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  1. Just saw Mike Ashley in Hillsborough Park with the biggest 99 ice cream ever. He was just stood there staring at the South Stand until his ice cream melted on his hands. He had a right job licking around to stop it melting. Did it in the end though. I wonder if this is relevant.. Disclaimer. It might have been someone else.
  2. I was ther pal with my dad who’s a united fan!
  3. To be fair to Waddle he played for Bradford at one point so he knows what he’s talking about with empty stadiums.
  4. I have read the olive grove book and the Terry Curran Book and they are both worth a read in lockdown. I particularly liked the TC book but then that’s my era. Also not a book about Wednesday but I recently read a book from Amazon. It was a science fiction book called Clover Caste and Wednesday get a few mentions in it. It’s a good book and the Wednesday references came out of the blue, but another good lockdown read.
  5. Dunno about Ovo but bellroy emblem is a rip off of our owl. I once bought a wallet from them and all my mates thought it was a Wednesday wallet. I actually sent them an e mail for a laugh saying they had copied Wednesday and they sent one back saying they had never heard of us. Think they are based in Australia. Chansiri should get involved.
  6. His stars aligned the day he came up with that bad boy . Pure genius. I still draw it all the time when I’m bored. I don’t see why we can’t have two different ranges of sportswear. The new stuff with the new badge and a retro range with that badge. A bit like Adidas do with the new three stripe emblem and the old 3 leaf emblem. Let’s face it the retro stuff would fly off the shelves. Don’t hate the new stuff but next to the old stuff it’s bobbins.
  7. Imagine how many mire points we’d have if the second half was only 40 minutes long!
  8. Spurs problem being they only reached the champions league final last year they didn’t win it. A lull in form is different to what we are going through
  9. Me too. Jemson got lots of stick because he was an ex player. Think it was a tricky potential banana skin we eased through like we used to back then. Just reminds me of how Bobbins we are now.
  10. I was there. Remember the ground was tiny with low stands and the ball got kicked over a couple of times. Really enjoyed the game and the coach journey but that’s all i recall.
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