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  1. In Carlos excuse land all teams play the same and games are decided on refereeing decisions. We all know these things average out. The reason we can’t comment on whether this happens to Wolves or Burton or Millwall or QPR, is we don’t follow them. What is certain is you aren’t hearing it at Wolves but you are at the others. Wonder why.
  2. What is Sheffield Wednesday?

    An institution than relies greatly on its wonderful fan base. That the storyline changes through the perpetual change of characters. However the sum will always be greater than the parts.
  3. If the game tomorrow goes the way of current form, we could be on verge of a new dawn come Saturday. What do you want to happen to get out of this Tiswas? Thinking you ideal management set up?
  4. The blame game

    Refs make bad decisions , clubs get injuries. The whole point of the game is to be better than the opponents. Please stop listening it’s all nonsense. Daft as it sounds the only way he can turn this around is if he stops listening to his own publicity and addresses the real issues. We know he won’t.
  5. When were you truly happy

    What a day. Beer for breakfast in the Royal on Penistone Road. Only 14 at the time. Coppers outside didn’t seem bothered pub was open at 9.00 am. TC tore them apart second half. Would kill for that now.
  6. Chris Waddle 57 today!!

    Happy birthday. One word sums you up.LEGEND
  7. Relegation Form - Last 25 Games

    I do find it surprising that many dismiss the possibility, stating the squad is too good. The argument makes no sense as it is this squad that continues to under perform and actually continues to deteriorate as a team.
  8. When were you truly happy

    Sad as it is mine is August 1990 to May 1993. I was walking on air. My point was. As bobbar as it is now, when have you had it better. In the case of some younger fans maybe never.
  9. When were you truly happy

    Good shout for the Wednesday boys not sure I felt the same about the game
  10. Don’t even know why I’m replying to this. Yes why not I’ve watched bobbar before.
  11. When were you truly happy

    Been a fan a long time. You miss the point. Some of us have seen some lows, meant to stir bebate.
  12. Nearly all the current posts underline some form of unhappiness with the club. Manager Squad Kit Ticket prices Marketing Chairman Doyen boys. Just wondered if anybody can pinpoint a time they felt all was well in our world.
  13. Carlos for me. I also voted for Donald Trump Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson. Hold on surely that makes me a blade.
  14. “Owls have two choices”

    Lost count of the amount of posts stating get rid of Carlos and we have the squad to get promotion. I don’t agree, but with a manager in place that commands respect Fessi could be recovered. We never had issues with Carbone or Di Canio when Big Ron was at the helm. I actually think Fessi deserves more respect than the previously mentioned two particularly Mr West Ham.
  15. Howard Wilkinson had built a squad that although not the best, could compete in the top division, playing to their strengths. Eustace was there all the time and had witnessed this, yet we played horrendous when he took over, those 3 months I think we’re the darkest days of all. I have disliked many others but Pete was the worst.