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  1. Adam Reach

    If we got our money back for Rhodes and Reach then I imagine Jos could get much more bang for his buck. Lets not forget we signed Reach when we needed a pacy winger - like Antonio. Once again we signed the wrong kind of player. Not Reach's fault though.
  2. Adam Reach

    Dunno. Rhodes has done a decent impression of one often enough this season.
  3. Adam Reach

    This. At the end of the day he has had a good season in comparison to others. Still he is overrated in my opinion and can only really play centrally as he is slow and cannot tackle. I'm not slagging him off at all but he is limited in what he can do and needs to be more consistent in doing the things he is good at. If we buy a good playmaker and a couple of wing backs in the summer - as you would expect I can't see him playing as much next season. Shame but I just don't think he is good enough for what we are trying to ultimately achieve.
  4. Variety – The Stripes of Life!

    Exactly. I'm probably being a bit slow here but whilst I can think of a few teams in this country and abroad who play in blue and white stripes I can't think of any blue with white arms like we have. I'm sure there will be loads - can any one think of any.
  5. What does Jos have to do...

    I think this season has been so bizarre it's difficult to use it as a benchmark for anything, including Jos's performance. Personally I think DC was so disappointed when he gradually realised what a mess we had been left in with Carlos's slack antics that he has gone for the polar opposite. Sam Hutchinson's comments over the weekend - whilst not intended to berate CC - were a back handed compliment at best. When Jos started it was always DC's intention to either have him as a stop gap till the end of the season (when a new manager currently under contract will take over) or he was intended to have a run of it next year (I don't know which) . Either way Jos will have been made aware of this and as long as we don't go down, why would DC's plan have changed? I think he is here for next season.
  6. At the double!

    An achievement of such magnitude would cause a significant upturn in my happiness.
  7. Can you do one white with blue dot. Would fly off the shelf.
  8. You are all wrong. George Hirst doesn't exist - he is a CGI and all of the reports of him scoring in the u23 were fake news ordered by Donald Trump to unsettle the Russians. Sean Clare does exist but he is a robot who could only be operated by Steven Hawkins.
  9. Only just seen this. Got me hook Line and sinker. Good work!
  10. I don't have an entrenched hatred for any person or sector of society. You know nothing about me, my background and the mix of people which make up my circle of friends. To suggest my opinion can be taken with a pinch of salt because I am white is racist, laughable and offensive. Privileged ? Like most people on here I was born with a stainless steel spoon in my mouth and have worked hard for everything I have. Has it crossed your mind that people from different cultures may not go to football matches because they don't like football? Although it's popular in Europe and South America there are plenty of areas of North America, Australia and Asia who don't much care for it. I could go on much more about how offensive I find your reply but I won't. You are entitled to your opinion.
  11. Wow! Virtue signalling at its very best! I suppose they get a free ticket as well whilst I pay forty quid!
  12. Preslav Borukov

    That's one more than most of our squad.
  13. Didn't we also reach the same final 2 years before when we won it?