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  1. That top looks like something they've knicked from Ian Brown's wardrobe
  2. Cant see Chansiri selling his golden child just before the season starts surely? For what it's worth I think Bannan will be key for us this season.
  3. The pressure exerted on Chansiri has been on caused by his own doing, his own expectations he set from the first day he walked through the door. The comments of wanting the top dollar prices in return for investment on the pitch of high calibre players...that suddenly dissolved, well the investment did should we say. I haven't seen anybody been but supportive of the management and backroom staff, even the players, everyone actually has sympathy towards the working conditions they've found themselves in and that has been caused by Chansiri. Your post isn't just off topic, it's bizarre if anything.
  4. For me it's a positive step in the clubs philosophy and approach in the transfer market, yeah alot of it has been caused/forced by our chairman's amateurish attempt of running a football club. But I'm happy that we are trying to approach these young players who will still have the point to prove attitude after being flogged off by their Premiership clubs. In a way I always remember when we recruited the likes of Chris Brunt,Glenn Whelan and Patrick Collins all rejected academy lads from Premiership clubs, nobody had heard of them before and they all played a major part in us getting out of League One that era. Would be nice to repeat that!!!
  5. Hasn't Harris been linked with Boro? Sure I read that somewhere, although I'd be surprised Colin signing a player he released when he was in charge at Cardiff obviously not deemed good enough at the time. Reach has apparently gained interest from Blackburn.
  6. If that's off then I'd look at an experienced keeper like Stephen Henderson ex Charlton and Forest keeper, got released by Palace. Or if we opt the loan route then someone like Jordan Smith from Forest or Nathan Trott from West Ham
  7. Which is what worries me more regarding this "warning" we've received, the guy blatantly doesn't care about the rules, he never has. I honestly wouldn't be surprised if at some point early into the season we get the news of the points deduction been put into place because of failed payments again, Chansiri will do his usual stunt of staying in Thailand and then pop up with some midnight club statement out of the blue stating how it's everybody else's fault bar his. Its usually us, the fans, who he tries going for first. Hate him, absolutely hate him.
  8. Its interesting those who still back this current regime, are the ones who scream loudest they are Wednesday fans through and through.... Got news for you, this regime will see Wednesday no more.
  9. Obviously we are on a tighter budget but if we could I'd have tried GK- Jordan Smith on loan from Forest, was first team until Samba joined and become No.1 LB- Connor Ogilvie from Gillingham on a free or Josh Tymon from Stoke on loan (ex Hull) CM- Taylor Richards from Brighton on loan, played under Moore at Donny. LW/RW- Brandon Barker from Rangers on loan, was at Oxford last season. LW/RW Brennan Johnson from Forest on loan, looked decent for Lincoln last season CF Paul Mullin from Cambridge on a free although I suspect he'll have plenty of options Just a few of the type we should be looking at and realistic.
  10. Regardless of whether you think its Nixon spouting nonsense, its true or whatever, the fact is that it is absolutely shambolic that we have had to sell the stadium and that Chansiri has had to use various tricks to try and find a loophole, in the first place. Said it time and time again the man shouldn't be allowed to run any line of business let alone a professional football club. None/late payment of wages, numerous embargoes.... what evidence does anyone see from this man, that gives reassurance that our clubs future is in safe hands?
  11. I have to be honest when we first signed him I thought we'd got a quality player on our hands, he looked really good for Udders and Luton during his spells there. Unfortunately, like the usual case of joining Sheffield Wednesday, he was the polar opposite
  12. When those pesky customers dare ask for a refund....
  13. Seriously every f#####g week there is some cr@p coming out regarding this club and its never anything positive. I absolutely despise Chansiri and what he has done to our once proud club.
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