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  1. To be fair to Brentford they seem to do well getting the best out of lower league players, bit like Wilder, obviously Watkins prime example, signed from Exeter and ends up getting sold for nearly 30 million. Think they'll end up selling Ivan Toney for a big fee if he continues his form aswell, another player plucked from League One.
  2. Totally agree. The thing is last season now appears to be a complete fluke, I didn't think they'd be relegated but certainly thought they'd struggle more. I said to Blades i know, at the time, that in the Premiership you need that extra bit of quality in all departments, hard working players who have plied their trade in the lower leagues will only get you so far. Obviously I got the whole "bitter" comments hurled at me but I think many are now starting to realise this. He's built a very strong Championship side, but if they want to stay in the Premiership, he's going to need to br
  3. Personally I think they'd be nuts to sack the bus driver. Him and Knill have done a remarkable job. If they went down I would, unfortunately, expect them to be challenging the top 2, but thats dependant on which players would stay, are the likes of Brewster and Berge going to be willing to take the plunge into the Championship? The likes of O'Connell and Fleck may have other clubs interested and maybe want a fresh challenge? From chatting to my pal, who's a Blunt, it seems many of them are in fear that the Prince may give Wilder the chop and bring in a foreign coach. With this they
  4. Regarding O'Connell, the fact he wasn't really replaced during the last transfer window has miffed quite a few pig mates i know. They don't seem to rate the lad Robinson who i have to agree has looked well below Premiership standard from what I've seen. As others have said on here, the fact Wilderbeast is one of their own has simply bought him more time.
  5. Westwood for me has been a fantastic servant to the club, let's be right he won us many games single handedly over the years. Only gripe I have I still think to this day he should have saved Duffys goal in THAT game, beaten at near post is poor for any goalkeeper. Obviously he will be going when his contract expires. We should have gone for another experienced keeper in the summer, someone like David Marshall would have been my choice.
  6. Yeah totally agree, at the time I thought it was just Celino being bitter, and having one of his mad episodes which he was known for. Seems he was right after all.
  7. Have I said I want the club to fold? Honestly why do the pro-Chansiri fans use this line time and time again? No, as repeated by many others, for him to bring in an experienced head, someone who knows the game and how to deal with the club on a daily basis. Maybe a statement of what direction the club is heading in regards to plans, to try and put any wrongs actually right. Comments stating how much money he has put in is merely a way of deflecting the underlying issues and actually disguising the fact that with him in control of finances, the clubs in a worse situatio
  8. So what is the alternative approach then? Do we all just be in agreement that Chansiri is doing a sterling job and everything is absolutely fine? Just because he has thrown (and wasted) money at his business, doesn't mean that is exempt from any cristismm. Under his watch and ownership we have seen the club go into transfer embargoes more than once, a points deduction penalty, there are way more negative than positives during his tenure here regardless of him being the funder. When he does decide to engage with the fans, it turns into nothing more than him behaving lik
  9. Your not a member of the unnamed sponsers are you? They seemed to be upset about any cristism of DC aswell.
  10. Knowing us when they said "figures" they probably ment the ones in Smyths toy store. Would have expected to see WWE figures for sale in the clubshop. Limited edition John Cena in SWFC home kit reduced to £150
  11. Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth highlights
  12. Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth highlights Watch video here Sheffield Wednesday v Bournemouth highlights
  13. Alreyt Att, I'm sure regardless of the mess ya old man has made of the club im certain you'll still get your PlayStation 5 for Christmas.
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