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  1. Gutted. Audio only. Didn't realise that if on sky there is no stream. What a load of ballacks. Sick of this bullshine....I pays my money, i want to watch the fecking game!!!!
  2. Indeed. The champions league is already boring and has been for years with the same clubs playing each other over and over again.
  3. To be honest, the so called champions league is a European super league anyway. All this new idea will do is protect the top clubs for European footie for 20 years. The Big club owners have realized that many other clubs are being bought by billionaires and they want a closed shop before these new owners start catching up.
  4. Sevilla 3-1 to beat chelsea tonight. Got to be worth a few quid.
  5. " I left the massive because Westy kept putting hair gel in my eyes, Monk wanted to play me in goal and I caught crabs off a lady from Batemoor"
  6. I've invited him round for rakia and pork chops, I will forgive him as whilst he was winning man of the match, the little scamp should have been finishing off the plastering he started last March. I will try and get some information from him regarding the bad eggs.
  7. I've watched a couple but maybe I am getting old but it's all a bit too ladish for me. The swearing I find completely unnecessary.
  8. It hardly got the juices flowing did it. I usually have a couple of quid on a match when it's on the t.v, but I couldn't even be bothered to put a bet on it!! I've had 4-4 for the leeds game..
  9. Me neither. Most likely to be something to do with Portugal!
  10. That blokes reaction to it is absolutely hilarious.
  11. First off, Fulham second half were fantastic going forward, they have some talent up top. Ramsdale looks a good keeper, he had some pressure on him and he looks solid. If the alarm bells regarding relegation were not going off 2 hours ago, then they should be clanging on full volume right now because Utd look a different team to last year. They were awful. To think they have spent 40 million plus on Berg and Brewster an all...... Lovely.
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