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  1. Bet your happy Leeds slipped up yesterday. I didn't think you looked anything special but Forest were poor and you took your chances.
  2. I must be the only fan who thinks differently, I honestly do not see what he contributes apart from running around. He has the pace of Kirk Douglas.
  3. I'm not Brando, I've said for ages he's so inconsistent with his performances, I would certainly look to sell him and go get Joe Lolley from Forest although how much they'de want I'm not sure.
  4. Your too generous with them ratings...I'd give Boyd a 1, like 99% of his playing time contributes nothing productive
  5. Nothing is sticking up top, we are giving possession away soon as we get the ball
  6. I've said it before, he is one of the most frustrating players I have watched in a while, one game he can look quality and a real threat, the next you wouldnt think he was playing or he walks around sulking like a spoilt teen. I have to be honest last night I wasn't impressed, particularly the first half. Think he needs to show a lot more work effort especially with how Bruce likes his teams to perform.
  7. I agree with this. Joey will chase the ball all day long but when he actually has possession he looks extremely uncomfortable, he immediately looks to the nearest team mate to pass to, which during Jos' reign was usually Bannan. He never looks around to actually spread play, ok some will say its keeping it simple but to me it looks like a player who doesn't have much belief or confidence in trying to dictate the game and try various options.
  8. I was fearing for the worst when walking along Penistone Road to ground ,checking my phone and seeing the line up. First half I thought wasn't great but certainly much improved second. I agree the likes of Palmer and dare I say Fox look much improved players under Bruce. In regards to Matias, delighted for him to get two but in my opinion we need to move him and Boyd on in the summer. Boyd is a real trier however he simply doesn't have the pace to be effective in games.
  9. Cardiff were the same last season. Most games they had around 30/40% possession but Colin knew how to set them up and hit teams on the break and get vital goals from set pieces. I dont care about all this possession aslong as we are putting our chances away and getting results to match. UTO.
  10. It was Hooper.... Punched the glass in his executive box after been given his latest invoice by Chansiri
  11. Had the pleasure of meeting Pudil when we played Leeds at home this season, had a chat with him by the players entrance and my little girl had her photo took with him, he's a top guy to be fair. Like others have said I think it's safe to say his days are done here but I thought he was brilliant when we played the 3-5-2 system last season as a left sided centre back. Got stuck into everything. If only that volley against the pigs in Jos' first game had gone in.
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