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  1. If that last Preston fan is so clever then how come he ended up in the wrong stand?
  2. The only remaining football stand in Nicolas pevners buildings of England. Historically an important piece of engineering. People should remember this when considering a soulless wrap around stadium. The North stand is a thing of beauty!
  3. Most people at the match last night will see the potential but are genuinely concerned that if we don’t appoint the right manager it will be ANOTHER missed opportunity. We have only had one tough game and lost it. That said I am in a great mood!
  4. If he carries on like this he could be as legendary as Ian Cranston, or with a bit of hard work, Larry may!
  5. I thought winnallwould fit into our style of play and was looking forward to him coming on, but he was terrible. He was slow and looked knackered the moment he came on. The difference between him and fletcher was immeasurable. He really was bad.
  6. If the fish are in a barrel then you simply pull them out with your hands. If you were to start shooting at them they would be a right mess and probably inedible; in which case it is you, my friend who would go hungry. Plus if you used the bullets more efficiently they could be used for bigger pray such as deer/ pheasants. You really don't have a clue do you?
  7. It’s time I owned up. I’ve been offered the job. They’ve agreed the salary but I’m still waiting for the add ons before I sign - a medium home shirt and an aniversary watch. Don’t know what the hold up is!
  8. He runs around a lot and scores headers, so yes. As much as I would love to see Rhodes do well I just can’t see it happening unless he puts himself about more
  9. I agree. Fletch is ok but not prolific and injury prone. We have had too many strikers the past seasons but we have lost the best 2 Hooper and joao . They were the two who could link play and score from nothing. Whilst I see why we got rid of them individually I don’t think we should have lost both. Without them it is essential FF plays as he is our only impactful striker. I don’t think we have terrible options left but they need to be sorted out and I don’t think bully is the man for the job.
  10. Not again. He only signed his contract with us 2 weekends ago!
  11. Exactly the big name signings were no bribers, except for woods who everyone knew was bobbins.
  12. We both know I could name twice as many bad signing not to mention the one that got away! Signing waddle was hardly a master stroke
  13. With Atkinson’s team. Didn’t do so great when his signings started to filter through though.
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