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  1. Hillsborough Mole

    Another formation thread - back to basics

    I really struggled with his inclusion For a while I wrestled with Ozzie instead
  2. Hillsborough Mole

    Send In The Boys

    In all seriousness - we should really use Entrance music to wrong foot the opposition - lets start with a brilliant song intro for about 20 seconds and then switch it to YMCA by the Village People
  3. Hillsborough Mole

    Another formation thread - back to basics

    I cant think of a better system to our available players right now
  4. Hillsborough Mole

    Another formation thread - back to basics

    I cant remember ever saying that Or that I hate Palmer Or Pudil saying hes not good enough to be a LB anymore (would love a link to that one) But yeah. None of the formations would work well with the crap we have available. Which was kind of the whole point
  5. Hillsborough Mole

    George Boyd

    He was Burnleys player of the season in 2015
  6. Id go back to 4-4-2. Westwood - we have to play our best team. He gives the defence confidence. RB - Palmer - remove the necessity for him to attack so much - meaning he isnt left jogging back after hes lost the ball. CB - Lees - quite simply our best centre half CB - Thorniley - don't trust van Aken - time for Thorniley to step up and make the role his own LB - Pudil - not a centre back - and another who doesnt need to be attacking all the time RW - Matias? Pace CM - Bannan - makes it tick CM - Hutch - ballwinner LW - Reach ST - FF ST - any of the other 7 Really wish I'd not done this exercise as it just makes you realise what a dearth of talent we have for a club £50m overdrawn. I'm off for a lie-down. And possibly a cry. We really are f*****d
  7. Hillsborough Mole

    How to run a Football club ?

    Thought the OP said "How to ruin a football club"
  8. Hillsborough Mole

    George Boyd

    Id play him as a RWB With Reach as LWB
  9. Hillsborough Mole

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    Can we NOT save our anger for the Chairman. Save it for our fans who are to blame for everything
  10. Hillsborough Mole

    How to run a Football club ?

    I love flippant responses like this Lets be honest. Could anybody on here have done worse right now? (excluding PG Metcalfe obvs)
  11. Hillsborough Mole

    Another pathetic manager

    Charlton got through a fair few managers while she was at Charlton I'd be amazed if Jos makes the end of September
  12. Hillsborough Mole

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    If we ever do hit the Premier League the I'm Alright Jack's who currently tell you prices are only high into we get there - will justify the new prices by saying 'He's got to keep us up there'
  13. Hillsborough Mole

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    I remember a game v Doncaster - 80 Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind guests of the Smile tickets, partially sighted and blind fans forming a guard of honour as the teams walked out, them and the players wearing Wednesdayite 'Smile Ticket' T-Shirts, all sat together in the North Stand, half time entertainment with blind and partially sighted fans taking penalties against a team of fans wearing simulator headsets to replicate blindness, and I remember just how much they appreciated it, and the collaboration of Wednesdayite and the club. Fantastic PR for all as well. Quantify "Oh dear"
  14. Hillsborough Mole

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    In the same was as it always was
  15. Hillsborough Mole

    Todays attendance at #SWFC

    The tickets are still available Its just nobody wants them now