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  1. Born in Loxley but lived in Barnsdale where the airport is after he had his Loxley land (top of Rodney hill) nicked off him by the Sheriff of Nottingham. This victory is for you Robin!!!!!!
  2. Internationally Their most famous son is Robin Hood. But as we all know the dude is from Sheffield!
  3. No I never get specific about politics on line. I try to joke about most things and keep it light hearted. The unicorn comment coul be aimed at any of the main parties.
  4. That he is somewhat over promising what he can deliver. They all are!
  5. You’ll not be saying that if they win next week and you’re flying to work on your brand new unicorn!
  6. I would either crush a grape or jump of a dolls house. Or kill 2 birds with one stone by jumping off a dolls house onto a grape. Anyone under 40 feel free to put the confused sign up!
  7. The 21 years bit was a joke. The owl is obviously drawn by a kid!
  8. Yeah. He’s come on in leaps and bounds since Rowett took over!
  9. It’s an envelope but the thought did cross my mind !
  10. If you are like me you will have spent many bored hours drawing the Wednesday owl in your text book at school ( the proper owl obviously). And then subsequently on your note pad in meetings. I can still see me sketching it on my deathbed waiting for my family to finally turn up. Let’s see a few. I can’t be the only one who does this. I’ll start you off with my daughter who did her first one tonight- copying the one I sketched in her pot. I just can’t help myself! I’m so proud of her although I can’t believe it’s taken 21 years for her to do her first one!
  11. Hope there’s a couple of gyms and Costa coffees. Desperately short of them around there.
  12. Who suggested he was the messiah? Most I spoke too were underwhelmed, some were gutted!
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