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  1. Sure I just saw a young lad with a Wednesday shirt on as the camera was showing the managers on the touchline
  2. For pace up top I'd love to see us go for Tom Barkhuizen, released by Preston,but I can see him getting a few Championship club offers. Flint would a great signing, but yet again, I fear will get offers to stay in the Championship.
  3. Ahh mate that's gutting!! Yeah they fetching some daft money now. I've only been fortunate enough, in the past,to have a MK2 Focus ST which funny enough has the Volvo T5 2.5 engine in it!
  4. You sold a cossie for a Volvo!?!?!?!? Mate why!?!? You'd be sitting on a small fortune if you had that car now!!!
  5. My cousins pal got into an altercation with Sharp in the Viper Rooms on Carver Street years ago. He was in the VIP section with my cousin and their pals and was in a booth next to Sharp and his group, everyone was all drunk. The lad leaned over and made a harmless joke of "All Wednesday aren't we" Sharp jumped up right in the kids face told him to f##k off and nutted the end of lads nose which sparked a brawl, however it lead to my cousins group getting kicked out, bouncers were up Billy's a$$ and treating him like God (probably Blunt fans) I know some last night think my comment was harsh, but the guy is a first grade n0b and to be honest it's about time someone gave him a clip.
  6. To be honest I think he's got the blunt fans on strings. Him, the fans, they know deepdown he's been a huge flop for what his goal return has been for the fee they paid. But what better way to blind side the scruffs by portraying this tough man who fights and sticks up for his Utd team mates like he's a true part of the bladesmen culture. Also whilst making digs at us in attempt to stir the pot and get the pig fans excited because he's winding "Wendy" fans up as they'll see it. Doesn't matter how players perform for SU, aslong as they make a snide remark about us then them c##ts will hold them in high regard.
  7. Wouldn't believe he's my brother would ya...
  8. You know what...f##k him. He's a horrible little twirp who does his best to antagonise opposing fans, mostly us. Look on his social media. Call it banter all you want, he's a horrible d!ckhead who's got exactly what he deserves.
  9. Absolutely this Don't care what any Wednesday fan says, if theyde won tonight they would have beaten Huddersfield no doubts. Seeing them with the riches of the Premiership again whilst we play league one would have swung the momentum in their favour hugely. Now let's the job done next season!!
  10. Hahahahahahhahahaha Old golden boy misses!! Worth that player of the year
  11. Had a bad feeling them missed chances at the Lane would come back to haunt them. Can see pigs winning this now
  12. No, not really. Hope Forest get the job done tonight.
  13. Yeah we beat them 1-0, Fletcher scored from the spot, it was Carlos second season in charge. Regarding Millmoor, been twice to watch Wednesday play...First time was a 1-1 draw Ashley Westwood scored an equaliser for us. Second time we beat them 2-0, think it was just after new year. Lee Bradbury and Adam Proudlock scored. That ground was an absolute sh!t tip.
  14. I went to that game myself, remember Jon Shaw and I'm certain, Terry Cooke, scored our goals. As you say we collapsed at half time, I think Steve Howard scored one of the goals for Luton. One of the worst grounds I've been too Kenilworth Road, remember thinking why am I walking through somebodies back garden to get into the stand.
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