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  1. He can give as many one of his "man of the people, salt of the earth" speeches as he wants but if they start falling behind and get on a bad run flirting amongst relegation, pressure starts and groans will start amongst the fanbase. Dont forget these are the same fans that id say 90% of them wanted him gone after that first month in League 1 in his first season, had pig mates saying "cheap option" "wrong man for the club" "typical yooonited McCabe been a tighta$$ which cheap manager" at the time.
  2. Have to say that first season for us he was an absolute joy to watch, said it before at the time him and Knockhaert were the 2 best players in the division that season. Unfortunately after the Norwich incident it all went down hill, the club gave in to his demands and then his performances and appearances declined. On his day a very talented player and potential match winner, unfortunately has more strops than a young girl starting periods. I'm hoping the club have changed their strategy and approach on recruitment and actually have players who want to be here and fight for the club.
  3. And to be fair out of all them I'd say its only Osborn who's looked alreyt in bits I've seen of them, the rest of them very average, 2 of them have already left.
  4. Didn't we once terminate Adam Proudlocks contract instantly? He was a bit of rascal back then.
  5. Best thing is he spent hours of his day trying to come up with that. What a ringworm.
  6. Thats true, after visiting yours I think I've got the description down to a tee.
  7. The lad presenting the vide Not gunna really take much notice of a kid who has football posters on his bedroom wall, bet his bedroom stinks of B.O and under his bed is littered with sticky tissues, takeaway boxes and empty Monster energy drink cans.
  8. Because Dundee couldn't handle the presence of the globally recognised, every football fans favourite second side.
  9. I wouldn't mind us enquiring about Bonatini from Wolves, had a loan spell at Forest and in Portugal. 6 foot plus, think he'd be a decent addition.
  10. He already lives in Shipley so it's not exactly like he would be commuting far anyway
  11. Regarding the goalkeeper situation if Westy is off, as I've already mentioned in the other thread I would look at someone like David Button or Christian Walton both at Brighton and neither not playing as Number 1 with Matt Ryan been there.
  12. For me I'd try get someone like David Button or Christian Walton both at Brighton, both keepers have Championship experience and neither are gonna be number 1 whilst Matt Ryan is still at the club.
  13. Good luck to the pair of them, be nice to see them both be a success for their boyhood team.
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