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  1. He will only go on loan to a top 6 club in this country or must likely Europe now. His wages ridiculously high for a goalkeeper with under 40 premier league starts and no one outside the top 6 could afford to take him on loan
  2. The hate obsession is seen from both sets if fans. It has always been the same with both sets of fans celebrating the other's failure. As long as it doesnt get too personal it is a healthy rivalry.
  3. But surely you can be classed as obsessed ( or paranoid) as you are registered on S24SU to see the 'hidden thread' just to see what they are talking about regarding The Owls Any Blade logging on too this thread ( which is also 'hidden' ) would make similar comments about how they are viewed.
  4. You mean he is a cheating,diving tw.t. It is a shame because he is a good footballer
  5. Which is why they often go for players with something to prove
  6. I don't know. Why don't you tell us. Or is it a case of if you don't follow the 'party line ' you are accused of being a Blade ? Don't let your paranoia stifle discussion and debate.
  7. Vardy will score like he did at their place. I can't see them getting a Europa League place anyway as they have struggled away from hone since lockdown and the have Leicester and Southampton away left. Next season will be a different prospect altogether for them but unfortunately this season has been resounding successful them even if they lose the next 3 games
  8. F••kng it up would be not qualifying for Europe in their first season back in the top league ? Really ? If we look a little closer to home I think we will find a clearer example of a club f..king it up
  9. And then Fernandes goes down clutching his leg feigning injury.Should have been overturned and a booking for simulation( I.e. cheating)
  10. Surely it is the charge. Financial misconduct ?
  11. Not seen that press release. Even if that was the case, it would surely have to be sold to a company that existed at the time the transaction is said to have taken place. If the EFL have indeed sent an email to the club saying the sale could be backdated AND sold to a company that didnt exist at the time of the transaction, the hearing would only have lasted a few minutes
  12. HMRC would not be involved unless they believed this is an avoidance of paying tax as and when it fell due The auditors will say that the accounts were prepared and produced on the information provided by the club. The issue is the ground was sold to a limited company that didnt exist at the time the club say the transaction took place. The EFL will say the club did this to avoid a points deduction. I assume( just my opinion) that the EFL will insist that the transaction is shown in the correct set of accounts ( the following year) . If the panel agrees, there will
  13. The premier league footballers will be a lot safer than the rest of us. Different for the EFL thou as less resources
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