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  1. Jack the Hat

    Who's had the toughest start?

    But surely by xmas (give or take the odd game) we will have all played each team once as we are half way through the season, so a comparison would be pointless.
  2. Yes they would. They couldhave redeveloped it. They are premier league champions but still don't fill the new ground. Hence the rather embarrassing adverts you hear on the radio.the money comes from more matches being shown on TV. More matches on TV reduces the appetite for people to go to matches. City only moved cos there was a spare stadium left over from the commonwealth games. The very idea that we should leave -rather than redevelop- a great traditional stadium, next to Hillsborough park, which we don't fill at a time when more matches are shown via red button is ludicrous . People are moaning about ticket prices now. Is mr chansiri gonna build a new ground and then lower tickets. We should and will stay at home in hillsborough.
  3. Plus I know plenty of city fans who hate the new stadium and would go back to Maine Road at the drop of a hat.
  4. No. Sadly I can only dream of being stevenger. Good post though. Well the parts of it I understand !
  5. But if I don't get the answer I want, can I whine about it like a four year old child until we get another poll?
  6. Hillsborough is a fantastic ground full of character. Of course it needs modding up a bit and preferably a new west stand designed for more flexible ticket allocation. That is all. With regard World Cup bids being situated next to hillsborough park for a fan Zone is perfect. With a new west would be one of best in premier league. Goodson Park or the London Stadium. Goodison all day long for me. Style over substance !
  7. Jack the Hat

    Sam Winnall

    Your writing a book? Fantastic. What's it about?
  8. Jack the Hat

    Premier League here we come

    Beat me too it. In MrTacoSWFC we trust...
  9. Yeah. He talked the players out of that game. That was the first time I realised he could be a bit of a tool. Made a point of making changes to the line up but brought most of them on after the break when we were losing. There was a morning game that day and one of those teams had played the same day as us so had less time to prepare than us because their kick off was earlier. Think it was Bolton or Blackburn - and they won despite being bottom of the league. Two days is plenty.
  10. Jack the Hat

    Shocking but happy

    We got 20 points from last 10 last season and despite a dodgy start and a tough run of games where we have dropped points we shouldn't we are sat in sixth. So why on earth aren't we a top 6 side?
  11. Jack the Hat

    The elephant in the room

    After Steve Bruce, makes you wonder if Villa have a thing for people with oversized heads who have managed United?
  12. Jack the Hat

    New song for Adam reach!!

    When Adam reach shoots, the net it will a rattle. He can score from anywhere , but it's a shame that he can't tackle.
  13. Jack the Hat

    Sack Jos, get Bruce in NOW......

    I didn't fall for it, I was coming on this thread anyway!
  14. Jack the Hat

    Matt Penney Contract

    Dear me, I must have read a different interview. He said he hasn't thought about it as he's concentrating on establishing himself in the first team but would love to sign a new contract with us. Jos say he will look at it in the international break. In the meantime DC and KM will be putting together an offer. I would be very surprised if we lose him.
  15. Jack the Hat

    Reach - Not a bad collection.

    That's why he such an enigma - in the same way he has a collection of great goals he also has a collection of awful performances. Stoke - performance and Leeds goal for me!