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  1. We have better players in all his positions now. He shouldnt be playing cm when we have luongo and lee ready
  2. He didnt have much help first half, harris and bannan gave him no help on that side
  3. Fernando and rhodes ? are you high?
  4. He got the chance to manage the team he supports in the premier league. Everyone seems shocked he is rumoured to leave a team in championship who cant spend money for the team he supports.
  5. Bookies wouldnt drop the odds to 1/4 without knowing something
  6. yeah asif he gunna manage under ashley in this state
  7. Sending you an invoice for the mobile data ive just wasted to read this
  8. Reyt not arsed - He ruined himself by not playing for a year because he wanted more cash.
  9. You can pay a smackhead a tenner for a piggyback to hillsborough?
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