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  1. It already has. If you had just landed on planet earth and watched a game of footy.... You would think it was shiit.
  2. One would hope Messers Bannan and Fletcher would be able to recommend some help in that department. Unless you drop them.
  3. Frastheowl....When monk goes will you be kind enough to take over?
  4. He was too busy bollicking a piece of grass that was 1mm too high to catch the ball.
  5. We were going to be but some of their fans nicked it
  6. The tide is turning with Westwood. His constant screaming, booting balls into touch, his sloth like attempts to take goal kicks ( even when we are losing )and his errors are slowly eroding his hero status. Imo. Still number one at the club though.
  7. Watched it on ifollow until the 90th minute, then I was given a hard stare by the he missus as dinner was getting cold.... Didn't realize we had equilized until I escaped to the bog later to read the match report.
  8. I've got an idea lads... "Even though it never pays off, let Kieran boot it forward in the vain hope Fletcher might win it and let's hope we get a lucky bounce and get a shot on goal" Thank god we have those coaching badges!!!!
  9. You have spares for boats? You any outboard motors?
  10. I've lost count of the number of times I hear.. " Let's hope he comes back fit and firing" I personally think his head is elsewhere. He will be gone as soon as possible.
  11. He would get my man of the match if it was for kicking balls in to touch and gobbing off all afternoon. I think it's all for show as at one point he gave Hutch a reyt gob full then started smiling at him.
  12. Good job Huddersfield are pants. It's so predictable. I am pulling my hair out when Westwood just boots it upfield in the vain hope Fletcher wins it. Do they actually do any training? Even my dog is yawning.
  13. Crikey, try saying that line up after 10 pints. No wonder they are Shiite, all those letters on their shirts must weigh a ton.
  14. Some folks just don't get what forums are for do they.
  15. More exciting than our matches so far... I will be happy if he can just get us to try and score a goal without lumpin it to Fletcher.
  16. Cracking post that Mlord Thanks, I feel better now.
  17. He might do well, let's hope so, but there is no denying that his appointment is completely underwhelming. Even when we appointed Jos there was a smattering of excitement. He needs to hit the ground running.
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