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  1. Good job he weren't playing under Jos then, he'd have had a mental breakdown
  2. One of the lads I play five a side with knows Gregory's family, we tried to sign him in the summer following the playoff final, pigs also had an offer amongst couple of other clubs,however their wage offer was poor. He was very close to actually signing but his dad ( a massive piggy fan) was in his ear big time about it so nothing materialised. He actually owns one of those apartments where the old Dialhouse club was up Wisewood.
  3. What I really want to know is....why was he sat in your kitchen? Did he raid the chocolate draw?
  4. Speaking of Cairney, I read that he has signed a new deal recently which I'm very surprised about I expected him to stick around in the Premiership.
  5. Even Ryan Shotten looking at in the background thinking "Christ 'kin size of him!"
  6. Shame about the lad Preston, saw him against Millwall and Wolves in the cup, thought he looked good both games, got pace aswell.
  7. Depending if they go up or not but I'd like us to try get someone like Jack Harrison on loan from City, he's impressed me at L##ds.
  8. Should imagine that will be the likes of Winnall and Van Aken
  9. We should have just played Chasey Lane whilst the video played, that would have livened it up.
  10. I actually thought today was one of his better games. Got stuck into every challenge.
  11. Rama X Sounds like a dodgy Burngreave street rapper.
  12. Still think there is a good player in him somewhere. 2 year deal.
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