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  1. Always judge a team by performance not result. That is the true measure of your long term future.
  2. Simple question if it was your money, based on what you’ve seen over the full length of his contract would you re-sign him. I wouldn’t at any price. More consistent players could be found for considerably less money. Steve Bruce is payed to do exactly this.
  3. I’m a big SB fan, but the point shouldn’t be lost that during the cricket sabbatical, our form was also much better than under Jos. It’s scary the guy with the tash actually had supporters. He turned us into a laughing stock.
  4. The goal on Friday will have come in handy.
  5. At least Leeds lost for you lot though.
  6. Did you watch the full game? The comment refers to pressure in and around our box, not a random punt upfield and he is the last defender.
  7. Better game. Still needs to go, hasn’t given enough in his time with us.
  8. The back four all had good games, with no help from Dawson who seems to have his boots glued to the goal line.
  9. Ref allowed that to be taken 5 yards further back than the foul. They wouldn’t have scored from the proper spot. That won’t be mentioned. Having said that please leave my club Matias.
  10. Little bit the leg of Fletcher, a little bit the hand of Robert the Bruce.
  11. Dawson was never first choice. Wildsmith is clearly better. We just had an idiot in the building for 12 months we are still paying the price for. No Jos, no Dawson.
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