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  1. Cracking match. Blades deserved that goal to be fair.
  2. To give it that proper matchday vibe, if you start pisssing in your garage from today, come Saturday there will be that unmistakable matchday stench.
  3. I was watching the VAR replays and all it did was stop at the point of when his foot made contact with the Burnley player, rather than stop at the point of him winning the ball. Unfair and wrong.
  4. 100%. Shaw won the ball, is his foot supposed to just stop??? of course there is a follow through. Brady was a red all day long. Clumsy but a red. Joke decisions.
  5. Hi Jay... Would you be so kind as to post that to. Paxo SWFC. Hillsborough. S6 1SW. Thanks
  6. Well, quite, but they are pressing more, they look a threat when going forward, even Brewster has had a shot on goal. It wouldn't surprise me if they go on a run. Like I said... I hope tonight is a one off.
  7. To be fair, they are playing more like the team from last season. Best I've seen them play this year. Let's hope it's a one off.
  8. If ever there was a bloke who is made for a lucrative gig in the Middle East or China it's Coleman... He's got carpet bagger written all over him. I bet his golf partner is Sven Goran Erikson.
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