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  1. Let's just hope that Monk gets us in the habit of winning.
  2. Tonight's could be right up there with that line up
  3. We've got compitition now, so whoever plays best gets in. Simple as that.
  4. I got ripped for thinking he wasn't as good as other Wednesday fans did. Two solid defenders like what Brighton had is better than hit and miss defenders like Hector.
  5. I don't get this Hector obsession, you'll never go up with him in your team he makes too many mistakes. He's like a mix of virgil van dyke and wes brown.
  6. I think Paul Cook deserves a chance at a big club, his teams play attacking attractive football as well.
  7. I think you can spy from behind the fence
  8. He's like a pub player and that's being harsh to pub players.
  9. A forest fan I know said he was choosing to go to the sheff. Utd v forest game instead of the owls v forest because of how much hassle it is to get to Hillsborough. So there is a case of it putting people of going.
  10. I know we miss him when he doesn't play but his rashness is not suitable in the modern game. Defensive midfielders win the ball intercepting not going to ground.
  11. If I went on the intercity owl coach would they drop me off at junction 29 on the way back. Or would they make me go back to Sheffield.
  12. Last time bullen was in charge he picked fox every time.
  13. What about the contender tune before the players come out of the tunnel
  14. I posted about this ages ago, how can you have a striker not practicing shooting pre game. It's a absolute joke that this is allowed to happen
  15. I think you might be right with four at the back , three at the back isn’t working for me . Tom lees isn’t good enough on the ball to play right sided centre back. Only problem is pudil, I think his legs have gone to play left back. I’d go with Dawson Baker lees Hutchinson thorniley bannan joey reach joao fletcher fessi
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