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  1. I think DC will be keeping the hairpiece to try and sell on eBay. 10 grand will help pay off a small percentage of the imminent fine.
  2. Fletcher..... Painter and decorator. I can see him now in his overalls covered in paint propping the bar up with a pint after work. Kieran Lee...... School teacher Bannan....car dealer Hutch..... Real estate.
  3. Will you stop giving your opinion.... Anyone would think that this is a fans forum!!!
  4. I must be honest and say that even if we end up in div 2, I am actually not that bothered. As long as SWFC still exists I don't really care what league we are in. Maybe going down in a strange way might rejuvenate us as a club, because if truth be told it's all just terribly stagnant right now.
  5. There has been a few playing on it so I would assume so.
  6. She told me that she was taking a long shower, that's why my breakfast in bed was late!! I knew she was up to something.
  7. I think most are actually looking forward to rekindling our rivalry with Chesterfield.
  8. That actually made me wince!! Ouch.
  9. I understand that but haven't we broke the rules by doing that? The last thing I want is for us to face a points deduction, but I've absolutely no doubt if this situation was faced upon one of our promotion competitors, we as a fan base would be up in arms and saying " serves them right" Taking off my blue and white specs for a minute I am appalled by what's seemingly gone off. Maybe it's my age as I still believe in fair play and not a win at all costs attitude.
  10. Didn't those clubs just spend money they didn't have, or as in our case break the rules? No sympathy if that's the case.
  11. I've absolutely no idea what that means. Is it complimentary?
  12. Never said it was did I? Wind yer neck in.
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