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  1. Xxxxxxxxcxcc


    Indeed it's not and yes they would.
  2. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    Back from Lincoln

    The mess he left us in was certainly nothing to laugh at.
  3. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    Team for 18/19

    I expect us to exceed your expectations.
  4. I don't think he's disputing the veracity of the accounting in respect of the loans, more that there needs to be sufficient capital to repay them. Promotion would take care of it. Sale of players of sufficient value is another way. Third option is selling the club but if DC for example paid £40m for the club in the first place then he'd need a buyer to pay £77m just for him to break even. This is where spiralling loans however accounted for is challenging..
  5. No. They did us proud this tournament.
  6. No negs required but Hooper and Nuhiu better IMO.
  7. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    Remember when

    Spot on.
  8. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    Remember when

    IMO he is most definitely good enough to be an England player. Impossible to say how he'd have developed if he'd stayed at United but IMO you could see that he was an excellent young player even back then.
  9. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    Who next...?

    Any of the very high earning fringe players. Abdi, Boyd, Fletcher. It's the wages that are the crucial factor. Winnall, when he proves his fitness, would be one too who we could rake in a decent fee for but that's most likely one for January.
  10. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    Remember when

    Still a youngster when he left them but he was a very good player even then IMO, but yes of course he's progressed further as he's matured.
  11. Xxxxxxxxcxcc

    U23s at Hallam tonight

    ..... and Borukov is a year younger. Be very interesting to see his progress this season.
  12. Certainly a significant chunk dependant on performance triggers was indicated.
  13. If we get £3m including wages saved we'll have done well.
  14. We have enough to start the season IMO but we lack strength in depth at wing and centre back so I expect us to wait until PL clubs start loaning players out.