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  1. Not sure if this is an unpopular opinion but I wouldn’t offer Harris a deal either. The only way I’d offer him a deal is if I could flip him in the transfer market and I don’t think the value he’d bring would be worth the risk.
  2. I cannot stand Chansiri and want him out my football club but I also feel the players should take some blame for relegation.
  3. Not got the game on... did Izzy Brown get an assist?
  4. Paul Casey, Cameron Smith my outside picks. Hoping for Westwood.
  5. Great point and unfortunately that reflects what society has become in recent years.
  6. Monday Tuesday off, clubs cleaned, rounds booked, weather looks glorious. I cannot wait... I could not care less what I shoot!
  7. World class player in my opinion and a player that possesses a lot of traits I’d love to see in a captain at Wednesday. However, I don’t know if we could make much of a worse appointment as a manager. Can’t imagine we have the squad that would react well with his style and we certainly don’t have the chairman. Paul Cook please ASAP.
  8. Can you imagine if we could attend games and we were charging near £40 as well?
  9. This snippet of him is in my opinion a reflection on the spine and attitude of the entire squad. With each game that goes by I don’t think we can get any worse, but then we do. Some may say this is dramatic, but what on earth is happening to my club. I’ve said this since Jos and since I saw we was selling a pint for £4.20 on North or two halves for £4.
  10. Judging by the split opinion on two keepers for the first spot, and the fact that Westwood is a no from Monk, the goalkeeper position has got to be a top priority for the summer. We need a clear number 1 to own that position and we don't have that person at the moment (yes you could say Westwood but unfortunately we have to forget about him).
  11. A very tight cagey game that could go either way. Prediction: 4-0 defeat
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