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  1. If the compo was the amount the contract stipulates, why the need to resign?
  2. We had a manager in place this time last year and I had no faith then so how much worse off are we now?
  3. Don’t worry I’m sure the club will be ultra efficient and keep us fully abreast of the situation.
  4. It’s not as black and white( pardon the pun) as most people on here seem to think it is.
  5. The clubs statement the other day raised some questions for me. If as reported Ashley eventually splashed the cash, what is DC after from a legal point of view. Is it tapping up a manager, because that never results in too much substantial. Is it the fact no compensation was given, is so great crack on. My fear is that DC being the stubborn guy he is, is just not accepting the Bruce resignation. The problem here is if this is the case, then we can’t appoint a new manager, because that would be a sign of acceptance. Don't rule this out we are SWFC.
  6. I do think there were more factors at play than it being Newcastle, and you make some good points. However I think if you look at the Bruce track record then looking after number one is a recurring theme.
  7. They last 2 years. How do you know he didn’t already have one.
  8. Just thinking what position is on this. We don’t recognise the resignation, therefore can reappoint? Not saying I know, just a concern same as I said.
  9. Just hoping that pursuing things legally doesn’t impact on our ability to appoint a new manager. Just a thought.
  10. Hopefully he doesn’t wear purple underwear.
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