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  1. When did he sack all the physios? And replace them with physios who weren't qualified to enter the field of play - and so we had to have separate matchday physios too?
  2. Apparently the money the fans pay "doesnt cover anything" - so you (nor I) will be missed
  3. This is a great list. But it also misses out great signings for the club like Forestieri, Bannan, wallace. If youre going to produce a comprehensive list it has to be fair
  4. Ive not read others thoughts first so this may mirror them I think Chansiri fell out of love with Wednesday on the day of the Norwich home game in November 2018. The home defeat of 4-0. After that defeat some fans had a go at him outside the ground. Thats when the massaging of his ego largely stoppped and he disappeared to Thailand - not returning until a few days before the Fans Forum a few days before Christmas - still insisting he would keep Jos. The Fans Forum was a stormy one - despite him getting a standing ovation for insisting that anybody who thought United had better players didnt understand football. The appointment of Bruce probably gave him renewed impetus and he will certainly have enjoyed the return of the feel-good factor that Bruces appointment saw return. Followed by the massive disappointment when he walked. I feel sorry for Chansiri. If I was a betting man - I'd hazard a guess he probably thought that £200m was easily enough to get us in the Premiership. And it should have done - in the right hands. It very nearly did. But I wouldnt be surprised But since those days the mismanagement has been horrendous - and hes clearly been taken for a ride by some of the people that he uses for advice. I feel sorry for him.
  5. I'm planning next season already Going to spend my season ticket money on a holiday
  6. I'd like to hear your own rationale as to why you believe we have money and arent allowed to spend it? The lack of spending on our stadium and academy would seem to contradict that - given we can invest unlimited sums in both without affecting FFP I'm all ears too
  7. To be fair it will be an article in tomorrow's paper
  8. The Daily Mail say it's next season Avoiding relegation party underway here
  9. I do If lies are being told let's get them out in the open
  10. Interesting More lies about Milan? Did you have a big downer on him because he wouldn't fund the cricket club? (genuine question)
  11. Does their Ts and Cs allow for points deductions??
  12. The decision will come after 10pm on Wednesday evening When all bets are off for the betting companies More corruption from the EFL
  13. Its 249 days today since the EFL Charged was raised
  14. Appreciate your considered response to this @nevthelodgemoorowl Presumably you're still worried that he was a front man for the Triads?
  15. Ahhhhhh Even so - MM was clearly not 'losing money hand over fist' as has been claimed. The losses were sustainable when set against the value of the club
  16. Keep at it mate. You'll get it evntually
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