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  1. Jack the Hat

    Hirst Gone

    Nigel Pearson has always said that he would never ever be the Wednesday manager. Dam right he won't.
  2. Fair enough it's before my time but the point stands. We have a tradition in other kits not just stripes.
  3. There is literally no point to this as the last time they played in the blue kit with white arms they got to the cup final and played in the top flight and in Europe in the fairs cup. Unless your point is that you only consider the tradition of the club to be relevant whilst you have been alive. Still you'll get a few up votes for the photos . You proclaim you don't care about my view but then say ever one is entitled to one- be consistent. And I like stripes I just recognise that - outside of my life- we have had different kits.
  4. What some people don't seem to realise is that it's ok to mix it up a bit. As Tamworth says last years was a good quality. My eldest daughter loves it and my youngest want me to get her one before a stripes one comes out. We haven't always played in stripes and the current one has a tradition back in the 60s and is synonymous with us reaching the cup final in World Cup year. Even the rubbish Ipswich one will be remembered for the great season we had in it. Keep it blue but and mix it up a bit. Why do we have to go back to the 70s and 89s kits all the time.
  5. You lent me the ratchet spanner but I've lost it. Sorry.
  6. This with pink shorts For the away kit.What I don't get is when I was young everyone used to moan when teams changed their kits. Now we moan if they don't change all of them every year. Either people have got more money or much different priorities to me. If it's blue - it'll do. That's my thoughts!
  7. You worry too much. It's just a kit.
  8. You forget. You've caught me hook line and sinker before. Not this time. Good try though.
  9. People are the same and different throughout the world. When I went backpacking a few years back I got on great with people from all over the world. Would you believe the funniest guy I met was German . Yet I would happily give my next door neighbour a slap for repeatedly being a complete tool. As Ian Brown said it's not where you're from it where your at.
  10. Jack the Hat

    Carlos is missing us !

    All managers eventually leave for one reason or another . I think it's nice when they talk about us affectionately afterwards. Carlos even bigged us up when he was at Swansea. It was his dream job which went like a dream for 12 months. All the best for the future cc.
  11. Jack the Hat

    My guess for the new #SWFC Kit...

    Home - white shirt with big blue dots. Green shorts to save money on washing. Away - Peru style sash but in a rainbow, possibly with either a pot of gold or unicorn in there somewhere. Brown shorts to save on washing during the winter. Gonna look mint!
  12. I love Wednesday and I love England. The intensity of the celebration depends on the importance of the goal. Most goals in the World Cup are important, not all championship goal are. which did I celebrate most Kane's winner or wallaces cross that drifted into the Brighton net? Both. I lifted off 100% into planet football. Can't understand why people wouldn't love watching their country in the worlds biggest tournament which only pops around every four years, but it's their loss. I'm quite happy to bounce around the pub with a plastic World Cup on my head on a Monday night.
  13. You're not mixing him up with Greno Woods are you?
  14. So no then; you are just guessing. Kits are sold off cheap at the end of every season. Still if all else fails a bit of sarcasm is good for a few up votes on here!