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  1. Exactly how I feel. I don't get angry anymore, but just to see us have some pops at goal would be nice.
  2. One of my first away games... Was it Gavin Oliver that got our goal?
  3. I've no doubt he will pull something if our performances do not improve.
  4. Stephen the Barnsley fan could not be more Barnsley!! He sounds more like a Derek though. " What did I tell yer"!! The kind of bloke no matter what route you take, he knows a better one.
  5. Indeed. All this " we get millions if we get to the premiership" No we don't.....the owner and players do. All us fans get is higher ticket prices.
  6. It's now unfortunately just part of the game. If the powers that be wanted to eradicate it, they could. Most of the airtime, whether it be t.v or radio is taken up with chat about fouls, dives, handballs and other inane bullshiit. I've no doubt that football computer games will have buttons to press for diving in the near future. It's shiit.
  7. Yes, the bloke deserves a ban, and it's not nice but this is the funniest thread. Some of the comments on here have given me the proper giggles.
  8. Or the old school line of " They are allowed a drink as long as it's with a meal" A Bryan Robson and Peter Reid classic.
  9. They did cave in but Bournemouth have players who can score and create. We have neither.
  10. They look a shadow of the side of last season. They look less likely to score than we do.
  11. No, but the recruitment team did. They lost the nouce to find anyone fit, not injury prone and someone who ain't got a pot belly.
  12. We are using that tactic that always tends to make its way to clubs that have no clue.. It's called. Hit and hope for the best.
  13. Slowly but surely our better players are leaving, being replaced with League one players. Now some want our one and only footballer to pack his bags. League one is where we are heading..
  14. I don't doubt that he needs maybe a change of scenery but he is still our most likely source for creating chances, regardless of how rare that is these days. It's just all so depressing right now but if his name is not on the team sheet, I have no idea who will create a chance..Reach maybe?
  15. Barry Bannan is the least of our problems.
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