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  1. Those fans saying they aren't bothered about us been in League One and looking forward to it are proof of the pudding when it comes to the soft bellied attitude of some Wednesday fans. Once again, taken for mugs and served up a dish of absolute sh!t but yeah they will be there ploughing their money into the pockets and staying loyal like an abused woman who is too scared to leave her violent boyfriend.
  2. Yeah, well contributing anything towards him still won't help spread the message.
  3. Far too many easily pleased supporters amongst our fan base thats the problem, and has been for years. Happily to get dealt a sh!t hand and go along with it without as much as a fuss. Chansiri wants to count himself lucky he's not owning the likes of Leeds and a fanbase like that who make their feelings very vocal. I know many can't help the fact they've already got season tickets but seriously anyone putting money into his pocket wether it be a pen from the clubshop to a ridiculously priced tacky kit, funding this will only encourage Chansiri that he still has people who accept hi
  4. What exactly is the excitement all about for next season? There is going to be alot of disappointed folk on here unless their idea of fun is another relegation battle. The mess Chansiri has got us into will have such a knock on effect on our budget for the summer, im expecting a squad made up of mostly academy lads and cheap options.
  5. If he's given the opportunity (funds) to do this. I've said before with that clown and his sidekick running the show I honestly won't be surprised if we are fighting relegation into league 2 next season on a threadbare squad.
  6. And dont forgot this is the same clown who actually said that the fans season ticket money didn't really count for much, during one of his many bizarre rants.
  7. Cant wait for next match, be like watching 2 crackheads fighting over the last smoke outside the Hen and Chickens....
  8. Regarding Palmer, I actually think he could end up leaving in in summer, remember the lad has broken into the Scotland national side, has bags of experience in the Championship, I could certainly see someone like Coventry or Hull (if they go up) taking a punt on him. Same as Paterson. These players aren't going to hamper their opportunities of international football by sticking around to play the likes of Crewe Alexandra on a Tuesday night.
  9. Bruce was already looking for a way out, the fact it was his boyhood club who came calling for him was his golden ticket out of there. As some of have said, I think it was the summer of Carlos' second season it started. Our recruitment and approach was simply sh!t or bust, there was no plan B in place. A very naive and quite frankly ridiculous way of running a professional football clubs transfer policy. Honestly this club deserves every bit sh!t it has had hurled it's way in terms of results, embargoes etc. It's the fans I feel sorry for.
  10. Having nearly died from pneumonia myself 5 years ago it really is a terrible illness. I remember the doctors telling me that if my partner, at the time, had brought me into Hospital an hour later there was a strong possibility I wouldn't be here today. Fluid had filled up on my lungs rapidly. The doctor then walked off and I sat up in my hospital bed and just burst into tears, dunno wether it was relief, the reaction to what they said, or whatever but it was one of the worst times of my life and I was 28 then. I honestly wish the gaffer a super recovery, he needs to take his time a
  11. Still needs a buyer though and unfortunately this is Chansiri we are talking about, the master of awkward negotiations and will eventually cause any interest/talks to collapse.
  12. Honestly I think we will struggle massively next season, I can see another Bolton situation where we end up dropping down the leagues whilst the deluded, arrogant one watches his ship sink rapidly, helpless. I can see Moore leaving pretty early next season, any signs that he's not going to get the backing required to rebuild the squad and he will be off sharpish.
  13. Admire your optimism, but let's be fair this team isn't going to produce form to get those points. Most are just doing light prep work ready for the move to the next club in the summer.
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