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  1. Johnny Concrete

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    I have to confess I stuck a tenner on for the draw at 2-1 at 8/1 Never felt this good losing money Get in Wednesday!!!
  2. Johnny Concrete

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    This negative approach Jos seems to be bringing into our game plan is puzzling. The level of inconsistency is incredibly annoying.
  3. Johnny Concrete

    I'm still feeling positive

    It's not about expectation. We were 2-0 up literally minutes left and have ended up finishing the game with a point and yet it's been hailed as some kind of success. I really don't get it with some our fans.
  4. Johnny Concrete

    I'm still feeling positive

    Sorry but you can try and butter that up all you want. Teams that challenge for promotion do not find themselves in positions like tonight and walking away with a point. We are a midtable side and that's where I expect us to finish even lower if I'm being honest. We are going to suffer for a while due to the financial mismanagement of the club.
  5. Johnny Concrete

    Wednesday - West Brom (Knock off OMDT)

    Well I do, they are our rivals are they not? We are competing with them. The only difference they are a much better side than us. They'll do the double on us this season.
  6. Johnny Concrete

    Not sure about the way we play

    I said to my mate the writing was on the wall second half soon as it started. We sat so incredibly deep it was as though we intended to invite early pressure onto our selves. Throwing Nuhiu on just summed it up that we were playing for a point. Yeah Leeds looked good but my god we made it so easy for them, we can't hack it under pressure, no calm figure to take control of the game and slow the pace down. Tell you what might be a good point but performance wise that second half was something out of Alan Irvines school of negative excellence.
  7. Johnny Concrete

    Marco Matias Hows He Doing

    Not just his goal today, but what else has impressed me is his work rate has been tremendous since Jos have given him the chance. He is always tracking back and helping the full back out, that block in the second half was brilliant. Hope the lad keeps it up.
  8. Johnny Concrete

    One big mistake Jos made over the summer...

    I'm not about his footballing skills, I'm on about his vocals on the pitch which are plain to see. He's not afraid to tell team mates his opinion either when they muck up, prime example first half when Dawson stood static on his line when the ball came in the box and nearly put us under pressure, Bazza was giving him his thoughts and Lees stands there quiet as a mouse.
  9. And that was not giving Bannan the captaincy. The guy just does everything and is the main vocal point in our team, you see him talking to all his team mates and encouraging them and giving them a telling off when they've mucked up. Tom Lees for me personally, looks half the player he did when Loovens was his centre half partner. He doesn't seem vocal, and the amount of times he slows our attack down is unreal, we're supposed to be playing out from the back and he looks clueless on the ball, either it's hospital balls to fellow team mates or straight back to the goalkeeper. For me Jos should removed the added responsibility off Lees and give it Bazza.
  10. Johnny Concrete

    Matt Penney

    The only thing what he could have improved on was making more runs off the ball, particularly second half he seemed to stand still a lot when we were on the attack, there was one incident in the second half when Reach has the ball, and Penny if he had made a run could have got into a great position to whip the ball in, instead he stood there looking like a lost boy. However he's a young lad and I certainly wouldn't hesitate keeping him as our first choice left back.
  11. Johnny Concrete

    Jon Shaw

    Remember him scoring against QPR the day they got promoted and Chris Carr scored that quality own goal
  12. Johnny Concrete

    Pablo Bonvin

    Remember him and Di Piedi tearing Sunderland a new @$$hole in the league cup at Hillsborough. And as Torry said earlier he scored against Man City which we went on to lose 6-2, to be fair City had a ridiculously good side for that division that year.
  13. Johnny Concrete

    Caption this

    It was at that moment, Barry knew he'd f##ked up.
  14. I said in another thread I think one of the most frustrating things tonight was whenever we got into an opportunity to create a chance we seemed to be static, no idea, and eventually would pass all the way back to our back 4 eliminating our own attack. Even on the break the players would seem to press up at snail pace, I remember at some point in the first half Forestieri won back the ball outside our box, carried the ball forward with a perfect opportunity to catch them on the break and we had 3 players jogging foward without as much as breaking a sweat, this giving wolves time to track back and defend in numbers.