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  1. Actually it depends how far you want to take it, because the ref is actually just a victim of how far the rules are being pushed to non-contract sport. The Liverpool game on Sunday was unbelievable, no contact of any kind between VvD and DdG. Yet Evra an ex-player thought it a foul.
  2. Great news for me. He’s one of the real positives for me this season.
  3. Because the the PL have really got their house in order. I just love their interpretation of VAR.
  4. Never a red in a million years. That said we will lose any appeal, not obvious enough in real time, so they won’t embarrass the ref.
  5. Strange to get negged for just trying to open debate about a scenario that could actually prove to be very real. I really hope we all skip off into the sunset, but until we do, what’s the harm in facing our possible demons.
  6. Unbelievable last week Wednesday v weeds wasn’t even the main game on Calendar. Tonight we are on the opening headlines.
  7. Last week I asked if you thought our squad had enough quality to make a push for promotion if didn’t make any signings. I now ask, if the EFL take 15 points off us, taking into account what happened on Saturday, do you feel we have the right type of character for a relegation fight?
  8. This is because the division is devoid of any quality. Doesn’t really make our situation better, particularly if the EFL spank 15 points off our total.
  9. Remember Meggo taking new signings onto the kop?
  10. Yes they do, apathy from the fans will only breed apathy from the club.
  11. Actually your position is every bit as bad as the sack the Chairman, sack the manager brigade. The reality as always sits somewhere in between.
  12. Not just Monk. I can’t recall us doing it for donkeys years.
  13. Too simplistic a view. Ignoring wider issues that cover the whole squad.
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