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  1. Exactly. We have a few culprits but Reach it the worst. For me two of our most key players are also two of our most devisive amongst the fanbase - Reach and Rhodes! Reach hasn't turned up much - hardly at all and Rhodes hasn't been played enough. Rhodes played most of both games against Cardiff and look what happened. Reach turned up last game with easily his best performance of the season. When Reach provides an outlet it takes pressure off Bannan, allowing him to perform. Also I never understand why people don't think Rhodes contributes much, he stopped at least 2 goals from being sc
  2. When was this taken, there's no queue at screwfix?
  3. So you're saying we would have won the European Cup?
  4. Essay? The reply is only slightly longer than your original post.
  5. Like I've got time to mess around like that. I was there at the time and we were outspending Arsenal, I have a fully functioning memory. Waddle was a bargain due to his age and Francis's connections helped, but was it inspired or pure obvious decision. Blackburn were the big spenders at the time and we were in the bunch below them. For example in 1992 they bought Shearer for 3.3million, which was a record and the following season we paid 2.75million for Andy Sinton. That put into context the money at his disposal, relative to the time and how wisely he spent it. There are more examples like th
  6. He spent millions at a time when we were out spending teams like Arsenal and we ended up with a worse team. The team he inherited actually won something whereas his never did. Have you used 'hatred' deliberately as an emotive word, because what most people express is disappointment not hatred, that we made such an elementary mistake taking a gamble on a manager who had failed in his only previous job.
  7. If Only: a- Big Ron had stayed b- We'd have replaced him with a proper manager. I think we would have won big in the early nineties - probably even the league. My heart still sinks thinking about what a missed opportunity it was.
  8. I was at the game. St James Park was a right dump back then. Team announced - who's Dean Barrick? - 3 minutes in and he'd scored. Then he got another. And that was never a penalty in a million years. Saw an interview with Hirst and he said that was his favourite goal. Top top player. Better than Shearer but career manager stopped him proving it. But if he had managed his career better he would have left us, so I'm not complaining.
  9. Come on it's time to spill the beans. How are you related to Garry Monk?
  10. I think he will get them this season for us as we stay up.
  11. And Jordan Rhodes is the all time Top Scorer in the Championship. His two against Barnsley took him to 115; David Nugent is on 121. He is now above some guy called Billy Sharp who plays for another club in Sheffield - I dunno who, must be the Leadmill. If he gets those seven goals, who knows what could happen!! Come on Jordan.
  12. Its not the starting lineup which is the problem its the team which finishes. Keep Rhodes and Windass on all game unless injured.
  13. Agreed, he is not ready now so it is pointless playing him for the last 10 games. He needs to leave to develop, which is is doing, so no point throwing him in the relegation battle as he is not oven ready.
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