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  1. My favorite player for a long time! Shame he is not the same player of a few seasons back Sad day when he leaves but understandable moving the club forward.
  2. The likes of Bournemouth and Burnley are believed to be ready to try and lure away Sheffield Wednesday duo Steven Fletcher and Morgan Fox, both of whom are approaching the end of their contracts. (Team Talk)
  3. Lets guess... Middlesborough who splashed the cash never went back up and are now broke and trying every trick to stop being so poor... Besides, its an unfair system as it is... Go down and get about 50million in parachute payment... go up from League 1 and get about a million!
  4. Dont mean to be all doom and gloom But if we went down it might be positive. We have a lot of high earners out of contract and itll give a chance to the younger players and a chance to rebuild. However, not sure if Monk is the right man for this.
  5. Fox, Borner, Iorfa, Urhoghide in defence please.
  6. I saw this report on Twitter so not sure how accurate it really is (although it did have a blue tick). And its the number of minutes players 23 and under have played this season in the league. Doesnt make good reading if you are into this type of stat.
  7. Sunderland have signed Laurens De Bock from Weeds who is a left back, so dont think they will go back for Fox.
  8. So Murphy who scored and played well vs Dingles doesnt get a game?
  9. Would you rather... 1) Have cash compensation from Newcastle for the whole Bruce thing 2) Have players on loan with no charge and wages covered?
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