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  1. Jack the Hat

    I just go

    Do you have far to travel Chris?
  2. Jack the Hat

    Happy 85th Birthday Albert Quixall

    Before my time but my dad had a few manuals which he was in. Read a story that he could run the full length of the pitch with the ball balanced on his head. As a kid that fascinated me. Have a great birthday Albert!
  3. Jack the Hat

    Joost Van Aken

    A joost boost! If he can hit some form along with some of the young guns at the back- with Westwood of course- who knows what could happen. We have an ok midfield and great strike force. A fit lee and Hooper hitting form at the back end of the season - could have s few eating their own words.
  4. Jack the Hat


    Money laundering.
  5. Jack the Hat

    Is it official

    Ha ha. Love it Farell. Downvoted you for more negative bull cr4p so you get me back! Well here I am again so do it again! Sure you can't resist it!
  6. Jack the Hat

    Is it official

    The squad is under an um bongo. I.e. they can only drink the tasty fruit based beverage made famous in the 1980's. They drink it in the Congo.
  7. Jack the Hat

    van Aken

    So how much did he cost then. I'd love to know. At the time we could have had Harley Dean from Brentford for 2 million, who seemed a more obvious choice.
  8. I was at that one. How could you not throw a snowball at Pat Jenning though? He was a keeper he should have been able to save them.
  9. Jack the Hat


    .......it's a corner. Oooh it's a corner!
  10. Jack the Hat

    Someones gunna get sued

    I don't see how people can be so short sighted as to think hillsborough cannot be selected and so blinkered about wrap around stadiums not to appreciate what we have. The south stand is good and the redevelopment paid respect to the original architect Archibald leach. The north stand is the only remaining football stadium mentioned in Pevseners buildings of England . The kop is bland but big , full of memories and serves a purpose . Only the west needs redeveloping. People are so blinkered about these new wrap around stadium it makes me laugh! Do you reckon the West Ham ground packs the kind of atmosphere that hillsborough did against Brighton? Also Hillsboro park is a massive plus as FIFA love fan zones.
  11. Super computer my arse. You could run a program like that off any decent laptop. The days of giant mainframes are long gone. What are we back in the 80's. The very idea that talkspork has this super computer in its office is brilliant. Does metal Mickey do the tea run at 10 and 3! Classic!
  12. Jack the Hat

    Championship Finish According To Odds

    Think we finished with 6 wins from nine which works out at two points a game which is automatic form. The only regulars to have left are venacio and hunt. Hunt can't defend or cross. And we have had a few return from injuries. What colour is the sky in your world? Black?
  13. Jack the Hat

    Where do you think we'll finish

    My head says 13th but my heart is screaming 12th.
  14. Jack the Hat


    It is about suporting a player, not throwing him under the bus. Di Canio pushed a referee who fell on the floor like a toddler. Cantona kung fu Ed a paying spectator. He was supported and became an old Trafford legend and we sold our record signing for less than half price.