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  1. Good job Huddersfield are pants. It's so predictable. I am pulling my hair out when Westwood just boots it upfield in the vain hope Fletcher wins it. Do they actually do any training? Even my dog is yawning.
  2. Crikey, try saying that line up after 10 pints. No wonder they are Shiite, all those letters on their shirts must weigh a ton.
  3. Some folks just don't get what forums are for do they.
  4. More exciting than our matches so far... I will be happy if he can just get us to try and score a goal without lumpin it to Fletcher.
  5. Cracking post that Mlord Thanks, I feel better now.
  6. He might do well, let's hope so, but there is no denying that his appointment is completely underwhelming. Even when we appointed Jos there was a smattering of excitement. He needs to hit the ground running.
  7. Oh crap.... So I expect him to return wanting more cash and a new bag of golf clubs.
  8. Absolutely spot on. and if we can see it, i have no doubt all the opposition managers can see it also. I would guess we are the most predictable side in the division. Westwood, hoof, Fletcher, may win header, no one around if he does..., falls over..... and repeat.
  9. On its uppers? They were doing shiite when he joined them. And as for Chelsea players not accepting him.... Not understanding him maybe.
  10. Tango must be a member on here... I wonder who he is.... What's your guess?
  11. Our midfield is stale, slow and predictable. Individually, they are ok players but it's just not working is it? Anyone know when one of our midfielders last played a slide rule ball into a strikers stride for him to run into and score? And as much as Fletcher is playing well, could he be part of the problem?
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