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  1. However, if Newcastle have now gone elsewhere ( as per the speculation), Chansiri has a manager and two assistants who don't want to work for the club again ( if it is true all three have resigned), £4million compensation won't be paid ( or will have to be returned) and a new manager has to be found very quickly .
  2. It is.....and many are falling for it
  3. I think it's good that both Sheffield clubs are eventually trying to make the end of season run in affordable for fans to attend. Get the kids in now they will get into the habit of attending which will increase crowds in the long term. £15 for an adult ticket and a child is fantastic value
  4. Every derby match is massive irrespective of league position . If the result goes the wrong way the dread of going into work the following day doesn't change .
  5. It what way are they 'one dimensional' ? I've heard a couple on hear mention this but I have not see them enough to make a judgement
  6. His interview on RS sounded like he was looking forward to the game and was going for the win. He was very respectful towards Steve Bruce but did show a bit of disdain towards Jos and Carlos
  7. They have been given an extra 1000 tickets today. Assume for lower tier.
  8. Surely Jos will be sacked during the week before the forum which will calm some of the anger. DC will then say he's listened to the fans and he has a plan.
  9. Surely if that was the case it would be better and more effective 'mind games' to have said that they are both out for two weeks then announce that they are in the squad an hour before kick off
  10. I think Wilder wil expect them in the squad. I also think Jos knows what team Wilder will put out
  11. Three points is 3 points. It doesn't matter where they are in the league. get to 85 points plus and you will be unlucky not to be in the auto promotion slots ( 74 points plus for the play offs ?). It doesn't matter who the points are taken off...just need to get them. The current run is impressive no matter which way you look at it
  12. So you are wanting AV to appoint CW so United are buggered rather than hope Wednesday perform better than them with CW in charge in order to finish higher ?
  13. He was the assistant. He may have provided ideas and his thoughts but Carlos was paid to make the final decisions
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