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  1. Pratius Maximus

    Fans at games abusing their own players

    Tend to agree but no harm in trying!
  2. Pratius Maximus

    Fans at games abusing their own players

    It does happen everywhere, but I think it is particularly bad at Hillsborough. I guarantee that if it’s nil nil on Tuesday night against Derby and Reach/Venancio/Jones misplaces a pass inside the first 15 mins 100 blokes behind me in the North Stand will give them dogs abuse. And then we wonder why players aren’t busting a gut to get back from injury and play for us! It’s mindless. These ‘supporters’ are making it harder for their own team to be successful. I know i’ll get they are grown men, they get paid £xxxK a week, but they aren’t robots and a big problem for us is that we don’t have the characters in the team - possibly other than Wallace to take it on the chin. We lack leaders, at the moment we lack quality and crucially we have played a part in draining the remaining players of confidence. Abuse hasn’t worked! On Tuesday use that energy and frustration to back the team!
  3. Pratius Maximus

    The most disheartening thing

    I’m hoping that is the end of the Carlos chapter. Now we have a new man in charge we can ALL wipe the slate clean and start again under the new manager, with a new opportunity. That means the players play to impress the new man and implement what he wants and we as fans get behind him and the club! Friday is a MASSIVE opportunity to make a statement and put right a lot of wrongs very quickly and get everyone pulling together and believing again! Come on Wednesday!
  4. Pratius Maximus

    Got a feeling...

    Bizarre OP this guy has put more money into Sheffield Wednesday than any other individual in our history! Are people queuing up to do the same? I hope he stays and recoups it all in the premier league in season 19/20.
  5. Pratius Maximus

    Hurry up Fernando

    No way another club will pay what DC would demand in Jan for a player on a long contract, who is recovering from a serious op.
  6. Why don’t you use your voices and energy to get behind the lads from 3 till 4.45 on Saturday? If you want to make your feelings known at the end then fair enough, but it works against what our players are trying to do during the 90 minutes. West Ham played a lot better last night when the crowd stopped slating the team and started roaring them on.