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  1. Don't think it got as far as the EFL - they werent at the meeting
  2. Don't think any points deductions applied now would count until next season. Think theres a deadline (not sure what it is)
  3. Could we offer to send them back for a refund? FFP sorted
  4. Don't really understand the constant attack on the EFL as a result of them applying UEFA rules
  5. Yes - has anybody heard from DJ Mortimer at all?
  6. I think the other clubs know that which is why they're meeting to prepare a case to put to the EFL
  7. The meeting of all Championship clubs is set for the City Ground today to discuss the financial conduct of Wednesday Villa and Derby. Seems that its not just Gibson that is angry about our conduct - many other clubs are too - and they are demanding an EFL investgation. Also increased transparency over P&S rules and how clubs are conducting themselves. Be interesting to see how this one plays out. I wonder, in the absence of Katrien, who will be attending to represent us and state the argument for our defence
  8. I'd have fined him a weeks wages on Saturday just for spending the majority of the 2nd half bent over with his hands on his knees knackered. Lazy. Get rid
  9. He'll be getting a £350k pay off before you know it
  10. And what would you do when the player and his agents said "No thank you - we have a contract here and we will continue to make ourselves available for games when we arent injured? What then? ^^ Thank God for the above 2 posts. What a totally outrageous post from China Owl. I wonder how many other players would want to join our club if we acted like China Owl is suggesting we do?
  11. Got to love Owlstalk - when you've got some guy claiming hes spoken to Abdi a few times and hes never mentioned his mental health issues to him so hes defo not got any Which is nearly as funny as some idiot never having spoken to him and reckoning hes been out of the side due to mental health issues and nowt to do with injury.
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