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  1. It’s not about right or wrong it’s about discrimination. If you can’t see that I’m wasting my time trying.
  2. WOW!!!!!! what an offensive and discriminatory post. People are allowed to have their own opinions . And just because it is socially accepted that it is OK to deacriminate against certain easy target sectors of society doesn’t make it anything other than discrimination. you have gone down massively in my opinion for the last paragraph.
  3. Not at all it’s an opinion. You started your sentence with iF. I mean with what you know now- no ifs or buts - should heading be banned now!
  4. When I was younger I literally played every day except Friday . Now I play once a week. This heading thing was known back the hive is why Lineker didn’t used to head it . So I was more than happy to take the risk for the enjoyment I get out of it. The point is people can make their own informed decisions. Like boxers for example
  5. Yes ’no matter what’ needs valid research. But me YES I’m 100% happy to head a football fully aware of any potential risks. so back to you are you saying heading should be banned?
  6. So are you saying you think heading should be banned?
  7. Yes it is. You have nuanced the discussion in the direction that it is emotional blackmail to suggest it woul ruin the game. I disagree and counter with don’t change the rules on a whim to suit the minority with little to no evidence based on the weight of current footballs. Totally on topic although why you are nitpicking is not so clear.
  8. Totally disagree with both your comments. It’s a valid opinion not emotional blackmail. There are far more head injuries in Rugby which is why I prefer football. By your reckoning boxing and rugby should be banned completely. Whilst I acknowledge the sentiment I believe it a step too far. It’s becoming a non contact sport as it is and was clearly not intended to be. What evidence do we have on the impact of modern lighter football? Not much I wager. If you are concerned about the effects of heading a ball then either don’t head it or don’t play football.
  9. If heading is banned from football then surely boxing would have to be banned altogether. if you play a contact sport there are risks which you evaluate whether to take or not. I still play and I still head the ball. That’s my choice. There are plenty of other sports out there these day where you don’t have to head a ball.
  10. Gary Lineker famously used to avoid heading the ball unless he was gonna score. Perhaps if he’d headed it a bit more it would have knocked some sense into him.
  11. I dreamt we won 4-0 last night and I never dream about football. LUMP ON.
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