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  1. Just stay away from heroin and you won't end up supporting them
  2. Stop trying to get in on the sheffield derby. Proper scrambled beg on toast
  3. Club captain? We havent had one since loovens went
  4. How can you blame a keeper when we have the defensive capabilites of kitchen roll?
  5. The difference is that once they scored a goal they didnt turn into a gaseous state like we do or more like just take the form of casper the friendly ghost and let them score for shits and gigs
  6. I just bought a bonsai tree as wednesday just cause me to much stress.
  7. I do this thing with a toaster and a knife after watching wednesday. Can't seem to get it right though
  8. I feel that the main reason I buy my season ticket is to try and cover chansiri and his amazing signings of david jones and van aken that we are still paying the price for. I actually feel like I'm donating to the club in need.
  9. That is nonsense because luongo before today has been our best player and stats show we perform better when he plays but as for bannan i dont know how many more times i can watch him take corners and free kicks
  10. I try so hard to stay behind the team but can any of us honestly say... that when we was 1 nil up that you believed we would win? It is so predictable.
  11. Feel bad for harris and murphy who have to do everything all game to give us a chance for it just to be thrown away
  12. Just think of all the things that money could have bought
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