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  1. Jack the Hat

    The shadow of The Blades

    I don't care either and I'm from sheff.
  2. Jack the Hat

    The shadow of The Blades

    We are not in Uniteds shadow. I'm looking forward to the Derby game but other than that I never give them a thought. Funnily enough I went out with a United fan last night who told me that Gary Hooper isn't a natural goal scorer. Difficult to take them serious at times which is why I don't.
  3. Jack the Hat

    Forestieri Red Card

    Yeah, that cup run with the rearranged Brentford game has worked a treat!
  4. Jack the Hat

    Forestieri Red Card

    On the bright side he can't get injured before the United game - unless he falls off his bike of course!!!
  5. Jack the Hat

    Forestieri Red Card

    My point is that it is part of the DNA composite make up which feeds into him as a player. Start to take that out of his game and he becomes less of a player. This is what makes some managers better than others at handling big name players - Danny Wilson and Di Canio springs to mind. Thankfully I hope we now have a manager who can cope with this type of player.
  6. Jack the Hat

    Forestieri Red Card

    Because he is passionate, which is more than can be said for most of the team. Things he has that other players don't: 1. Passion 2. The ability to change a game 3. The ability to link midfield to attack. 4. The ability to score consistently. We have NO other players with that skillset. Why on earth would you have a pop at him for celebrating a goal deep in injury time. If he can play against United he has to be the first name on the sheet. I couldn't care less for his disciplinary record. I'd rather have a player who gets sent off for tackling (Hutch) than one who is scared to tackle (Reach). ALL DAY LONG!!!!!!!!!
  7. Ronnie Moore does hate us. I was presented an award by him one Friday night about 10 years ago - just so happened we got beat on Sky 4-0 by Wolves. When he found out I was a Wednesday fan he took the pi55 as we stood on the stage. I told him I was more disappointed that he was giving me the award as I misheard and thought it was presented by Roger Moore. Should have seen his face - didn't say another word. True story dat!!
  8. Jack the Hat

    Hector & Thorniley...

    For me Lees biggest disadvantage isn't his poor passing but his lack of leadership. With his age and experience he should be able to command his defence but he can't . He really struggled without Westwood loovens or Hutch telling him what to do. As a team we lack big game players and leaders. Thornily and Hector seem to have this, which is great.
  9. Jack the Hat

    Could have been...

    I'm optimistic when it comes to Wednesday but we deserve our position. It's nearly march and we have yet to win by more than one goal.we are decidedly average and awful in midfield - with little creativity. Work in progress.
  10. Jack the Hat

    What the f*ck was that?

    You needed HITC for that. I thought I had a bad memory.
  11. Jack the Hat

    What the f*ck was that?

    You kidding right. It was jos team selection at Millwall last year when we all first realised he was a little insane!
  12. I don't follow. I'm a shepherd not a sheep.
  13. Jack the Hat

    Worried about the playoffs?

    Not sure I'd put my house and first born on it, but my wife definitely. What was the question again?
  14. Jack the Hat

    Hooper / Sharp

    I disagree. Injuries aside Hooper is the best of the two but they are Both excellant players who fall into the category off too good for the championship but not quite good enough to be a main premier league striker.