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  1. The only question mark is that he doesn’t score against the best teams in the division.
  2. Badger57

    Squirrel on the pitch

    Do you think the squirrel thought it was the kp stadium
  3. Badger57

    Kid-friendly songs

    I tell my daughter to sing they’re all cheeky monkeys at the Lane .
  4. Let’s hope we don’t need a goal from the bench.
  5. Can someone tell me why nuhiu feels that he doesn’t need to practice shooting. Instead he just passes the ball 10 yards back and forwards to vernancio
  6. Badger57

    Team for Tuesday night

    Wildsmith Lees Loovens Pudil boyd Jones Reach Clare Pelepessy Joao Hirst
  7. I bet most of the 20,000 were season ticket holders
  8. Badger57

    Craziest line up ever

    Everyone moaned when he didn't pick his strongest team in the cup. When he saves his players for two big games ( villa & Swansea) guess what everyone moans
  9. Luhukay had a dream to build a football team we had no players so we had play some youth we play from the back with joao in attack we’re Sheffield Wednesday we’re on our way back just to let Carlos know we’ve moved on