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  1. Match Day Pies

    Don't buy those Frey bentos pies in the round tins. I bought loads of em the last time I was back home as they were 99p in Morrisons. They taste like dog food. My guts were in bits for 24 hrs.
  2. Paul cook or Paul Hurst

    Cook. Think that would be a very good appointment. He has done very well at all his clubs, obviously has something about him.
  3. option 2. Hands down.... that way shirt is just perfect. Why do we need or any other club need a 3rd kit? Its got to the point where its normal to talk about a 3rd kit!! Always puzzled me that has.
  4. Anyone who thinks we would get anything close to 30 mill for Fessi and Hooper need to stop taking the pills. Fessi 8-10mill tops Hooper 3 mill tops. He is injury prone and 30!!!! Madine isnt either of those.
  5. Clean language viewing

    Sorry about that but the pie burnt my tongue, I spilt Bovril down me trousers suffering severe burns and laws had ignored my request for an autograph earlier in the day.
  6. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    Bumped into Lee? Oh no..... Another injury.
  7. Kieran Lee and Gary Hooper

    I agree, but i cant see anyone coming in with any sort of bid for a medium paced, injury prone player who is on in the region of 30 grand a week. Hes a good player, but not the world beater some on here think he is.
  8. Hypothetically...

    i think he will be off in the summer. Shame as i would really like him to stay.
  9. your not employed by swfc by any chance are you?
  10. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    well said. Top man, top attitude. Top performance.
  11. At the double!

    Though ask big, nice be would it.
  12. Time for Moneyball?

    Don't be silly. That's way too simple and sensible.
  13. I would love that next season. Jon jo shelvey in blue and white stripes.