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  1. Teaches people how to avoid tackling I believe.
  2. Like to see you say that to his face rather than from behind the safety of your key board. You don’t know what has happened so your character assassination is disrespectful.
  3. Are you serious. Players should be able to challenge their managers and their managers should be able to cope with this. Ferguson was challenged all the time by his player but he could handle them I saw an interview with Schmical who nearly got sacked. Nearly but didn’t. He also treat Cantona a little bit differently to other players to get the best out of him.. This just confirms that Monk cannot handle players and is weak. Westwood and Hutch are not only two of our better players in positions we have no adequate cover they are also the most influrntial as they offer the much needed leadership. If monk doesn’t want them around him then it’s him who should leave.
  4. How can 3 different people be sorely to blame? Plus Bruce’s name is missing because he is the only proper manager we have had in Chansiri reign.
  5. Whilst I agree changing managers is not the way forward, neither is sticking with the wrong choice. I believe Monk is the wrong choice. We are a big club and we need a big manager. A big manager would easily deal with Westwood and hutch whilst at the same time getting the best out of them. It’s no coincidence how our form increased when Bruce took over and played them. I don’t know what the answer is but it isn’t Monk. I don’t think the squad is as bad as people make out and with the contract situations there will naturally be a large turnover in the summer anyway. We need the right man for that and we can’t gamble on monk on what we have seen so far.
  6. Or we could get a manager who commands respect. Bruce had no problem with them. I don’t see a problem with players speaking their minds it shows they have passion. A strong manager can deal with this .
  7. The problems may go deeper than Monk but it is Monk we are discussing. We didn’t have poor displays under Bruce we did Well. It won’t take 6 months for a new manager to bed in if he is any good. These players you want to whittle out. Are they the ones telling him to continually make ridiculous substitutions ? Monk is uninspiring and his substitutions usually have a negative impact. In a league as bad as this we should be making the play offs we would have under Bruce. If we dint he should be gone in the summer.
  8. They are the same player who were doing ok for Bruce.
  9. They are all poo managers except Bruce who left and Chansiri who is the Chairman
  10. That’s 14 pal . Can’t see us getting away with it.
  11. Just read we are after spurs youngster Troy Parrott. Could just be paper squark! Didn’t know whether to repeat it.
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