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  1. Doms a top guy. It's hilarious he's run with this
  2. Not sure Hadn't considered that we might have bought him off
  3. Great news. You may remember SWFC taking legal action over the registration of the WAWAW trademark by Sheffield resident Paul Jennings. Well - a detailed search of the trademarks website shows quite clearly that this trademark was passed into the ownership of the club back in April. Well done for pursuing this SWFC
  4. I understood we were to see £7m a year coming into the club annually until its paid off
  5. well obviously its less than that if you count the stadium sale
  6. I think I must have missed the point - it did seem a strange question
  7. If I owned the house lock stock and barrel? Absolutely
  8. I'd be amazed if he jumped ship because a few critics on Owlstalk were moaning about the lack of progress I'd much more expect him to jump ship because he is haemorrhaging £4m a month
  9. Relative to life - yes But this is a football forum to discuss our football club Tell us what isnt crap? Tell us what is better? what exactly have we achieved with £150m?
  10. The pub is by far the best part. But for me it never used to be.
  11. I disagree The team have to drive that Give us something to get behind.
  12. Its exactly that. Dejected. Or soulless as someone else has pointed out I sit in the pub before the game and I can feel my shoulders sinking the closer it gets to 3pm
  13. yes thats a much better choice of word Ironic that modern stadiums are often described as soulless on Owlstalk
  14. Every clever businessman in the world makes money using somebody elses money
  15. Sadly, if my own feelings are mirrored - Covid-19 has seen me re-address a number of priorities - many of them lifelong - and as things stand I won't be renewing my season ticket. I'll still be going where I can, (and as someone who invested in Club 1867 I still have enough priority points to make sure its possible) but for quite some time now Ive found the atmosphere and effort to attend Hillsborough poisonous - and so I'll be looking to follow us away from home. I still enjoy those games FAR more than I do at home. I just don't enjoy Hillsborough like I did
  16. He can do what he wants. He owns the club lock stock and barrel we were at much less of a risk with Milan. While there were losses, the team were advancing (sloth-like) up the league table - and that increased our saleability. So with the total investment of the Chairman/owner of £20m - he knew he could recover that and still make a profit on sale. Right now - you have to look at the club value and say that given the investment - Mr Chansiri would be looking at a loss of £100m plus on his investment That makes our position FAr more dangerous than it was under Milan.
  17. ^^ This is my worry Even the most passionate gambler will get to the point where he cuts his losses. At the beginning all of the evidence was there that this was a huge vanity project - and he clearly revelled in the adoration of our supporter base - and who can blame him? He was literally burning money for all of us - something we had all longed for. some of us were raising notes of caution - but the trips to Wembley and Play Off semis, the exciting football, and the dream signings (culminating in Jordan Rhodes) tempered those notes of caution. we literally had to wait and see. It very nearly came off. But some of us were making noises about FFP (and the hiogh ticket prices and the lack of a cohesive plan to bring in additional money) long before the crap hit the fan - and facing the abuse of our fellow supporters for it. Some still refuse to hear any criticism of him - but as those numbers dwindle, the vanity project becomes more of a nightmare for him. At some point - if the situation isnt reversed you have to assume that eventually he will tire of the project - and the funding will stop. At that point - he has two options. He finds a buyer that will give him a small return on his losses. But if those losses are mounting monthly - at the rate of £3m a month in the last accounts - then you have to hope he doesnt pull the plug completely. And we go the way of Bury. And thats been my worry all along. The Covid thing has been a huge test of his will - and so far hes passed with flying colours. Lets hope that continues.
  18. And now are further back than we were when he joined
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