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  1. Agree. It's not right. As long as failure payments exist in the premier league, champ teams should be under no spending restrictions otherwise all it will do is create a revolving door for teams relegated.
  2. A manager who doesn't play the same tactics every week.
  3. I remember losing 4-0 there when we were brilliant!
  4. Thanks. I could have googled it but that's like admitting we're in league one!
  5. I disagree with this. I don't think Plan A will work, the build up is too slow and empowers the opposition defence to set up and skim the newspapers while they wait for us to get there (with or without the extra passes). By the time we finally get there the only way through is a super intricate ball through the defence which only Bannan seems capable and willing to attempt. So we are back to being over reliant on a player who the opposition often mark out of the game. Plan B isn't gerrit in the mixer, its breaking with pace down the wing and crossing to the two forwards. Berinho's header was good on Saturday and Gregory can head - and we aren't short of wingers. When we were good in the 90's we usually went down the wings. If you watch us back then, just see how quick we get it into the box from the wings - none of this d1cking around with it. We have the players to do this but the problem is Moore. I'd call him a one trick pony if the trick ever worked but it doesn't. And he doesn't seem to want / be capable of change.
  6. Oxford aren't interested in b's and C's only A's. Cambridge are the same. Are Cambridge in this league. If not i'm sure we'll drop down and pay them a visit next season.
  7. Maybe because they are so far clear they have had to sign him to give the other teams a chance.
  8. Our problem isn't that we missed a penalty or the keeper made a mistake. The problem is that teams are happy for us to ******** around with the ball slowly and then try to intricately thread the ball in the box (Bannan every time obviously). It's so easy to defend against. Ultimately tactics are the problem and Moore is the manager.
  9. He got injured warming up for the photo.
  10. Hunt, Galvin and Hagan now out on loan. Do you think Celtic have warned us if they don't get any game time they aren't going to steal them off us?
  11. Must have found out in injury time they hadn't been paid. Apparently that's the reason.
  12. Cheers, i've avoided it because the title sounds like its for Sunderland fans, but from what i'm gathering now its not like that?
  13. What documentary? Is it that 'Sunderland before I die' thing I've seen floating around?
  14. If this one come off its a real coup for a league 1 side. Some of the players we already have are ridiculous for this league. From about game 10 in we should start to fly.
  15. Me too, the letters were stuck over some others. Not done a bad job but I could still read Simon Stainrod underneath.
  16. And assuming we go through the season without injuries. We are usually pretty lucky with injuries!
  17. Clover Caste. Its a bit like 1984. I've just finished a second one but haven't popped it on Amazon yet.
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