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  1. Personally I just brace myself for disappointment every match, negative attitude, yes I know, but I think it's just set into me now of all the years supporting Wednesday. What does sadden me is that if the club isn't careful, and ends up back in League 1, the amount of fans they will end up losing (obviously when folk can return to attendance) , people will eventually lose interest, fans aren't going to pay eye watering prices to watch a god awful standard of football, wearing ridiculously over priced shirts made by some Skeggy market supplier and everything else what Chansiri has attempted, meddled with and failed miserably at. You also have the younger fans and next generation of supporters which I think is extremely important. Make no mistake about it if we went down, we will be there for many years, and what young fan is going to want to come to a half empty stadium, with a dire atmosphere, to watch a slum fest against Rochdale when they could go down the road and watch a team against some of the world's best players and Europen football? Awful and such depressing time to be a Sheffield Wednesday fan.
  2. He seems to have a 20 year olds face but the hair of a 50 year old.
  3. Absolute rubbish. I'm not 1 of DC's biggest fans at all, however I would never want to see the club punished, especially severely. As I said yesterday I'm hoping that this latest saga has given Chansiri the major wake up call that has been needed for a long time.
  4. Love these "having a pop" comments It's my opinion fella, you either agree or don't.
  5. Chansiri's heart might be in the right place but from a business point of view his tenure as owner of the club has been a shambles so far no matter how much you try dressing it up. Regardless whether we are right or wrong in this EFL case, the fact we had to sell the ground in the first place is a pretty poor situation considering he walked into this club with a clean slate. Lack of sponsorships, nothing on the corporate side etc..the list goes on. And as for 2 playoff seasons on the bounce, I dont class that as an achievement personally as we failed on both occasions, there is no prizes for been runners up. Although I blame Carlos more for that shambles to be fair. I honestly hope/pray whatever the outcome of the verdict that this is wake up call DC has so desperately needed, we have said every season he will learn from past mistakes and things will only get better, personally I dont see it although I'd love to be proved wrong.
  6. That's what I loved about us under Megson, yeah granted the football wasn't pretty but we weren't a team to be bullied especially with the likes of Reda, Bywater and Semedo.
  7. You should have gone to my aunties takeaway on Baxtergate. Al Taco. She does banging burritos.
  8. I tell you what after the day you've had I pity the toilet cleaner, certainly going to be earning their bonus.....
  9. Keep this to yourself. I've locked David Bates in storeroom at the Megastore. Proper mental. Bully
  10. O Barry I wish you would come home me and your 6 brothers are missing you dearly. Love Snow White x
  11. Agreed but your forgetting 1 thing... Monk was fired by Swansea, fired by Boro and fired by Brum.
  12. Stobbs had been around the club for years, let's be fair he wasn't selected by a number of managers very often, youde have thought if he had anything about him he wouldve made himself a regular in matchday squad by now. I remember the lad Lee against Wolves and he looked completely out of his depth, big lad aswell but got shoved off the ball way to easy.
  13. Once we fall a goal behind we never look like getting back into it, you can see the heads drop and the defeatist attitude sinks in. We have been saying we lack that cutting edge for far too long now. We have such a lack of game changing options in the team its criminal. Anyway I don't even blame Monk or the players for all this mess, the route problem is Chansiri, the sooner he leaves is the day there will be a glimmer of hope for this once proud club.
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