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  1. Ah, good. Will give me time to clean the tissues up.
  2. i was expecting a link to inter Milan.
  3. Trust me, with the amount of stones bitter in my bladder on the night in question those roses would not have been best pleased and in no state to reach for the stars.
  4. Poppycock. My dad's working partner lived next door to Eustace up at hollow meadows and I was so angry with his tactics I once pissed in his rose bushes.
  5. It's not very often I give kudos. But Alan, the time has come to bestow you with that honour. Your swfc knowledge is truly impressive.
  6. If Rhodes comes back, has a stinker in his first game I could see him becoming a scapegoat rather quickly. I can't see him wanting to return at all. Best all round if he or we can find him a new home A real shame.
  7. Bet Hoopers glad his contract has run out
  8. I despair. I really do. Ah well, if it stops fletch and bazza fiddling with their hair for most of the 90 minutes then so be it.
  9. That's terribly good of you. Bruce will be happy about that.
  10. Good grief, what a terribly aggressive thread.
  11. Thought your contract was up with us Almen?
  12. We serve the hottest meat pies on record, blistering lips and roof of mouths within 0.005 seconds, closely followed by Bovril drinks that come close to temperatures measured near mount Etna.
  13. Only team that has a speaker system that bursts yer ear drums at half time?
  14. First American to play in a cup final, played for us?
  15. First team to be presented a trophy by someone who worked for the sponsor? That lady who worked for rumberlows.?
  16. And the now wife said she hated that knee trembler.
  17. Enjoyed that. Many thanks to your lad.
  18. Ok, I personally know all the owners of all the premiership teams and they have categorically stated to me that they are in it for the dosh. Ok?
  19. Sod that. Let's sign up duds on 25 grand a week, then when that goes boobies up, flog the stadium.
  20. Obviously not, but I would hazard a guess that every single owner of a premiership club is in it for the dosh
  21. Do you seriously think people buy football clubs for the love of it?
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