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  1. Not really sure why anybody would argue against being respectful
  2. Hirst1867

    Alan Nixon

    I think hes wrong
  3. Any 11 that doesnt include Pelepussy
  4. Hirst1867

    Shortlist of 5

    A late contender for Post of the Year
  5. Yeah I couldnt go back 50 years (clue there for you Nev) and get the stats just for league for the other managers Can you stop replying now as I have to keep clicking Unhide post
  6. You're the only person Ive ever hidden - just got a bit tiresome months and months ago - can't even remember exactly why I just think it was down to sheer number of disagreeing with every single thing I really didnt want to be right about Jos. Theres even a large part of me now that wishes he'd go on a winning streak, save his job and move us up and out of danger. That side of me surfaces more and more after a lot of drinks.
  7. Luckily I chose to unhide your post and saw this. Which has allowed me to produce v3 2 more losses and he slots in between Dooley and Yorath. And hopefully there will be another comparison with Dooley to follow that
  8. I'm gonna let you work that one out for yourself...
  9. Hirst1867

    Who Is to Blame?

    If I had a £ for every time my Dad had done the same about Eric Taylor you and me could have bought the club and marched us into th e Champions League YEARS ago
  10. Hirst1867

    Who Is to Blame?

    Wednesdayite (Gi Shares Back)
  11. Hirst1867

    Who Is to Blame?

    Can't believe there isnt an 'Other' option Surely we can pin this on Dave Richards as well?
  12. Hirst1867

    If I was SWFC manager.

    If I was Wednesday manager I'd play my best team, every week. Thats it.
  13. Wow - this puts Jos in our top 10 managers of the last 50 years now
  14. You're absolutely right. Ive just looked at the spreadsheet I was sent earlier- the data source is the Wikipedia page on our manager history. I'll have a go at re-working the data - but I suspect it might look a lot better for Jos when I do!
  15. ...in the last 50 years But needs to avoid defeat on Saturday to avoid slipping behind Yorath & Turner