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  1. Johnny Concrete

    Fox...... Cannot start again!

    Tell you what fair play to the lad for that block today, potential goal scoring moment.
  2. Johnny Concrete

    Brucey Bingo (press conference)

    "I've taken the team as far as I can, I hereby announce my resignation with immediate effect"
  3. Johnny Concrete

    Hull City 3 : 0 The Wednesday OMDT

    Looking at that league table is making me foooookin sick
  4. Johnny Concrete

    Frederick Nielsen

    Admittedly only seen the kid once which was against Wolves in the league cup this season, have to say I wasnt impressed, got shoved off the ball very easy for a lad his size, that said he was against good opposition.
  5. Johnny Concrete

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Sorry Sally but that is utter nonsense mate. This guy is supposed to be a professional and in his career remain impartial on views. We all know Paul Walker is a blunt but he never spouts off utter rubbish or tries stirring trouble with regards to Sheffield Wednesday. In his position it definitely is keeping your opinions to yourself.
  6. Johnny Concrete

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Totally agree SiJ, he knew exactly what he was doing last night. He wanted a bite/reaction from us, and he got it, myself included, he tried the whole libel court case cr@p with me when it got too much for him to handle because I tweeted him something he didn't like. He tried to be smart and he got burnt severely. Like I say before for someone who's in a line of media work, representing himself in a professional manner, he should be disciplined for his actions.
  7. Doubt we would get him but Rajiv Van La Parra is available on loan from Huddersfield. Boro are linked with him. Think he would be a brilliant signing and adds the pace we need.
  8. Johnny Concrete

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Why? Because fans have responded to someone, who perhaps has better inside knowledge than your ordinary fan, after he's tweeted something regarding one our players and provided not one piece of evidence to back this up? The fact he is a pig fan aswell just adds fuel to the fire, he knew exactly what he was doing last night and for a guy in his position he should be immediately disciplined for it.
  9. Johnny Concrete

    James Gregg on Westwood

    Whoever that Stevie Owls is on Twitter, who's the dominant one between you and Mr Gregg? Absolute love fest between the pair.
  10. Johnny Concrete

    WBA Sky Highlights

    I don't particularly like blaming Dawson but he should be collecting them kind of crosses or at the very least punching it or palming it away, he was far too flat footed and when it's in his 6 yard box ,near enough, he should be making his presence known and dealing with it.
  11. Johnny Concrete

    West Brom - V - Wednesday OMDT

    I think this looks like Westwood is off. Hope I'm wrong but I've got a bad feeling about it.
  12. Johnny Concrete

    Morgan Fox

    To be fair to the lad he was absolutely brilliant in the air today, challenged for every header and won almost every duel. Granted he's limited on most things but I actually thought today was one of his better games. Superb win today aswell, absolutely buzzing with that!
  13. Johnny Concrete

    Guess tomorows lineup

    Westwood Palmer Lees Pudil Penney Hutch Hector Matias Reach Joao Fletcher 4-2-3-1 Subs Dawson Van Aken Jones Boyd Pelupessy Onomah Nuhiu
  14. Johnny Concrete


    To be fair, when he was appointed everyone wondered who the hell this guy was, but he came across well in his first interview and everyone gave him the chance. But let's face it, the football particularly this year, has been awful to watch and this should have happened long before it has. On a personal note though I will fondly remember him as the man who was manager when my little girl decided she wanted to start attending games with me last season, something we've carried on this year aswell and it makes me very proud even though the results/performances haven't matched!! Anyway Jos enjoy retirement or whatever your next venture is.
  15. Johnny Concrete


    What if its false news and hes still in charge tomorrow