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  1. Jack the Hat

    Van Aken

    If we paid him up do you think we would also have to tell him not to come back again?
  2. Jack the Hat

    Paul cook

    Norman Cook. Did well with the Housemartins and Fat boy slim. Would rather have him than Hugh the drummer who went a bit mad and attacked his business partner with an axe
  3. With Barry Scott as assistant manager we should clean up!
  4. Jack the Hat

    Heard it’s Pardew

    Bring it on. I won't need a wig!
  5. Jack the Hat

    Barry Bannon - unhappy at the club?

    We've got bannon barry bannon just need to learn to spell his name wee Scottish man better than zidoyne oh no I've done it again!
  6. Jack the Hat

    Alan Nixon

    I agree. For a while I thought JL was goi g to be the man. Polar opposite of CC bringing much needed discipline . Also DC gave it a good go when he got here but has now run out of ideas. He just needs to admit he is out of his depth and seek advice from someone who can run a football club. It will be more enjoyable fir him as well. I still like him but he needs to be less stubborn in my opinion.
  7. Jack the Hat

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Is that why you hate Andy Murray as well.
  8. Jack the Hat

    Wednesday - V- Rotherham OMDT

    Joao to Rotherham - 'that'll teach you to knock my tooth out!'
  9. Jack the Hat

    Bannan Injured

    Not interested Kanye, but can you get me a cheap pair of yeesies for my daughter for xmas? Size 5. Thanks in advance.
  10. Jack the Hat


    For me , best player for Wednesday in my life. Could use both feet and head. Had strength,speed and power. He could out run a defender, dribble past him or just knock him out of the way. Either way he was going for goal. Didn't get held up or pushed to the corner flag like other attackers did (shearer springs to mind). Proper Roy of the rovers stuff. Recent events irrelevant. Happy birthday it was an honour to watch you,
  11. Jack the Hat

    Half Season Tickets

    I was thinking this myself . All joking aside, is it possible they will literally not sell one? Generally the keen will buy a season ticket and half season tickets will go to a minority if we are doing well. I can't imagine a scenario where more than 10 are sold, but more likely zero. Is anybody out there thinking of buying one?
  12. Jack the Hat

    Rotherham Press Conference

    I don't agree but He's allowed an opinion without being abused.
  13. Jack the Hat

    Players at Preston Station!

    Don't you mean potted dog?
  14. Jack the Hat

    Blackburn Rover -V - Wednesday OMDT

    How many minutes has he been on the pitch!!
  15. Jack the Hat

    Blackburn Away

    Generous George on Halifax Road is OK for kids , but you'll have to leave a couple of hours before kick off to get to Blackburn.