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  1. Johnny Concrete

    Brentford Away - #swfc tickets SOLD OUT

    Fair play to the fans who are travelling down. Think we'll get a reyt hiding to be honest. Brentford 4-0 SWFC
  2. Johnny Concrete

    We're On Our Way Back.

    It's called poor and irresponsible business behaviour and proves how incompetent the man is.
  3. Said it before, Dejphon Chansiri will be the death of this club if he is allowed to continue running things the way he is. I haven't felt this low supporting the club since the day we nearly ended up wound up, fast forward the years and it has a massive possibility we will be returning to that scenario if this clown continues to run the show.
  4. 90 quid membership worth every bean! Get in!
  5. Not very good against these rugby towns are we
  6. Sorry if it's already been explained but I can't be bothered to scroll through the pages, does this mean we can't even bring loans in?
  7. Johnny Concrete

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Nothing to say because it's fact. Your spineless and to defend the man who has launched another attack on the fans, the people who put hard working money in, wow your a snake in all fairness.
  8. Johnny Concrete

    Operation Blame the Fans

    No need to cry just pointing out the fact you write like a complete idiot. You are a strange individual.
  9. Johnny Concrete

    Operation Blame the Fans

    Honest question who's the dominant one in the relationship? You or Dejphon?
  10. Johnny Concrete

    Operation Blame the Fans

    You certainly write like a 12 year old.
  11. Johnny Concrete

    Operation Blame the Fans

    I suppose you'll be one of them spit polishing Chansiris shoes and applauding him if they closed the gates at Hillsborough? Stop dwelling on the past because it's got us absolutely nowhere, in fact it has, we are deep in it now more than ever and the man responsible for it chooses to blame the fans (that's you as well) and has no business or financial sense whatsoever and somehow you still cling on to something to defend him. It's the Chansiri defenders that will help him kill this club.
  12. Johnny Concrete


    I agree. I know from speaking to someone who worked at the club when I was doing some maintenance work at Hillsborough last year, that Chansiri spends a certain amount of time in England then goes back home but its something to do with tax purposes.
  13. Johnny Concrete


    That's Dave Whelan pal
  14. Johnny Concrete


    The secret is Carlton Palmers making a guest appearance on the bass.
  15. Johnny Concrete


    Don't like the name Ian Allen Sounds like a dodgy car salesman who would flog you a 3 series cat C BMW then liquidate his business week after when you discover the bottom end on the engine has snuffed it.