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  1. Bulgaria

    Marco Matias

    He would twist something or other if he did.
  2. They accept it because unfortunately the younger generation ( their future cash cows) now see it as part of the game. It will not be too long before teenagers in the parks on Sunday morning will be practicing dives rather than the art of passing. It's all theatre now. The football we used to love has been taken over by real life playstation.
  3. Bulgaria

    Sold out

    Sounds good to me!!
  4. He did He got a double bogie on the 17th at carnoustie.
  5. Cause it's interesting maybe? What would you like to talk about? I could go into detail about the amount of toe fluff I have from my new Bulgarian socks if you would prefer?
  6. Neymar? From what I've seen he spends the entire time he is on a footy pitch trying to get injured.
  7. Bulgaria

    So Wednesday then

    He always reminds me of that man/monster in clash of the titans. If anyone can link a picture of it then you will see what I mean. Calibos was his name.
  8. Bulgaria

    The day affer

    A tad harsh but I can see where your coming from.
  9. Bulgaria

    Watched the Match back

    You been on the special brew mate?
  10. Really? Just bunch of lads giving out some banter, no doubt it's going both ways. Would you prefer everyone sat on their hands whilst looking at 75 Wigan fans?
  11. Agree with the club on this one. He is a Leeds fan It's too much of a powder keg fixture to risk anything, as sad as it maybe, the club in my opinion have made the correct decision. Plus they have offered to help for the wba game.
  12. Bulgaria

    Well done owlstalk

    Or Andy booth up front for spurs!
  13. I thought lady gaga was performing on Neil there tonight? Who mentioned anything about the footy?
  14. Before the villa game I would have said easy start. After watching the villa game and seeing what we are capable of, I would say a decent chance of top 6. Whatever it is, I just love the championship. So unpredictable, how sport should be
  15. So you don't care about the 2-3000 it might help? Fair enough