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  1. Nuhiu has to start

    That maybe, but you cant deny he deserves a start.
  2. Nuhiu has to start

    We have a winner. Please Carlos, give this a try
  3. Peter Useless for me. Shocking, just shocking. Think he even took the captaincy of Sterland. Not sure if my memory serves me correct but i think Imre Varadi called up praise and Grumble ( might have been called something else back then) to complain about his management tactics!!
  4. Sheffield Wednesday V Wolves OMDT

    got the Bulgarian neighbors coming round to view, the menu for tonight is... each and everyone will get a free spray of underarm deodorant on arrival to try and temper that Bulgarian village scent, ordinary known as B.O. Homemade Rakia and a goat cheese salad Boiled pigs head, complimented by some dark Bulgarian beer Pumpkin and Jam tart. All homegrown or reared in my village. Lets hope the owls can spring a performance to bring a cheer of many "Nazdrave" ( cheers)
  5. When were you truly happy

    I think it was 17 black came in 3 times in succession on a roulette wheel and I had 10 quid on it each spin. The uphoria I had has yet to be beaten. Either that or watching varadi score our 2nd at anfield in the 80s.
  6. Crikey, imagine that. Be a right nightmare that. Poor bloke.
  7. Carlos Outers...

    So you are saying it's the fans fault we are playing so bad?
  8. Season over!!!!! we might be relegated if we continue with our current form.
  9. waist height and the girlfriend watches tv in the adjoining room. Its the only glory i will be seeing this season.
  10. Mate, i live 2500 miles away yet you should see the fist holes in my office wall!!!
  11. i really think we shall get something from this game, reason being that Wolves aint winless for 3 months.