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  1. Daily star today

    Yep. Partly due to his credit, partly due to the lack of quality English CB's at present.
  2. Daily star today

    Tom Lees will never be half the centre back that Harry Maguire is. I think Lees is a good CB but for me he has been inconsistent at times and still needs someone half decent next to him to have a good game.
  3. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    *signs out*
  4. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    At the start of the season, there would probably be 22 teams in this division dreaming for that pairing IMO. There won't be now of course! Would be happy enough to see that front pairing for the rest of the season, the problem is we haven't got a young striker thats ready to sit on the bench to cover.
  5. We all would have liked this to have worked out, but on the plus side we should profit from his sale. Get rid which will help the FFP cause, then forget about him.
  6. #SWFC - new Injury Update

    Unfortunately, we will have to make do with Jordan Rhodes and Fernando Forestieri upfront. Fortunately, even though we have an injury crisis, we can still play Jordan Rhodes and Fernando Forestieri upfront. Look at the positives, there is a great chance for JR - to play with FF and give us a performance. Great strength in depth upfront. UTO.
  7. In that case, whats Gary Roberts doing these days? With Rhodes we would be embarking on HMS PTL part 9102!
  8. As long as our strikers perform next year, I couldn't care less. If he wants a salary which a premier league club has to subsidise through a loan move after no first team action then I would rather not have him unfortunately.
  9. hirst to united

    Not read the 12 pages, but this signing would have Nick Powell written all over it. He would get better coaching in their development squad, have loan moves to other clubs like SWFC and possibly be behind by a couple of years in development by the time they sell him to a football league club. However, he will earn more money and have it on his CV that he has been employed by Manchester United which are the unfortunate pulling points from our POV. Hope he realises this, but i'm sure if MUFC are interested in signing him, him and his Dad will make sure he is there 15 minutes early to sign on the dotted line.
  10. I am looking forward to next season purely because I'm looking forward to seeing the back of this one. Blue tinted specs off, we wont have the injury crisis we have had this season, I am not getting my hopes up for anything special though.
  11. Joey Barton

    We have an issue with an ageing squad on high salary contracts. Signing Joey Barton would increase the squads average age and also increase our average player salaries. Too old, been out too long, won't be good enough. (3-5 years ago i'd have had him though).
  12. Lineup vs QPR

    Think it may be wishful thinking unfortunately!
  13. Lineup vs QPR

    Subs: Dawson, Boyd, Palmer, Thorniley, Butterfield, Matias, Rhodes.
  14. Ahhhhh.... the old, "if my Auntie had sweaty go'nads she'd be my Uncle" statement.
  15. Nuhiu

    Hope you're well, Jermaine!