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  1. People forget that it was Lee and lopez in the middle and bannan drifting left. I remember thinking around that time the the bannan lee and hutch never seemed to click fully.
  2. I agree when they attacked the midfield didn't exist. I think murphy created majority of the chances not lee and bannan
  3. it is not harsh at all it true people just stick up for him time after time but he does nothing - He is half of the player of adthe or fletch. All don't claim he had a good performance in a match because he challenge for a header
  4. So frustrating "He needs a run of games" but when he plays he actually offers nothing at all. It is really like having 10 men.
  5. Just putting it out there doesn't mean it's not stupid! I put it out there a few years back and got indecent exposure
  6. but why? he has been our best CB for last how many games
  7. I agree I think nuhiu does need to be involved more. We have something that alot of times don't a huge striker who can turn, flick or bully his way out of trouble.
  8. I think Nuhiu needs to start alot more he is always a problem and the flicks and turns always get an attack going. As for nando I think he shouldn't even be labelled to a position just let him drift around and cause havoc
  9. I was suprise when it was him coming off instead of fletcher
  10. He overlaps about 8 times match what are you on about? Fox is up and down all match with fading where as palmer goes up and takes a slow stroll back and then not pushing again for another 20 mins.
  11. Shouldn't be a problem , Kadeem Harris can walk on water
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