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  1. If i've understood right, we can watch tonight's game as usual, but we have to watch Saturdays at the bottom of the garden. I think.
  2. Good luck to him. Hope he doesn't score against us, but other than that he's just a young lad trying to carve out a career.
  3. I nearly posted something similar at the weekend, but decided against it due to the ridiculous witch hunt, and screams of 'Monk Hater' which follows if you dare question even a nuance of his tactics. He has built a decent squad and has got his tactics largely right, in my opinion, to such a point that even with the points deduction there is little to no chance of relegation. I do think there is an outside chance of the playoffs but the deduction means there is little room for error. Last season we had a problem conceding late goals and we seem to be going down a similar road. All the joyous c
  4. We have a history of it. I remember when we bought Mark Robins just as he turned into Mark Bobbins. I would play Rhodes 100%, but I agree his time here is done now.
  5. We have a winner ^^^^ I think we should call time of death on this thread with this spot on post. Agree 100%. This is what the OP was suggesting before it got turned into a witch hunt.
  6. All good points but the OP refers to how the owner has backed the manager which you have just mentioned. That is the point of the thread. This thread isn’t about calling for his head it’s about how monks stamp is on the team. I haven’t seen anyone in this thread calling for his head just people trying to negate the Thread by talking about historical threads. Emilenko has not called for his head in this thread but seems to be getting abuse for having a different opinion. On this thread who are the ‘so called fans calling for his head after 5 games’ I haven’t read any.
  7. Open discussion is subjective and should be encouraged. If you think Monk reads OT then you are the one who needs to get real. Don’t recall slagging him off, just agreeing with the OP. You can support a manager whilst questioning some of his tactics. The only time this won’t happen is when you have a perfect manager which you rightly point out doesn’t exist. So if Monk isn’t perfect then why cant we discuss both the good and bad points?
  8. I’ve not seen that many monks since I watched the Davinci code. Your point seems to be that when Monks influence is positive we can praise him but when it doesn’t quite pan out you can’t criticise!
  9. He’s saying that he doesn’t think Monk will be the manager we need but hopes he is proven wrong . It’s a simple message which you are twisting in your usual devisive way. You say he’s allowed an opinion but call him ridiculous when he does. But no problem. If you don’t like my criticism you can just delete my post. Again! Which makes your claim of people being allowed an opinion ridiculous. This message will self destruct in 3.....2.....1......
  10. Except that’s not what I said. Why overeact? He has now been backed more than most managers in this league and has been given a fair crack of the whip. The squad we have is easily better than most in the league and capable of staying up despite the deduction. And now he has his people in place. If this squad performs badly and is not noticeably improved from what we had before he is mainly culpable. Nothing at a club is the sole responsibility of one person but aspects can be largely attributed to certain appointed individuals like any company. I have given no benchmarks as to what success or
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