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  1. Great post. My feelings exactly. I went yesterday and to be perfectly honest I really didn't get that upset that we got battered. I think that sums it up for me.
  2. I think we already have one. Anyone who thinks playing Winnall up top on his own against 3 towering defenders and who instructs our keeper to keeping hoofing it high, in my opinion is definitely a sandwich short of a picnic.
  3. All wait on the half way line and wait for our keeper to hoof it forward, then hope we win a header and get a lucky break.. Simple this management stuff. Unfortunately when you have a forward who is smaller than the opposition defenders, it rarely works. Can someone email this to our coaching staff? Thanks.
  4. Unfortunately I got a ticket!!! What a horror show.
  5. Thanks for that info matey but I've headed down to the ticket office. Let's see what happens!!
  6. Exactly. He also mentioned that Westwood dictates as to when he is fit. It's absolutely ridiculous. Great keeper, or was,but the guy takes the wee wee. Ask Martin O'Neil. Apparently he is fit.... One guesses he will not be on the bench today.
  7. I wanted to go and sit with my old man, even though most of the seats around him are usually taken, we always find two empty somewhere so we can sit together. I might go on the kop but it will not be the same being on my own.
  8. I could watch that all day that clip. Monk going nuts then realising he is the boss and then trying to act cool Weaver slipping over Winnall giving it some Bullen saluting the away fans Quality.
  9. Thanks. What a bummer ☹️ well that's 33 quid they are losing today, it's so frustrating.
  10. Serious question... It might be quicker getting an answer on here and SWFC ticket website drives me nuts... I am in Sheffield today and want to go. My dad has a season ticket on the north and I want to obviously sit as close to him as possible. Can I pay on any gate or do I have to book online then collect my ticket? Thanks
  11. So he will be on the bench tomorrow? Let's see.
  12. No easy threads this time of year so we are taking it one post at a time.
  13. His vice captain does and he said he aint pulling his weight. That's all I need to know.
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