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  1. I've got this mental image of DC running from being the curtains and slapping a " Chansiri " banner across those 3 chairs.
  2. God that's a depressing venue.. Imagine having to self isolate in there for 7 days!
  3. Very good.. Given me the giggles has that.
  4. Not surprised. I don't want to listen about Pompey.
  5. Am I watching the wrong stream as that fellow ain't stopped talking about Portsmouth?
  6. Oh no, he's gonna pull a hamstring!!
  7. Honestly, I wanted to go to Eastern Europe so I closed my eyes and stuck a pin in a map!! Fell in love with it and been here on and off 17 years.
  8. Sod that... Tick tacks for dinner!!! Stay safe matey
  9. Went straight over my head... You would be most welcome.. Might even show you my new radiator for my Trooper.
  10. Hurry up then and get to Varna as I've got some chops out the freezer.... Around 6? May I be inquisitive and ask why you are in Sofia?
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