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  1. There's still time for Rhodes to contribute. Winnall more than likely will go for multi times more than we paid. Perhaps George just priced himself way out of the club budget for players with potential. We still don't know what he can achieve. He might go on to great things he might flop like many youngsters do. Good luck to him but we have other promising youngsters who now know that the club aren't a soft touch.
  2. We got a player on our hands!

    Not the finished article but a good player who will get better (IMO). Already increased his value significantly (again IMO) in these crazy times from what some feel was an originally overpriced buying price. One of our genuinely saleable assets.
  3. Possibly a team who think they've got the players and system to provide the service for a proven goal scorer.
  4. Goal of the Season Competition

    Nuhiu v Preston. Strength, skill, great finish
  5. The 1990's Forestieri

    There is something in this.
  6. The 1990's Forestieri

    The only reason I'd go for Carbone was that he did it in the Premier league.

    Agree about Nuhiu and Joao but I'll vote for Reach;... just. Not because he's played all the games but for his season long consistency that has only just started to falter lately..... possibly needs a break.
  8. Under 23s Title Defence

    Agree it makes sense and has in fact already started. Borukov, Lonchar and West playing the other day.
  9. Doubt Nuhiu will be going anywhere. Certainly hope not. Been a revelation under Jos; scoring goals too. One of our best players now .

    Nuhiu the man who really had a vital impact. His goals and performances against Leeds, Sunderland and Preston when things were a bit twitchy were instrumental in taking the pressure off and lifting us out of danger. I'd go for Reach because of his all round season contribution but Atdhe definitely the next in line for me. I'd expect the top three order to be: Reach Nuhiu Bannan
  11. #OnThisDay in 1966

    I'll never forget McCalliog 'felt terrible' comment........ just after scoring, doing a skip and dance and forward roll to celebrate?