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  1. Nah just clubs punishment....2 months worths of D Taxi vouchers
  2. 2-0 Birmingham. Monk to be sent off for punching Clotet. David Bates to play and score 2 own goals.
  3. Hopefully he'll get thrown over the bridge and into the Don, then his only saving grace is Jordan Rhodes on a dinghy who, as he approaches, then says he doesn't feel confident in saving him and sails back leaving Gibson to drown with a rusty trolley.
  4. To be fair mate I've tried explaining to her I've seen us in much worse states. I remember watching us with having Danny Maddix and Ashley Westwood as our centre back pairing etc but as I've said before to others, back then you could kind of stomach it to a degree because we knew the club was crippled with the debt, bottom of the barrel signings and if we avoided relegation it was deemed a success, on top of all that the prices were reasonable. Since Chansiri has come in the whole place has seen the expectations hit sky high, and with the huge increase in prices to see so called better players, who in return are sending us home in angry and upset frame of minds, its just built up to one massive mess and now even the more patient fan is starting to get restless understandably.
  5. Don't blame you one bit, it's just turned into a chore for many, my last game was the Blackburn match and I walked out before half time like many others and said to my daughter we ain't going again, it's a shame but I dont see why I should spend money to be served up absolute garbage and witness many "footballers" who clearly just thinking about what they can spend their wages on instead of actually caring about the club I support. All this whilst we dont hear a peep from the chairman unless it's to do with parting with more cash. I was going to go to the Millwall game other week, but as we were getting ready I noticed my little lass didnt seem to have the enthusiasm she usually does of preparing for the match, usually when shes at mine she's already sorting her Wednesday shirt, hat, and hoody out on the Friday night all fresh for the day after, however when I asked her she just said "We will probably lose wont we" christ if that's what a 10 year old is thinking aswell its showing the negative impact it has on the fanbase of all generations. In the end we decided to not bother and I'm glad, instead we went to watch the Sheffield Steelers ice hockey instead, first time she had been and she loved it, much more entertaining even during the breaks between periods. We are doing exactly the same this Saturday. Not even bothered about the Reading match.
  6. Who turned the breaker off in the panel board to prevent Hull from charging their iPhones?
  7. He was horrible mate, he was one of them you couldn't even have a bit of football banter with, the workplace was a mix of both us and Blunts but it was always on a sensible and humour level, his was different it was pure hatred and real foaming at mouth anger. I found out couple of years later off my old assistant manager, she couldn't stand him, that he was fired shortly after for behaving in an inappropriate sexual way to some of the young girls who were part time there, bare in mind he was in his 40's and these were roughly same age as me at the time.
  8. Absolutely amazing day that. Always remember in the build up to the game i was working part time at a shop in meadowhall (only 16 and at college) I'd been asking the manager for the day off since the date came out and he kept purposely delaying my approval form simply because he was diehard blunt who was extremely bitter about anything regarding us. Anyway on the day I was just getting on the minibus with a few beers, underage drinking and all that cr@p, I'd purchased a ticket and I was going no matter what, he rang me up asking why I wasnt in for my shift and I mean hurling verbal abuse at me because I told him I was off to Cardiff, I was then told I was due for a disciplinary on my first shift back. I discovered I'd actually been paid from work on the day, and I wasn't going to let him spoil it so straight into Cardiffand more ale. Soon as Talbot rounded off the game, in a mix of drunken youth antics and wild celebrations I text him saying "F**k off pig" Day after, banging headache and sacked. Was it worth it? Absolutely.
  9. Love that comment about 7 minutes in from the big lad regarding us "They arent losing through lack of effort" No your right son the Blackburn game was a hard working, faultless 5-0 defeat
  10. Regarding Fletcher, don't get me wrong, he's been our main threat and certainly best forward at the club (although the other options ain't exactly making that difficult) but I would rather see and hope the club make a proper assessment till the summer. Let's not forget for all him being class this season, he's certainly had his fair share of visits on the treatment table and that's something that has happened alot in his career. The last thing we can afford to do is offer a contract to someone who's gonna spend as much time off the pitch as being on it. Fox has definitely improved but let's hope he can keep that consistency up from now till the summer. Hutch, in my opinion, can go with the rest. His commitment and attitude on the pitch has been great but how do we know how long it will be till he breaks down again or gets suspended? His injuries record is one to question when it comes to making a financial decision like that, plus he's also part of the old guard which realistically has failed to achieve anything for the club. We've been stuck in the the habit of offering silly money out to players to hang around and sit in the stands and that's why we find ourselves in the position we are in. For me the most important thing we need to do in the summer is get a director of football or someone with good knowledge in the English game to oversee the transfers and squad and help rebuild this broken team properly. Although judging on the past I cant see Chansiri going down this route sadly. Sorry a long ranted post.
  11. Joey to mark De Bruyne out of the game.
  12. Wouldn't say a collective bad day at all, after that Forest game we threw another opportunity away and lost at Stoke (deservedly) and then put 2 absolutely woeful displays in against 2 poor sides in both Cardiff and Hull. Yes we beat Bristol City but it took a penalty to win that, and it wasnt a convincing performance at that. I have to say the application/attitude from many players is showing that when the chips are down they arent prepared and mentally strong enough to roll the sleeves up and dig in.
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