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  1. Brighton were absolutely superb in that first 45 minutes.
  2. Aye, I can see Fletcher living on 2500 quid a month. Might just be enough to fill his petrol tank up.
  3. I think that's terribly harsh. I've no doubt that club owners have friends and family that are at risk, but life has to go on at some point. Not everyone is passing away and trying to keep folks in employment is very important. Having said that, I doubt owners would want to continue the season if their club was mid table. I am kind of contradicting me sen here ain't I?
  4. Elsewhere, six League One clubs have united to express their determination to finish the season. Peterborough chairman Darragh MacAnthony has released a statement on behalf of Posh, Oxford, Sunderland, Fleetwood, Portsmouth and Ipswich. What a shock that all those clubs are in with a chance of automatic promotion!! Everyone is just looking out for their own cause. Understandable, just wish they would admit it.
  5. How wonderful it would be to see us playing in our stripes with that superb badge on the front? So simple and would be so welcomed by most supporters.
  6. Guess I am in the minority who think that design was crap. Nice badge though.
  7. I stopped reading at " Found a nice place in chapeltown" Good lad is Lloyd.
  8. I do know that he had some nice rose bushes in his garden up at hollow meadows back when he was manager.......well, he did until I relieved myself in them as a protest at his god awful management My mate lived next door!
  9. Blimey, how good is Mike Ashley in that video. Completely makes the pen pushing prats on that commity look foolish. Go on mike!!!
  10. He thinks..... Crikey, I hope one of the coaches actually knows.
  11. Why can't I stop giggling at that name...
  12. I bet that actually did happen..
  13. Up until a week ago I was so sure that the season would finish at some point, I think I got that wrong. There are just too many obstacles. Not sure what to do about the outcome. Penalty shootouts?
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