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  1. Why would you ever sell your best players in front of average ones. Don’t believe for a second FF is on 40k thought only fletcher was on that. FF has unfinished business. When you talk about nuhius record, remove that 10 game spell at the end of last season and then get back to me. What about over their Hillsborough careers. Better still what about the two play off seasons when we actually did well. You’ve just managed to include that one spell he did ok!!! You are entitled to your opinion but you are living in cloud cuckoo land if you think we will get to the prem by keeping him and selling ff
  2. I’ve nothing against him but he isn’t top level championship material. If he stays he may score the odd important goal from the bench, but if he goes we won’t miss him either. Also I’m not sure he always gives 100%; he’s been here maybe 5 years and apart from the beginning and when he was playing for a contract he has been disappointing . To think that some on here would rather see forestieri go than him is incredulous! I don’t feel the negative comments about him are that bad , just understandable opinions.
  3. One of the few good signings. But let’s be fair it was a no brainier. As stoop pointed out it was on the back of his reputation as a player. Oh and let’s not forget his poor man management skills which were evident during his disasterous spell at QPR. But we chose to ignore it and throw away an opportunity when we were on the cusp of something big. I knew he was the wrong choice as did anyone who had taken note of what happened at qpr
  4. Look at the team he started with and look at the team he left behind after out spending teams like Arsenal . There’s your answer.
  5. I thought that most players are contracted to the end of this month so July is when the action starts as clubs knows who's staying and who's available - or are my non snowflake sense tingling?
  6. Are you suggesting a Diame bar?
  7. I like you optimism but I reckon we would have beaten united at least
  8. I remember it well. Issuing a writ for the trophy ! How embarrassing! He left us because Wilson couldn’t handle him and redknapp couldn’t believe his luck. He’s allowed to have a personality. The biggest tool here is whoever issued a ‘writ’ . Cringe!
  9. In league one. He was ok in the championship. But I’m old fashioned . Good strikers score goals. The ones who can’t always do that hold the ball up instead. Bang average.
  10. That’s not what I’m saying. In today’s market where silly prices have filtered into the championship 7million for the championships highest marksman seems reasonable against 6 million for a player who is not prolific. Nothing to do with Norwich, delia
  11. Perhaps lee peacock was a better example but I think burton was league one but was pulled through by tudgay who should really have played in the prem. stand by what I say about knight though average championship played at best.
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