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  1. If he is as happy to sign for Dundee as he says he is, then why the long face in the photo?
  2. What her who used to be on emmerdale and you've been framed?
  3. So this isn't a thread about how to make money forging pictures. Haven't felt this duped since I read to kill a mockingbird. Or the time I watched the never ending story.
  4. I'm a philosophical person and I would like to believe we are saving it all for next year when it matters. That's the only explanation I can think of to explain this season.
  5. Poor defending - awful keeping. I'm signed for Bournemouth BTW. I'm third choice. Google me i'm called Lee Keyhands.
  6. .....and as the midfield failed to turn up for the last match, why should the fans.
  7. FF is still a good player but he has had a bad run with injuries and is played out of position in a team which basically has no midfield. Any team which plays the closing game like Leeds yesterday nullifies Bannan and effectively our midfield. Leeds showed that after 10 minutes yesterday suddenly fletcher was ineffective as hooper was forced to play deep, so why FF is singled out is beyond me. When he had a run back end of last season he showed class, goals and battle. Any team with a decent midfield would have a bargain at under 4.5 mill.
  8. And the coins can be used as revenue to offset FFP- so double bubble!!
  9. Disagree . I remember the didwell Wilson goal much more than the managerial stuff. What a player does on a pitch is what matters. Management is s poison chslace which always goes t1ts up. Where is didwell by the way. And why is hi face so orange on the OP - looks like an umpa lumpa?
  10. Yeah imagine if we gave Hirsty the job and it went wrong. Would be terrible if our great memories of him were spoiled.
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