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  1. I watched them both on ifollow on my Commodore 64. poo picture quality though. Apparently it was much better on the ZX Spectrum.
  2. I was thinking of going to the next home match, but there doesn’t seem much point now.
  3. Think I went to that. Did Quinn get set off right at the end
  4. Ironically I think we bought Fletcher to replace him and what do you know?!He ends up partnering his replacement and all the other strikers are on the bench. I’ve doubted him over the past 12 months but now we look predictable without him.
  5. At least we have beans to count these days
  6. The guys a brick wall. Seen a couple of attackers bounce off him!
  7. True legend. Just looking after his son. Get over it.
  8. He too old to play for England you have to be 12 these days!
  9. Agree. I don't think we need 2 out and out wingers. Its a luxury and puts too much oweness on Fletcher to score the lions share of our goals. If Reach plays behind the striker, or front 2, drifting to the wing we may have finally found his position. Plus his delivery is excellent - ie the cross at Preston. Also playing a number 10 role i'm sure he can weigh in with a few goals. Needs to work on his shooting because - despite the worldies he scores - I don't think he is great in the box. Sure Monkfish has spotted this. Also if Winnall comes to the party, suddenly we don't look as predictable as we did before the break!
  10. Looked a different player to the Luton match. He can head a ball so is the natural foil/ replacement for Fletcher when we play with wingers. Exciting times! Nuhui looked gods as well .
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