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  1. Surprised he can afford the POTG prices.
  2. Bulgaria

    Wednesday 1 - 0 Wigan OMDT

    Same old story... Why o why can't these coaches see it? Bizzare. I expect he will have some help up top the second half.
  3. Bulgaria

    Line up today

    If we score 2 own goals and Fletcher gets one for us?
  4. Bulgaria

    Wigan Press conference breakdown

    Abdi needs games!!!! For the love of God, how's about I root around in my attic and search for a load of old connect 4, monopoly, kerrrrplunk and buckaroo. Anything to get that absolute drain on the pitch. Needs games.... Geeoaawww man.
  5. You just know hooper will be fit and ready for another club when his contract runs out. Or am I being too cynical?
  6. Bulgaria

    Paul Cook

    Would have been my number one choice as manager.
  7. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    Indeed. He had a go, we all rode the wave, we missed out. After the suprise of getting to the playoff final, D.C obviously thought getting promotion the following year would be a piece of cake, so he chucked his money around on players we didn't require ( he was ill advised) as he thought we would walk it. It didn't happen. Unfortunately, as the gaffer he has to suck it up. As fans , we are rather forgiving, we get that he tried, we appreciate it, we really do, BUT as fans we have done our part, bought season tickets, paid POTG at absurd prices and supported the team. We have done our bit. To try and squeeze more out of us and to try and absolve yourself from this mess is only going to create more angst. If he came out and said ,"Boys and girls, I've tried me best, but I fuuucked up... Give me some time to try and sort it out, be paitent with me" Most if not all would be ok with that.
  8. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    By saying he spent all that Dosh just to keep us in the championship loses any credibility he had Pure nonsense. I have absolutely no doubt he is a sound bloke who has tried his best, but come on....he has made a complete hash of it.
  9. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    Are just the same as other clubs.
  10. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    I am guessing it's been done that way to make us think D.C wrote it. Maybe he did.
  11. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    Maybe, just maybe hire a manager who can coach players and make the ones we have better.... Cardiff and Huddersfield in recent years instantly spring to mind . Just a thought ..
  12. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    It's a forum pal. What do you want?
  13. Bulgaria

    Chairman’s statement

    In a nutshell. Fans are going to have to help because he has spunked millions up the wall. If that's the case do we get to have say in who we buy and sell? The line saying he didn't buy the club to make a profit is just ridiculous. I could understand that being the case if he had been a supporter since a child or came from Sheffield, but come on D.C we ain't that gullable. Sell reach and FF, then start again.
  14. Bulgaria

    Well done Nuhiu

    I dont think most would argue your point too much, however, he is always there and available if selected. I dont think Atty would be crying off with a sore toe, yet fans fawn and cream themselves over certain players who to be quite frank, are no where to be seen when we need them.