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  1. No need to abuse anyone on Twitter, and the guy is obviously a moron, but I have to confess that did make me giggle.
  2. Not surprised if he sells shirts with his name on it. That's an absolute cracker.
  3. Totally. Palmer has been treading water for the last 3 years, strikes me as someone who just does the bare minimum. He should be one of the main players at Hillsborough by now, he is far from it.
  4. Unfortunately I will remember Fletcher for not giving a poo about helping the club ( that made him more of a millionaire) for just 8 games that could define our immediate future.
  5. Maybe it's a bit masochistic, but part of me enjoys telling folk I support SWFC knowing how crap we have been for ages. Most folk expect you to support one of the top 6, so I get pleasure from saying I don't.
  6. Absolutely no chance will Monk be Bournemouth manager. Surely.
  7. If social media was around back then, I believe there would have been.
  8. I watched lost, did the box series, took over my life for about 2 months. If someone said to me now...." So what happened" I would say " I've absolutely no fecking idea!!!
  9. Let's not kid ourselves, not too many of us were too sad he was given the bullet.
  10. Modern society mate. Until social media disappears, which ain't gonna happen, that's how it's going to be unfortunately. It sucks.
  11. Well obviously. But I don't think that's going to happen.
  12. To be honest, considering the abject performances this season I think as a fan base we have been rather muted. Whether it's right or wrong as a professional footballer you have to learn to deal with negativity from fans, especially when the team you play for is under performing. Stay way from social media would be my advice if it upsets you.
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