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  1. I find Gary to be a self absorbing, nauseating waanker, with this being the case I feel it unfair to give my opinion due to bias.
  2. I am so the opposite mate. What benefit would you personally have from SWFC getting financial gain? It's all about silverware for me, as I am sure most who experienced our cup win in 91 would agree.
  3. Brighton totally deserved at least a point tonight, I thought they were excellent.
  4. If they had a top class striker they would be fine as their build up play is rather good. But they don't, so fuuck em. Tramps.
  5. Liverpool Citeh Arsenal Man utd West ham Wba Fulham Norwich Blackburn Bournemouth Swfc Wycombe Barnsley Oxford. Portvale. Lump on.
  6. It wouldn't surprise me. I mean, doesn't he have any mates that can just say to him " gareth, don't be a nobhead?"
  7. Biggest own goal since Chris Brass! No one will ever know if those 3 were sacked because of diversity reasons but if so I suggest Sky employ folk who have some personality and are able to speak so us viewers can understand what they say.
  8. Item 4. Dont remember Justin Timberlake playing for us.
  9. Opened my SWFC app to watch the game, it redirected me to the EFL ifollow app, I downloaded, logged in and it was perfect. I have had issues in the past with ifollow but for me it seems to be improving.
  10. That's up there with Dalian Atkinson sat on the bonnet of his top of the range Porsche whilst he had music blasting out in the carpark of the Woodstock diner at Banner Cross surrounded by his gangsta mates!! Funny as owt.
  11. Blackburn please. As a side, I've backed them to go up this year!
  12. No one really stood out, It was a good all round team performance. Brown was everywhere, he looks excellent.
  13. What a fantastic start. So pleased for Rhodes and the reaction from his team mates said it all.
  14. Not logged on yet mate, just preparing my bbq for half time chops!!
  15. Brum maybe be winning but don't be fooled as Brentford have done everything but score. Their build up play is excellent. If you finish above Brentford this season, you will be promoted. Brum will be brum, lower mid table, boring the pants off everyone.
  16. Be surprised if Kachunga or Rhodes start. Think it will be a defensive line up with Windass up top on his own with a five man midfield.
  17. I keep hearing this " failure payments" line.....could it not be seen as success payments for getting to the premier league in the first place?
  18. Sad he has gone. Top bloke. I hope he one day returns and he gets the ovation he deserved.
  19. That's something I would lump on to happen.
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