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  1. Brought in Westwood... Best signing in years... Guy deserves a lot of credit for doing a job that had no decent players, no money and a bad pitch
  2. Tommy Spurr has announced his retirement from professional football due to injury. The 31-year-old has not played since suffering a hip injury in January while on loan at Fleetwood Town from Preston North End, who released him at the end of the season.
  3. If that had of been Abdi he would of been out for the season with concussion
  4. Is there lots of people debating it? Its not a mass-debate session is it??
  5. I know at least 6 Owls fans in Gibraltar... Sadly the locals here are glory hunters so its Man U or City, LIverpool, Arsenal etc and obviously Real Madrid or Barca
  6. We are 11 points off the playoffs and 11 off relegation, so doubt there will be much transfer business unless Bruce has been working behind the scenes. Just think he will give each player until the rest of the season to prove their worth and then use his contacts to bring in proven Championship players.
  7. After we dump Chelsea out of the cup our next 3 games are: Ipswich - away (2nd Feb) Reading - home (9th Feb) Millwall - away (12th Feb) We should get at least 7 points...
  8. He has just recovered from a broken leg, so not match fit... Do we need someone like that at present?
  9. Send my best wishes to you and your family all the way from Gibraltar.
  10. Joao in 5th Place... means he will have to be on the bench again at the weekend...
  11. I struggle day in and day out, often cry, want to run away.. but have stopped hurting myself and know being with the right people stops me doing silly things... Its nice to see a person brave enough to put them out there when social media can be cruel Good luck Chris and everyone who needs that help
  12. I hope this post makes it to the top of page 100....
  13. Nah on a bit of health kick if you read its from the Birmingham Mail... and thats a screen shot from Sky Sports Transfer Center
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