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  1. Bulgaria

    George Boyd

    always been a steady player who has an engine on him, appreciated everywhere he has played. Signs for us..... his engine just seizes up and it looks like he is wearing lead filled boots. The Wednesday way.
  2. Maybe someone could inform Mr Personality of this tactic?
  3. Bulgaria

    Let's have a cup run

    Play full strength team for me. Winning breeds confidence. Cant be messing around worrying about who might get tired or injured.
  4. Bulgaria

    Let's have a cup run

    that old chestnut.... when exactly do we not have to concentrate on the league? Remember 1991? It can be done, with a smaller squad also. Please dont become another brainwashed by managers that the cups are not important.
  5. Bulgaria

    Flag Surfing Today

    Ha ha, its the wednesday way!!
  6. Bulgaria

    No More I Love Yous

    Ah, bless him.
  7. Bulgaria

    Another pathetic manager

    I think your being incredibly harsh on the wet sponge.
  8. Indeed. It definitely has that feel and look of just going through the motions. Every single team we play just seem quicker.
  9. He has got the name paddy written all over him.
  10. Bulgaria

    Joost Van Aken

    Where is it mate?
  11. Bulgaria

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Chansiri, most likely gave him a steel cap toe wack in the gonads upon realizing! Joking aside..... i have it on good authority that Westwood refused to pay the 90 quid for the membership, he was frozen out but now its been reduced, our Kieran has dug deep and relented. He is now back in favor.
  12. Bulgaria

    Sorry But It Has To Be Said

    Abdi would be harder to shift than the Eiffel tower.
  13. Bulgaria

    New Signing

    That's the sad thing. By the end of today, the money gained from the supporters who have dug deep for membership will have been put straight into Almen Abdis pockets.
  14. Bulgaria


    Totally agree.