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  1. Johnny Concrete

    If you thought the football was bad...

    Thought Ozzie was going on a rant on Owlstalk for second.
  2. Johnny Concrete

    Dear Mr chansiri

    Yeah good one. I bet your the type that proposes to the girlfriend right after she's told you she's been rattled by half of your mates.
  3. Johnny Concrete

    Next season

    Jesus wepts does Chansiri have to take a steaming dump on your garden before you stop defending him? "Prospect" "Fairly certain" Let's have a bit of reality, nothing is going to change with this club whilst he is at the top. Yeah some players/high earners will leave, would I trust DC and Jos to do the right thing in terms of recruitment? Not a chance. And reduced prices? More chance Efan Ekoku signing on a bosman in the summer.
  4. Johnny Concrete

    Forum on 20th

    Just wait till new owner is revealed behind the curtains and then this appears...
  5. Johnny Concrete

    Was Thornily injured?

    Put a lovely ball in for Joaos second.
  6. Johnny Concrete

    Rotherham Press Conference

    Even though I think Jos' time is up here and a change is needed, and I have zero confidence in the chairman, there is absolutely no way i wanna see us lose tomorrow, especially against them tin pot tw@ts. Jos and the boys got mine and my little lasses full backing tomorrow.
  7. Johnny Concrete

    Carlos Twitter

    I hope Peter Shreeves and his magic cap return.
  8. Johnny Concrete

    One former player

    Stuart Ripley
  9. Johnny Concrete

    Your Questions for the fans forun

    Where has Daryl Lachman gone?
  10. Johnny Concrete

    Fans forum

    All this will be is the usual rant and rave about how everything is the fans fault. And not to dare ask anything that will upset him. But aslong as he gets a round of a plause for saying we are better than Dem Blunts then it's a success....
  11. Johnny Concrete

    When Jos is gone

    Ah the old fans are "idiots" comment.... Nice.
  12. Johnny Concrete

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    To be fair I'm starting to think this myself, it's obvious that Chansiri isn't going to sack Jos, the fact he's still in a job and no word coming out of the club says it's all really. Say he does go, we will only end up with another "unknown" face taking charge, Chansiri's hiring record tells you this. I really do wish he'd sell up and go away before the situation turns even worse at Hillsborough. A man who started as the messiah for most could potentially end up one of the most hated.
  13. Johnny Concrete

    Pulled the plug or selling

    I've said before I wouldn't be surprised if Doyen have some sort of shares, investment in the club that we don't know about and hence why they seem to be hanging around the club like a bad smell and no signs of moving on. This is only my opinion.
  14. Johnny Concrete

    thread for Club apologists

    To be honest I think alot of the frustration does boil down to the silence coming from Chansiri, me personally I worry more after he's spoke because the stuff he comes out doesn't fill me with confidence, if anything it makes me believe his sense of business and decision making is one of total incompetence. I think throw into the mix the shambles on the field, players looking like lost children, a manager who it seems picks his squad from a bingo machine it's just one total mess, and a very expensive one to witness.
  15. Johnny Concrete

    thread for Club apologists

    Fair enough. Thanks for clearing that up. Seems they've found a winning formula with Dean Smith.