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  1. Pale Rider

    Our fire sale

    Wonder when was the last time a journo from one of the nationals actually did some proper journalistic work regarding our club?
  2. Pale Rider

    What happend to Jerry?

    Yet another sorry injury tale. Are we cursed?
  3. Pale Rider

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    If last night proved anything it is we should keep Westwood. Wildsmith had four or five clangers every bit as bad in the space of four months. Would you trust him in a play off final. Whilst Dawson has promise don’t think I would like to think he was number one and Wildsmith number two for a full season.
  4. Pale Rider


    His first touch is horrendous if Derby offer 4 mill id snatch their hands off
  5. If Jos is creative with his signings then you probably won’t have heard of them.
  6. Pale Rider

    Clare rejected us??

    I’ll keep saying it until I’m wrong. Clare will sign. I have wrong many times before though.
  7. Pale Rider

    Clare rejected us??

    Before or after you had felt the full benefits of those norks?
  8. Pale Rider

    25 years ago tonight !

    At least the weather is a lot better today
  9. Didn’t have any inclination to reply to this post when I saw it yesterday as it was just a no poo Sherlock post. However in the light of Snoots post about the swap deal. I can confirm Butterfield left Hillsborough about 1 minute after he’d completed the lap of honour against Norwich. He was just ahead of me. Not really the actions of a player that felt part of the squad with a future ahead of him.
  10. Pale Rider

    Surely bloody not!

  11. Pale Rider

    Is it true?

    Let’s celebrate being better than an average championship team. Only when we can see past this level of local ambitions, will our club ever strive for better.
  12. Pale Rider

    Westwood Going

    Heard it from a friend who heard from a friend who heard from a friend you know fizz all
  13. Pale Rider

    Robert Snodgrass - Winning Mentality

    Fell over like girl with every gust of wind. If we had eleven of him I would stop attending football.