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  1. Same, had such a great day pre match, beers in the Green Man before atmosphere was amazing. Less said about the game the better. I'll never watch highlights again.
  2. Be extremely disappointed if he leaves but hopefully the lure of getting to play away at Crewe Alexandra on a Tuesday night next season,might just swing in our favour.
  3. To be honest I think most of us were blinded (myself included) by the fact it was a new chapter in the clubs history, for once we seemed to have the bigger financial muscles of the division, competing financially with the sides backed by parachute payments, not scraping around for the bottom of the barrel cast offs. Incredible, but heartbreaking, that we find ourselves in the latter position once again. The scariest part is I don't think we are anywhere near the end of this horror show Chansiri has created.
  4. I don't care who plays, my tactics would be just repeatedly foul the opposition till we get enough players sent off and the game gets abandoned.
  5. Remember when Chansiri said we should be thanking him for all this? Yeah cheers....
  6. I used to work with a couple of Donny fans, to be fair decent lads and always spoke highly of Wednesday, never bitter comments unlike the pig and toy town fans amongst the workforce
  7. Be same fans who were on social media hailing him as some sort of God after the -12 points deduction penalty got halved. Totally forgetting we were in this mess all through his ridiculous and quite frankly amateurish attempt of running a football club, our club. Really does worry me those fans who can still defend him and hold him in such high regard, because believe me Chansiri certainly does share the same feelings towards them fans, or "customers" as he would rather have them known.
  8. Sorry, after that shopping spree the club shop wiped me out financially
  9. Thats the same for me, my little girl wanted to start coming to the games during that second half of the season when Jos was in charge, it was something we carried on doing right until we got hammered off Blackburn, obviously the pandemic and restrictions kicked in not long after. But she would be buzzing to go to the games, got her the home and away tops, couple of t shirts and even Wednesday bedding. She really got the bug and I remember early days she would love the crowd, chanting and singing, but unfortunately I can see her enthusiasm is slowly wearing off, now she'll ask me h
  10. Maybe a draw against Luton, apart from that I see us losing the others. Joao definitely to score when we play Reading.
  11. "He's just been badly advised" Or something along those lines
  12. Love the fact he and the pig fans are banging on about this penalty completely ignoring the fact they were battered for majority of that game without really causing Fulham any problems. They got a very dodgy decision for them at the Stain when the 2 teams met earlier in the season, a game they were very fortunate to even get a point from. O well....cry more Christopher.
  13. I think that's the same game I went to, was it when Turner was in charge? Think Terry Cooke scored one of the goals for us but I could be wrong
  14. I could be wrong but I think its just off the Binsted estate at Wadsley Bridge, where Hallam FM and Top Cars are just off Herries Road, you can walk between there and it leads to a patch of land next to the train tracks. Only know this as I have a few mates off Binsted and we used to knock around there as kids.
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