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  1. The other guy isn’t Rhodes agent by any chance, cos I would willingly fool that cont.
  2. What about the full back positions still lacking in my opinion. Need to wheel and deal. Offload to recruit. Need 2 strikers, woefully short of goals.
  3. It’s a good point actually, our fans can vote Fox player of the month when clearly at least 3 or 4players have been better. I admit his performances have improved, but it’s a vote based on sentiment and pity. Only when the fans only recognise quality will we move to the next level, the fans would demand it of the club.
  4. I wouldn’t mind us being top six, if the price you pay is attracting plastic fans.
  5. In all my years of supporting Wednesday, I have continually heard the phrase at least he try’s, when discussing our players. Number one, that is the minimum requirement I would expect from any player. Number two, I could drag any eleven lads out of the Park Hotel who would try their hearts out, probably wouldn’t win many games though. The only way to achieve is build a team that is talented enough and then committed to the cause.
  6. Adam is a butterfly. Watching him play football is like watching a butterfly pass through a meadow of flowers. If something catches his attention, he gives it his full attention and it’s beautiful to behold. But for most of the time he just drifts on the wind.
  7. I’m the biggest exponent of clear out time, have been for a couple of years, but our midfield this season cannot function without Bannan and Luongo at the same time. KL looks a shadow of his former self, SH will never be a creative force, and JP was and never will be good enough for English football. Simple truth is, we need to be better, personally as things stand for me Monk has to be given time to build his own team.
  8. Reading this post reminded me of the old Captain Pugwash myth. If this guy is Master Bates, who would other Wednesday players be.
  9. The people who made out England winning the Rugby World Cup was as significant as a Football World Cup win, back in the Johnny Wilkinson days, made me laugh then. No change in opinion from me, it means as much to me as a Rotheram result.
  10. When Jos dropped KW, the blind faith brigade justified it by arguing we had 2 outstanding young keepers and Jos was building for the future. The only thing wrong with that stance was, it was billocks. On reflection 2 years down the line, I’m not convinced that either Dawson or Wildsmith will ever make it at the highest level.
  11. From memory we gave Robert Maxwell a lot stick with our chants that day.
  12. Yes he is, just not a very good one.
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