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  1. So this bloke in the car park said. Hoots mon how do you do and who do you think you rrrrrrrr. https://youtu.be/miobysK59tI
  2. Absolute crape if you play well against a good team you can still get hammered. If you don’t turn up, anything will beat you and that is where we are. We are not turning up for games.
  3. Yes I know that’s the fuuuuccking problem.
  4. My point is people are not subjective when it comes to football, not everyday life.
  5. Tell you what guys. Thanks for proving my point.
  6. Either way they could see we were no op Question yours, because that still means they could see we were no opposition.
  7. For many years I have questioned the ability of football fans to judge reality. People who are highly intelligent people with bags of common sense, seem to lose it all when thinking about their football team. Recently we have beat Charlton, the worst team I can recall visiting Hillsborough in many years. Yet many fans couldn’t see that and thought it was the road to recovery. We only lost by one to City, some fans applauded, even though City were clueless by their standards. Why can’t fans judge their own teams performances by the level of the oppositions level of performance?
  8. ........ Would be better than this lot on one leg.
  9. Great point. In all the boolshit flying around this has been forgotten. Obviously more lies, surely he could have played with an injection by now.
  10. Listen, as hard as it is for you to accept, this is a poor league, the level of football played is poor. We were third because we turned up in games against poor teams. The results since are because players are not performing. Some players aren’t strong enough character wise, others just aren’t performing because the manager has fallen out with their mates, others just aren’t good enough. We are still playing poor opponents. Whatever category they fall into, they all need to firk off.
  11. Unfortunately we are fizzed even if we stay up. If we sack Monk, any new manager will give that shower of shiitte a clean slate, when we definitely need to get rid. If we keep Monk, we have manager so inept, he actually rates Da Cruz as a football player.
  12. Take nothing from being proved right. Got to say picking Da Cruz to start again proves Monk is an idiot, sack him tonight.
  13. Last few weekends we have Ciara,Dennis, Jorge. Mark my words tomorrow will be worse if you are an Owl. We have nothing to offer.
  14. It’s the day out from the day care centre is it.
  15. Young kids should study him. We are constantly told you have to mega fit to play football due to it being played any such a high pace. The Waddler beat players constantly with an almost dead ball at his feet. He did this with skill and ability. Modern defenders would have suffered the same way, fitness wouldn’t come into it.
  16. You mean looking massively second best against a team going through the motions
  17. The club would like to thank all the loyal fans who have paid stupid money to attend this game, during this difficult period, by selling you down the river. Thank you and good night.
  18. Got to admit football is really in danger of losing me. In what universe does that make sense. It’s no longer the game that actually had respect.
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