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  1. That is not how things work, we approach Barnsley they say “no way”, Stendel ‘obviously‘ looking for an opportunity to move to a club with PL ambitions gets the hump says he wants the move, Barnsley dig their heals in and demand £5M in compo for disrupting their preseason, we say not a chance, Stendel resigns. Sound familiar? Alternatively if Barnsley refuse and we say ok no problem they still have a very unhappy manager and potentially a very toxic fan base.
  2. Seems strange this board is in melt down because Bruce has resigned to get his move to Newcastle but then we are going to steal another clubs manager 3 weeks before the start of the season and that’s perfectly fine, surely it would make Strendel no better than Bruce. To hold the moral high ground our next manager should be unemployed.
  3. Another clean sheet, pinch one on the break. About the best we can hope for at the minute
  4. Another clean sheet. Pinch one on the break. About the best we can hope for at the minute
  5. We’ve got this.. prediction 0-1 with a breakaway goal. Defence looks solid, they haven’t created anything. What a difference since the charlatan left. Get ready for the meanest defence in the division.
  6. I’m cautiously optimistic.. this is football and even tho the doom mongers are out and about predicting landslide defeats I think coming into the match as underdogs will help us. We will need to frustrate them and hopefully score on a break, sit deep and defend a bit like Bolton. The team in the OP is still made up of very expensively assembled and highly paid players that should be able to put a shift in, In cost, salaries and status we still massively out gun them player for player even with our injuries. JL just needs to instil confidence that we can defend as a team, personally the all out attach wanted by so many fans will have to wait, if we give them room behind our defence they will really hurt us.
  7. I find this interesting, this seems to be a common view regarding honest pros, youth etc and I believe this will be the message put across on Thursday, but it is the exact opposite of the common view when he arrived, we’ve got loads of money, sign big name players and lots of them. But What if all the fans that attend Thursday demand more of the same but bigger as it hasn’t worked so far get more big name players, bigger names, more money spent..sod ffp, sod the gate money put it up so what, we want to be like Man City. Will he say “oh ok I’ve still got loads of money let’s spend it” or is it predetermined and nothing to do with fans at all?
  8. I sincerely hope that results for our new manager take a turn for the better and we don’t get dragged in to a relegation fight, with everything that has gone on this season, now this offer and the strange CEO appointment the last thing we need is for JL to fail and results to continue to slide. This season could still get extremely ugly and with DC’s tone in the press conference yesterday I think he is up for a fight, unfortunately it looks like he wants to fight the fans and the press. worrying times.
  9. Never heard of the fella but that means nowt, let’s hope he can turn this current shower into something that resembles a football team. ive been very critical of the chairman this season I really hope this week is the turning point and these 2 massive appointments can revive his relationship and image amongst some of the supporters. I hopeful that this time next week that their will be a new hero in town.
  10. Paul hurst, tashe man. This is Wednesday, I believe Ancelotti is available
  11. If we are close to or in breach of ffp then that means a loss of £39m+ over the last 3 seasons. With next season being in the championship or god forbid worse that’s potentially another £13m+ loss, £52m+ of losses sustained by the end of next season (because let’s face it we aren’t going to be in the premier league) since DC has owned us. Is that debt loaded onto the club or is it being gifted to the club by the chairman? How long can this continue? Initially I loved the idea of a rich benefactor but these losses are very scary and with no big pay day on the horizon I’m seriously worried about the future, this is much more concerning than any of the current ‘situations’ the club finds itself in.
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