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  1. Villa and Reading we played well. Bristol City we were dire first half admittedly better second. The 0-0 with the pigs was one of our best performances? Ok, come on then, is that you Jos?
  2. Really? Because from what I remember most were involved when we were playing awful turgid football under Jos. Dont get wrong I fully believe in giving youngsters a chance but I think at the moment with a settled squad rife with experience from back to front I think we should stick with what weve got. The likes of Penney, Baker and Preston, I don't see them near the first team. However Thorniley and Dawson should stick around as back up because they will get opportunities more than once this season.
  3. Thing is, for me, he is still one of our most dangerous players when his head in the game. Unfortunately that seems to be inconsistent but he has the ability to pull some magic out of the bag and can be a potential match winner even if he has contributed to little else during a game.
  4. Westwood Odubajo Lees Borner Palmer Reach Luongo Bannan Murphy Fletcher Harris Subs: Dawson, Iorfa, Lee, Hutch, Fessi, Nuhiu, Rhodes
  5. Coughlan is at Southend now as manager. I think he still has ties to Sheffield as I've seen him in town a couple of times in the last 12 months or so, I've spoken to him aswell in the past since he left Wednesday and he still holds the club in high regard, he was also in attendance at a friends funeral ( Steve Fairbank) along with Paul Sturrock.
  6. Regarding us approaching other clubs for players, have you never thought that what if the player himself actually wants the move? We live in a world now,where in the game, players have as much dictating as the managers, I know it's wrong but that's how it seems to be. So if we approach a club enquiring a player and the manager says " Sheffield Wednesday want you on loan but in the summer they upset my mate Steve so you can't go" That player then gets face on and it causes unrest amongst team mates of that club. Trust me I cant see anybody blocking a potential move because Bruce appears to be part of some football illuminati.
  7. If he stays, and the reports are true of him wanting to speak to the barcodes, I dont think he'll get the backing of many fans, end of the day it shows he's been tempted and willing to leave us at first opportunity that's come along. Damage has been done, it's an ugly ending either way for the club.
  8. Snappy response? What did you want him to do? Put kisses on the end of his tweets?
  9. Good job he weren't playing under Jos then, he'd have had a mental breakdown
  10. One of the lads I play five a side with knows Gregory's family, we tried to sign him in the summer following the playoff final, pigs also had an offer amongst couple of other clubs,however their wage offer was poor. He was very close to actually signing but his dad ( a massive piggy fan) was in his ear big time about it so nothing materialised. He actually owns one of those apartments where the old Dialhouse club was up Wisewood.
  11. What I really want to know is....why was he sat in your kitchen? Did he raid the chocolate draw?
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