lachman, infact I think he was the first signing for the club that season. I saw him in a pre season match against St Mirren and never saw him again, another strange recruitment from the club.
  11. Best 2 seasons....I really hate this comment. Some of our fans wear that like a badge of honour. We failed on both occasions yet you and many others hail that as some kind of success. Once again after the Final, if Chansiri had anything about him he would have invested in the right areas in the squad in what we needed player wise at the time. After the Huddersfield disaster, he should have sacked Carlos immediately but he didnt, most likely because of his loyalty to his other Portuguese snakes slithering around the club aswell. Since then we've slowly sank on and off the field and it's all under the watch of Chansiri, a guy you claim is "trying" and "wants the best for SWFC" He wants the best for himself not the club.
  12. Let's be right, Mandaric would have sold us to Peter Sutcliffe if he'd turned up with the asking price in cash.
  13. Obviously it was medical grounds.... She'd lost her mind.
  14. Probably another tantrum about how ungrateful the fans are and that the club is up for sale. Probably tell us someone emailed him the other month enquiring about the club, a Mr P Ness, and he fell for it.
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