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  1. It was Club 1867 that got extended And every ticket deadline in 3 years
  2. Was gonna do 5 years - but couldnt get through and couldn't buy online. Renewed for a year It didnt apply the Club 1867 discount.
  3. *punches air* YES jeezus - we don't half like to do things the hard way.... Theres a season tickets option on a PC - nowt on mobile or tablet.
  4. On my phone, click Menu and this is the options The only obvious choice there is Tickets and Travel. Only 2 options for purchase are these Would love to know how you buy a season ticket from there
  5. Season Ticket renewals can't be done on mobile phones or tablets
  6. Got more points in the Championship since Jos was sacked Jos an absolute cheeky monkey of the highest order . As was every idiot on here blaming everybody but him The squad was past it's sell by date Hutch and Westwood need to go Playing the youngsters is the best thing that's happened to the club Dawson the future, and Westwood 3rd choice Idiots. If we'd run Jos out of town earlier we'd be sat in the play offs now The credit for our current position goes to every fan who attended that fans forum at Hillsborough and shouted down the Chairman and bullied him into sacking the manager and reinstating Hutch and Westwood into the side. The transformation is incredible. Onwards
  7. Leaving Hillsborough at 530 - but defo going M62 all the way there and back
  8. Good job Jos isnt still here, he'd have crapped himself at that and we'd be playing 6-4-0
  9. If I was a player Id refuse to play.
  10. If I hid everybody thats stalked me and negged my posts I think I'd only see yours And Trev selling his pictures
  11. I honestly can't remember Ive only ever hidden one irritating c***s posts in my entire time on here
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