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  1. Only if results improve otherwise he’s toast.
  2. Pale Rider

    Sky live games

    I find us boring so neutrals must think we are the shitest.
  3. Pale Rider

    Bannan Injured

    If this true it is so remenisant of players becoming injured at this time last year its scary. Lost changing room was the cry then
  4. Pale Rider


    If Jos’s lack of emotion was his biggest problem I would be delighted
  5. People rate him as one of the worst players to play for England. For him to have been ignored would have been a travesty. I can remember him and Shez not giving Gazza and Paul Stewart a kick in a game here at Hillsborough, when both were rivals in England’s midfield. Happy birthday big man.
  6. Pale Rider

    Jordan Rhodes

    They wont want him he starts less for them than he did for us.
  7. Pale Rider

    Mr December

    Thought this was gonna be about DC, because it’s his favourite month for sacking Managers.
  8. flipping hell if that’s reality give me fantasy any day. These guys footballing CV’s read like the Beano.
  9. Pale Rider


  10. Pale Rider


    Let’s put it this way if we don’t beat the bumpkins from down the road, I would hope the torches and pitchforks will be out .
  11. Pale Rider

    Bannan & Forestieri Overrated?

    You could use the old footballing cliche that Jos has lost the changing room. Unfortunately the truth is he never found it.
  12. Pale Rider

    If Jos goes... who's in?

    If all the above is true then it only put Jos in worst light in my book.
  13. Pale Rider

    Tom Lees

    Imagine a situation in your workplace. Where you have achieved the best results your company has achieved for years. Suddenly a new boss comes in and sacks a number of your close colleagues, and replaces them with people you judge not to be as good as your sacked friends. Would this endear you new bosses philosophy to you or motivate you to make it work. I know football is not the as other businesses, but the players are still human.