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  1. Sunderland have signed Laurens De Bock from Weeds who is a left back, so dont think they will go back for Fox.
  2. So Murphy who scored and played well vs Dingles doesnt get a game?
  3. Would you rather... 1) Have cash compensation from Newcastle for the whole Bruce thing 2) Have players on loan with no charge and wages covered?
  4. This is what I use... has ifollow and sky sports red buttons etc... Plus I am into the american sports which this has as well as the box office events
  5. QPR and Sheffield Wednesday are interested in signing Rotherham defender Clark Robertson. The centre back has two years remaining on his contract. Robertson played 28 times in the Championship for the Millers last season after signing from Blackpool
  6. Sky Whispers showing what has been known for ages...
  7. Brought in Westwood... Best signing in years... Guy deserves a lot of credit for doing a job that had no decent players, no money and a bad pitch
  8. Tommy Spurr has announced his retirement from professional football due to injury. The 31-year-old has not played since suffering a hip injury in January while on loan at Fleetwood Town from Preston North End, who released him at the end of the season.
  9. If that had of been Abdi he would of been out for the season with concussion
  10. Is there lots of people debating it? Its not a mass-debate session is it??
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