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  1. CadTheOwl

    Player Look Alikes

  2. CadTheOwl

    Sean Clare

    He’s not as good as he thinks he is and hopefully him and Hirst have taught the club a lesson so that when future big b0llox excel in the development squad (there will be some) and don’t want to play for us, we know how to flog them for a profit.
  3. CadTheOwl

    New Kit video

    Reach, Adthe, Joao, Dawson and Wilsmith were all good performers last season, arguably the best 5 in our squad. Joey is the only signing Jos has made and plus looks like a dressing room favourite as he was in Holland (rather handsome chap too ), so they probably deserve to model the kit. Why would they pick all the injured crop to model it when these lads tried their best week in week out for us last season?! Some owls over think way too much.
  4. CadTheOwl

    Matias wants to stay..

    Of course he wants to stay, he's picking up a pay cheque to train for 3/4 months a year. Such a shame he has not been able to keep fit and show us the talent he may have.
  5. CadTheOwl

    Starting XI

    This - and if Joost can't get to grips with playing in the championship, swap Pudil in. Thorniley or Venancio (if signed) for Hutchinson when he inevitably gets injured. Pelupessy for Lee (or a new signing) when he gets injured.
  6. If we can chop a striker in to fund the majority of the value required (highly unlikely), then great - get him bought. However, nobody can tell me that he is a better finisher than Winnall, Hooper, Rhodes, Nuhiu, Fletcher, FF and Joao. Within the last 10 games of the season, we were creating more chances and taking more. Weren't we the highest or second highest goal scorers in the league on the last 10 games? If we are prepared to fork out £7m this transfer window, spend it on support for the strikers we have already got. No brainer, the lads we have got can do it - they just need more consistent performers behind them and internal competition which is already there when fully fit.
  7. Matty Lawless‏Verified account @mattylawless More Matty Lawless Retweeted Mirror Football "The very impressive @ReeceBurke attracting a lot of attention. Sheffield Wednesday in pole position with a loan but Rangers, Leeds, Aston Villa and Reading are interested in a permanent deal. He’s a great prospect and, importantly, a homegrown lad - I hope he stays at West Ham." Hopefully they value him for a future prospect and want to keep him which would therefore favour us for next season. Would be an astute signing and sounds a good fit to the strategy set out from Jos and Chansiri.
  8. CadTheOwl

    New Kit

    Well they should have known due to the farsical handling of this seasons kit that that would be the case and to maximise profit for the future, they should do their best to market the new kit that they’ve told us is imminent *insinuated was imminent
  9. Can we flog him now for £6m like Bolton got for the kitchen appliance?
  10. CadTheOwl

    Jack Marriott

    Well called Sir.
  11. CadTheOwl

    Jack Marriott

    Be great if he recreates his form for us if we signed him, but can you imagine the uproar if he didn't produce. If Nuhiu moves on and we ship out Winnall for a fee plus loan out Rhodes, i'd be happy enough.
  12. Jos has said a few times we will be playing many systems next season, which I am behind as I believe it gives us flexibility when facing certain teams. I can imagine Reach will fit in certain formations better than others. My argument to those who think his best position is CM is that if this is the case, there are so many better CM's in the Championship.
  13. CadTheOwl

    Daily star today

    Yep. Partly due to his credit, partly due to the lack of quality English CB's at present.
  14. CadTheOwl

    Daily star today

    Tom Lees will never be half the centre back that Harry Maguire is. I think Lees is a good CB but for me he has been inconsistent at times and still needs someone half decent next to him to have a good game.
  15. CadTheOwl

    #SWFC - new Injury Update

    *signs out*