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  1. Really pleased to have the stripes back. Always buy a shirt but didn’t buy last seasons. It wasn’t that we had no stripes but that it was on sale half way through the flipping season. I’ll be getting one (hopefully) tomorrow, though I did wake up early this morning and got ready to go down to S6 before our lass pointed out what day it is
  2. Paul1867


    Very happy with both the result and how we played. Given the amount and quality of players out shows character. I can stomach losing. I can’t stomach losing when we don’t even try. Tonight it seemed JL really for the player up for it and I’m sure from what he has seen there’s been s glimpses of both positive and negative for him to consider and work on. Was great to see the players wear their hearts on their sleeves and inject some passion into the match
  3. Good luck Jos! I hope we can settle down and give this guy a little time. Would be hard for any manager coming into the league with no experience of it to hit the ground running, let alone when we are in such a bad place at the moment. Im personally happy to give this guy the benefit of doubt and give him a chance. And for me that means not expecting too much this season- though if we hit some good form that’s fantastic. I think we need get behind him and give him a chance. It it feels like now we have a manager we can start moving forwards not backwards.
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    I finally cracked....

    Jesus Christ, when did you register? I registered about 6 months ago- kept checking but was constantly pending. I deleted it, remade it and that worked. Only took another 2 months from then. When I first tried to register I had a bit more optimism in wanting to post. I’ve kept checking skybet Odds since Carlos departed, now it’s showing “event started” and not showing any managers or odds. Wonder it’s its confirmed yet
  5. Paul1867

    Butterfield & Jones

    Butterfield and Jones pairing too negative. Our slow build up play hasn’t worked all season, we allow teams too much time to organise their defence. This style of play combined with general poor crossing/passing in the final third plus our lacklustre finishing has make us a laughing stock. If we are to stick with the dismal midfield we need a pacey striker or strikers who can create some room and stretch a defence. If we are playing with a a striker with little pace, like Rhodes, we need some pace in midfield to drive on and to create some room for a player like Rhodes.
  6. Paul1867

    McClaren for DoF ?

    Could McClaren just be acting as a consultant to Chansiri on potential next manager?