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  1. True. I wonder if he got better over his period of time here or whether we exponentially got worse until he looked a better player. I won’t miss him but good luck. Funny how some players have their best form in the final year if their contract.
  2. I agree. We would be insane not to move our ground closer to the centre so away fans don’t have as far to walk when they get off the train.
  3. You say that but does anybody on here know what city they are from?
  4. I know they used to rave about his brother Ebenezer Goode.
  5. So united are now the sixth club. But then there’s rebels and the casbah! I could go on all night
  6. If your talking clubs then the fifth because everyone loves the Leadmill!
  7. Second favourite team from sheffield
  8. He would have played the best players available because he had the respect and man management skills not to fall out with them.
  9. This I don’t agree with at all. Hopefully Chansiris purse strings are now unlocked and we are still massive. Way, way too negative stuff like this.
  10. A new manager such as Pearson would be awesome, but it’s not gonna happen. We are just gonna have to hope Monk is better than we all think.
  11. Players will sign for us if we offer them enough money regardless of the points deduction .
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