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  1. They have a Big Dave who is better than Big Dave, well done Dave Jones.
  2. Got to try and stay positive, but not sure what he would bring. Also thought the same of him as a player.
  3. What is quality. What made Bobby Moore great wasn’t what made Pele great. It would be unfair to have put them in the same list and said choose. Perhaps the OP. needs parental guidance?
  4. My opinion is that Lee should move on. He isn’t really a first choice as manager (or coach if you like). I also don’t think he is an assistant. He is a member of a coaching team. The fact he loves the club should never promote him beyond that, harsh but true I’m afraid.
  5. Totally agree, but strange this post has been met with such approval when 90% of people on here said they wanted them to come.
  6. Would be a complete disaster for me makes about as much sense as JL. Are really that fizzed that this is even a consideration.
  7. I think he took the decision to give Bullen a chance. I just hope he thinks that the change has gone.
  8. Done this before a couple of times. But our club from fans upward have this attitude. All the stalwarts on here, the local press and the club skip along like children believing if we sing the same song we will dance into the sunset. The club needs new blood to take it by the scruff of the neck and ruthlessly take us into a new dawn.
  9. Why after the start to the season would anyone appoint Bullen? Beggars belief it’s still in people’s minds
  10. We haven’t actually been great all season. Barnsley was pretty bad. Luton poor.
  11. 65K a year and i'm in. I know more about football than Chansiri and love the club more than Bullen. MMMmmm or is that the other way round?
  12. If he earns he earns it. Could be another wasted season playing the old hope for the best ethos that haunts our club though IMO.
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