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  1. Rookie mistake, get the chauffeur to open them, or the wife.
  2. All four of em most likely sat in a warm pad, feet up playing playstation.
  3. She had a smelly box? Sorry in advance....I couldn't resist it... The box, not the missus.
  4. Game will go ahead, someone or something will help Bolton. Just bluster.
  5. Never seen it, or the owner but I bet he was called frank.
  6. Wonder if the bloke with his back to us knows that someone has gobbed a satsuma on him?
  7. Can't believe no one has asked to why he has 2 extremely sore penises on his jumper.
  8. That's funny. The guy in the grey hood runs up to the barrier and kicks it!!! Is it Leon Clarke?
  9. First bit of water that's probably been on his Chevy chase in weeks. Tramps
  10. Apart from the murder bit, it sounds like a scene from my bedroom after me and the missus have downed some of my neighbors wine.
  11. The Wednesday way in a nutshell. It would sooooo us for the opposition to go straight up the other end and get a penalty....
  12. Well, most of the residents are out of contract in the summer so the flats will be empty.
  13. Stop messing around and take the ruddy picture, 3 of my wheels have gone and some hooded weasel is now in my glove box.
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