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  1. First time ever

    It's the first time in twenty odd years that he has chosen not to go to a match. This is a Wednesday forum, which seems the right place to share it. In the past 20 years we have turned out some right tripe so it is telling on how things are now that he has chosen to do this. You might not be bothered but then who cares apart from your family and maybe your friends. Personally I think he'll change his mind at the last minute and go. 26 years is a tough addiction to break.
  2. First time ever

    I hate all this I'll go no matter what badge of honour rubbish. If the guy don't wanna go to a match he's actually already paid for it's a reflection of the club at the minute not him. If you wanna go then go but don't try to belittle him.
  3. First time ever

    Why does that matter?
  4. Adam Reach

    Adam Reach isn't a bad payer. He is however symptomatic of Carlos's tenure. Reach's position is a key position for us and he was bought at a key transition time for Carlos. What we needed , and probably all expected, was a strong, pacy, dynamic winger - in the mould of Antonio. What we got was the opposite - but he does suit Carlos's style. It doesn't help that he is played out of position because he is never a left back in a million years. We have a few left backs as well so that makes it all the more baffling. On a few occasions, when played in position, he has had great games (I thought he had a cracker against Barnsley) but he has also put in a number of terrible performances. That said he doesn't deserve all the stick he gets because he is always all over the park. The fact that he is scared of tackling doesn't ingratiate himself to the Wednesday faithful. He is being used as a utility man, when in fact he is an inflexible player who suits certain teams and certain tactics. This is probably why Preston loved him (their style must have suited him)- and Middlesbrough moved him on (saw no more potential). He is a good player, with limited potential for whom we paid around 10 times what he is worth (I would rate him as £500,000). That price tag, his lack of tackling and being played out of position are the problems here. The price tag is now irrelevant and all of the others could be sorted easily with a decent manager. Adam Reach is definitely NOT our problem; The Manager - and our defence - ARE.
  5. Peter Eustace was bad but I was really disappointed with Chris Turner because I had high hopes for him.
  6. Good point actually. Maybe we put more effort in when we are on sky. Wonder how the average number of goals in a sky match compares to the others. I'm far too busy and important to work it out for myself. Well lazy anyway.
  7. Ben Marshall - Linked again!

    Should link up well with Simon Stainrod.
  8. Fan base

    No need to wet your diapers!
  9. I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    Correct. I remember now as it was my mates birthday. I've got a shocking memory to be fair! Wasn't going to look it up on google though !
  10. Carlos Outers...

    The Carlos outers are entitled to post on here just like you are . Ok some go over the top but most don't. Football is an emotive subject after all. 100% Carlos needs to go for me for us to move forward. You may disagree with me, but if you do I won't call you a spoiled child. What's the point posting about name calling and then doing it yourself. Kinda shooting yourself in the foot really.
  11. I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    Where am I moaning just saying what's happened and how it's easy to fall out of the habit of going. Quist seemed to get the point of the post
  12. I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    Too right. Hard to believe that was only 18 months ago. Seems much longer.
  13. I'm cured (What a pantomime)

    It was burton at home last year whenever that was not 18 months ago who's counting?
  14. When I first found out the wolves match clashed with a pantomime I had promised to take the kids too, I wondered what to do . I cancelled a week away for the play offs a couple of years ago after all. But suddenly there is no problem . I'm going to the pantomime. I have wanted him out for 18 months and didn't get a season ticket this year. I was going to potg but I have had 6 free tickets this season already. I've turned down 2 wolves tickets so far. It probably wasn't his intention but CC has cured me of football. Well almost- I am still glued to SSN or my phone when they play . But if CC stays till the end of the season I can probably break that taboo as well. Well done CC - not bad considering at the height of my addiction I went to 51 games in a season. Keep up the bad work it's saving me a fortune and I am spending even more quality time with my kids!
  15. What can we salvage?

    Mmmmmm. Hope you are right. This is like torture. The last 1/2 hour last night was alarming. We were all over the place. Still think he's here for the season.