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  1. Give the lad a rest. Nothing wrong with rotating. It may also remind him that he is not indispensable in this team and needs to perform at a high standard every game.
  2. "Booooo" "Why are you booing him" "Coz hes sh!!t" "Well that'll help" Foxy is not Ashley Cole, but he cost peanuts, hes improved a lot since the early days. He is decent cover, so get behind the bugg3r and lets get him exceeding our expectations. Words fail me. All clubs have these fans but in recent years the percentage of ours seems to have risen. Sod off all of you.
  3. No - no squad number he isn't deemed good enough lets be honest.
  4. We only liked him because he was the only player pacey. He wouldn't be the only pacey outlet now and I think we would soon find, he isn't that good at all. He's very very average so would rather stay away at this moment in time and try and look elsewhere, especially as he hasn't got a great fitness record.
  5. Not fussed on Aarons. He's alright, bit meh. Doesn't strike me as a player good enough for a promotion seeking side. May be wrong. Might be right. Rather not bother. Not the end of the world if we do. Sign Murphy instead.
  6. Great stubble - stick him in as Mr August on this seasons calendar.
  7. If we intend to play 433 every game this season... we need CM cover as an immediate priority. We cannot afford to be naïve enough to assume Hutchinson and Lee will play 35 games each this year. Anything can happen and having a lack of strength in depth for CM could cost us come May 2020 if we do intend to push on.
  8. Great player, below average application. I don't believe you need great players to get out this league, you need the right players in the right positions who apply themselves every game to a high standard. Hate to say it but like the pigs last year. Get shut for a good sum and move on.
  9. Reading that made me think bloominheck... have I got some blue and white tinted specs on? Do outsiders see things that I am missing? Then I remembered that its a load of codswollop and we still are going up I could not call the bottom 3 this year, but I don't see us in it.
  10. Hoping second half they make a few changes and we can move to a 442. Be an interesting one today that is for sure..
  11. I get packing out a midfield with Lee, BB and Hutch... however I really want to see Rhodes and Fletch up top together more often. Joao often frustrates me out wide.
  12. Apologies if the pope is dead.. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/owls-v-espanyol-live-on-youtube/
  13. If he came in a month or so earlier who knows what might have happened with the rest of our season... and now he is potentially going to stuff us for this season (slightly dramatic but this could really have an impact on our season). All I have had all week is "he's a big Newcastle fan, it's his dream job"... he can't be that sentimental about them or he wouldn't have touched Sunderland. Really hope he stays but I think even if he does, a % will be negative towards him or quicker to turn on him if we hit some poor form. What a shame, what could have been.
  14. Give it a couple of years I think this is quite likely. No problem with me.
  15. Im slightly worried that our squad isn't strong enough to be the foundations of next years premier league outfit.
  16. For me this has the right attributes, a nice build up, loud in your face riff and good lyrics. Too Tough to Die - Revered
  17. In fairness, most of our fans said they would judge him on a clean slate from the start of this season. He also finished the campaign last season on a great run in the last 10 games which cannot be forgotten. Lets see what he can do with this squad. Wigan were always going to be a real tough game away on the first game of the season. I just hope the players are going to stay motivated through defeat with all the off pitch issues.
  18. As long as the situation is handled professionally and KW is treated with the respect he deserves throughout a re-introduction to the team or through a transfer out of club. He has put in some outstanding performances for us since he joined and has earned a right to be treated in this way. It is not looking good however and I don't want to see him go, but the sign of the times shows that we will have to hope our two rough diamonds polish to be able to fill the big void he leaves us with.
  19. They will all be on small wages and have less expectation of playing which makes the squad size less important when they account for a reasonable proportion.
  20. On a positive, Jos is right that effectively 7 youth players does refresh the squad and gives us new options and youthful, feisty competition. Not expecting much this season but hopefully a few of the new first teamers can develop and show why many managers have been successful combining youth with experience.
  21. 1. Middlesborough 2. Leeds 3. Stoke 4. Derby 5. WBA 6. Forest 7. Norwich 8. Reading 9. Sheffield United 10. Swansea 11. Wigan 12. Aston Villa 13. Bristol City 14. Millwall 15. Sheffield Wednesday 16. Preston North End 17. Brentford 18. Hull City 19. Ipswich Town 20. Blackburn Rovers 21. QPR 22. Birmingham City 23. Rotherham 24. Bolton
  22. Hutchinson Lees Pudil - no question. However if the boss wanted to play Hutchinson in midfield, Jud Thorniley would be in there on the left of Lees for me over Van Aken, think he is going to be pretty solid and this could be a great year of development for him.
  23. We had two nearly great seasons in terms of points and league position, watching some great players but unfortunately fell narrowly short. With football league financial rules, we will now have to be content with mid table average performances. That doesn't exclude the fact that recruitment has been below par, football style from September 2017 - now has been unentertaining and that the fans are now being exploited for more income. Nobody is expected to have the best recruitment all the time, teams are not expected to consistently churn out brilliant football and no-one expects these premium prices to be in place in 5 years time as they are precautions to help soften the impact of the previous two years. I would like to see how they forecasted the price elasticity of Wednesday fans because I am still adamant that a drop in prices and engaging marketing would turnover more revenue (who am I to say that however). It really is just a bit of a 'come down' from two play off push's, but I for one am glad we went for it those years and I thoroughly understand the strains we are now put under because of them. Give it a couple of years I expect us to generate and go again.
  24. He’s not as good as he thinks he is and hopefully him and Hirst have taught the club a lesson so that when future big b0llox excel in the development squad (there will be some) and don’t want to play for us, we know how to flog them for a profit.
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