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  1. "But, I want to get to the promise land asap. I've tried attacking ( sort of) football and it has not worked, so I need someone who will get us at least into the playoffs even if it means ugly footy. And I've heard he has an assistant who lives close by and supports the owls" That's why I backed Pulis at 22-1. Will be happy to lose that bet though.
  2. Either buy a shirt or another house in Bulgaria? 59 quid might get me one with a roof on.
  3. Hiring Karanka would be just so deflating. Even writing his name is making me drowsy. I want a bit of a character, someone who relates to the fans, but then again I ain't that fussed about going up. Holloway would be box office. Paul Cook my first choice, but my dosh has gone on Pulis.
  4. Don't worry, I've untied her, she's taking a shower and will be down to Hillsborough sharply.
  5. Finally found the real JFK assassin. It was Gary Hooper. Allegedly.
  6. Do you know I am wrong? Who said he was a scum bag? Wind yer neck in.
  7. Wonder how many times he will say " terrific fans " when he makes his first statement?
  8. That he has taken João with him for an extra 5 mill.
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