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  1. The Referee

    Don't bite fellas. That's the oxygen he craves.
  2. Young George

    Just trying to be positive. I'm confident it's wrapped up.
  3. Young George

    Mirocevic usually gets it right.
  4. Scintillate Wednesday scintillate.
  5. Today’s team

    No complaints with that.
  6. Zero evidence in this case and makes no sense. Zero evidence.
  7. Makes no sense in this case for Carlos to lie as indicting himself. But mainly zero evidence.
  8. We are gonna win

    It's a definite maybe.
  9. Exactly... lying. Zero evidence of it either. Zero.
  10. Polite spin for lying. It might suit a conspiracy theory but there is zero evidence of him lying quite apart from making no sense.
  11. He made mistakes. Imagining that he was consistently lying to the media in a way that indicted himself when in fact he wasnt responsible makes zero sense. Fantasy really. No reason at all to think Carlos was consistently lying.
  12. It would be truly bizarre for Carlos to consistently 'lie' to the media if he was having players foisted on him that didn't fit the way he wanted to play. Seems far more logical to believe that Carlos was telling the truth when insisting that he had the final say in selecting recruitment options.
  13. If you could only win one game

    Villa us the more important game so head says that. Heart says Swansea though.
  14. Nonesense comment regarding Nuhiu. GH may well go on to far better things but on the evidence we've seen so far and given Nuhiu's resurgence under Jos it would be absolute folly given our current situation putting George ahead of Atdhe at the moment.