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  1. SUFC LUFC CCFC not sure it will happen though.
  2. poo don’t tell another injury
  3. Hypothetically...

    Rhodes worth 8million where? Look boss the plane, the plane.
  4. He has managed a couple that are worse without an injury crisis.
  5. Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    I will never knock his effort and congratulations to him today, but if we had a fully fit squad he wouldn’t be playing. Also at least 95% of our fans wouldn’t want him to under those circumstances. Can that many people be wrong.
  6. Already had like most others on here I suspect.
  7. The Sheffield Wednesday Anthem

    Awe inspiring.
  8. Ohhhhhhh Sammy Sammy..........

    Get rid for me. Too injury prone.
  9. Mick McCarthy

    Watching Jos sit silent through the dross that was show on Saturday, my opinion was what would MM or Colin be doing in this situation. Sad if they are a better option but they are.
  10. Snodgrass Leadbitter Always hated both just pray we never sign either.
  11. Should that read there’s no defence with some of our signings.
  12. Not only are they not at the required level, several shouldn’t be playing at this level. You also have the added problem of very little character being in the team. There’s no leadership making easy for players to hide.
  13. We pay top dollar for a totally untried manager. Thought Chansiri was a businessman. In no form of business would you do this. It stinks of desperation.
  14. Curse you Sheffield FC

    Our new walk out tune. https://youtu.be/Wn9E5i7l-Eg