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  1. Give the lad a rest. Nothing wrong with rotating. It may also remind him that he is not indispensable in this team and needs to perform at a high standard every game.
  2. "Booooo" "Why are you booing him" "Coz hes sh!!t" "Well that'll help" Foxy is not Ashley Cole, but he cost peanuts, hes improved a lot since the early days. He is decent cover, so get behind the bugg3r and lets get him exceeding our expectations. Words fail me. All clubs have these fans but in recent years the percentage of ours seems to have risen. Sod off all of you.
  3. No - no squad number he isn't deemed good enough lets be honest.
  4. We only liked him because he was the only player pacey. He wouldn't be the only pacey outlet now and I think we would soon find, he isn't that good at all. He's very very average so would rather stay away at this moment in time and try and look elsewhere, especially as he hasn't got a great fitness record.
  5. Not fussed on Aarons. He's alright, bit meh. Doesn't strike me as a player good enough for a promotion seeking side. May be wrong. Might be right. Rather not bother. Not the end of the world if we do. Sign Murphy instead.
  6. Great stubble - stick him in as Mr August on this seasons calendar.
  7. If we intend to play 433 every game this season... we need CM cover as an immediate priority. We cannot afford to be naïve enough to assume Hutchinson and Lee will play 35 games each this year. Anything can happen and having a lack of strength in depth for CM could cost us come May 2020 if we do intend to push on.
  8. Great player, below average application. I don't believe you need great players to get out this league, you need the right players in the right positions who apply themselves every game to a high standard. Hate to say it but like the pigs last year. Get shut for a good sum and move on.
  9. Reading that made me think bloominheck... have I got some blue and white tinted specs on? Do outsiders see things that I am missing? Then I remembered that its a load of codswollop and we still are going up I could not call the bottom 3 this year, but I don't see us in it.
  10. Hoping second half they make a few changes and we can move to a 442. Be an interesting one today that is for sure..
  11. I get packing out a midfield with Lee, BB and Hutch... however I really want to see Rhodes and Fletch up top together more often. Joao often frustrates me out wide.
  12. Apologies if the pope is dead.. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/july/owls-v-espanyol-live-on-youtube/
  13. If he came in a month or so earlier who knows what might have happened with the rest of our season... and now he is potentially going to stuff us for this season (slightly dramatic but this could really have an impact on our season). All I have had all week is "he's a big Newcastle fan, it's his dream job"... he can't be that sentimental about them or he wouldn't have touched Sunderland. Really hope he stays but I think even if he does, a % will be negative towards him or quicker to turn on him if we hit some poor form. What a shame, what could have been.
  14. Give it a couple of years I think this is quite likely. No problem with me.
  15. Im slightly worried that our squad isn't strong enough to be the foundations of next years premier league outfit.
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