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  1. Not sure about Elphick mate, he's not exactly earning the plaudits at Udders, his man marking is awful.
  2. Not really bothered what Atdhe thinks about it......
  3. Was sat just yards away from that on the south stand, was a terrific challenge. Pleased for the lad, he's never going to be a world beater ,that is obvious, but for his commitment and energy he brings to the team I don't think we can grumble.
  4. Westwood Iorfa Lees Borner Palmer Lee Luongo Bannan Odubajo Harris Fletcher Subs: Dawson, Fox, Pelupessy, Reach, Murphy, Winnall, Nuhiu That's what I'd try against Wigan, 3-5-1-1 with Harris just behind Fletch, think his pace up top and Fletchers hold up play could cause problems. Think after last night Reach needs dropping to the bench.
  5. Said it plenty of times, he's vastly over rated by our fans, scores the odd goal, usually a worldy, but far too inconsistent performances wise.
  6. Agree I thought first half he looked a bit suspect at times however he was like a unit and solid second half. Also thought Moses grew into the game as time went on, I certainly ain't going to write him off like some of the fans have, I liked him when he was at Hull and I know Brentford fans were upset to lose him and they certainly have an eye for good players.
  7. Agree. Before the game there was the stats about how poor form Udders were in and this losing streak, usually typical Wednesday would have been the club to put that right for other teams, we usually have the habit of endings others clubs poor form. Hopefully this is the start of something different.
  8. Suppose when away from home we have to expect the home side to have more of the ball, particularly when they are chasing the game. But yes I do agree, we did at times appear to panic and resorted to kick and rush which it's so annoying to watch. We also need to start showing for the ball more, at times we would have 2/3 Huddersfield players surrounding one of ours and yet some would stand like statues. All to work and improve on though.
  9. Whilst ever they are in the premiership they will always be the medias (local mainly) little darlings unfortunately. Giddings is another, can remember whenever listening to football heaven in the past he would be commentating at the Stain and would be jizzing his pants about how much the blunts were dominating games and how good they were, I would half expect him to start singing that greasy chip butty during a live commentary. Then whenever he was at one of our games he would sound dull as dish water until we were under the cosh and then would sound so excited at the prospect of us possibly conceding.
  10. Sorry but in my opinion hes vastly over rated by some of our fans. Might score the odd worldy but most of the time he's very ineffective in games. How the lad hasn't (thankfully) broken a leg is a miracle considering how he neshes out of challenges.
  11. That's true to be fair, the other half have gone back to supporting Man U or the other premiership teams they followed before Udders got promoted.
  12. Might have, I remember we had Lee Bradbury aswell the lad from Portsmouth think he came in around the same time aswell.
  13. I'd keep Westwood, Hutch and Lee out of that list. Think you always need some experience amongst the team. However the rest I would get rid, I like Fletcher, think he gives his all but I've always thought hes an expensive luxury who for his salary doesn't bring enough goals with his game.
  14. All this about Bielsa and his tactics/philosophy, what has he actually achieved? Yes managed some big clubs but hes hardly brought silverware to some of them, even them lot down the M1 failed last season.
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