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  1. Definitely closed Went down 2 weeks ago to buy my nephew a full kit for his birthday Never thought to check
  2. I'll be amazed if the undisclosed fee isn't the regulation compensation for an Academy player switching clubs Hes literally never played a league game. For anybody
  3. Not when its a Related Party Transaction Pretty sure it was £2m. Certainly not £13m
  4. I thought it was their appeal Think the decision will be final and binding
  5. Wigans hearing on Friday... Please let them off, please let them off and send Barnsley down
  6. Just checking. City release around 35 players from their PL2 U23 squad every summer. Dele Bashiru's brother Tom was one released on a Free last summer.
  7. Its also feasible that while there is no fee - they are taking some of our academy players off us too...
  8. Dean Ramsdale, who used to run our Academy left to go to Man City. I know he was a big pal of Neil Thompson - and if they'd decided he wasn't going to make it there they'll have had a word with us to look at him Think we signed 2 or 3 of their Academy prospects a few years ago.
  9. Can feel the weight of expectation already Hope this lad isnt going to be ruined by that. Hes not played any football in the leagues yet has he? (Might be wrong on this)
  10. I can definitely see him swapping a £42m parachute payment with a squad full of experienced Premiership players - for a transfer budget of £350k and a squad full of nobodies
  11. Whatever happens to us I hope Wigan win their appeal And send Barnsley down
  12. Remember a pre-season friendly at Harrogate a few years ago. Nice little setup
  13. Stop buying squad players Look at the 5 weakest positions in our squad, then look at every Championship player under 25 over the last 3 years Pick the most consistently good performers - and move heaven and earth to sign them Look to improve our league position next season, then do the same next summer And the summer after Pick a manager who has won promotion from this division at least once and back him Reduce prices to get a 30k average to push us on
  14. The one great thing about our Elev8 kits is they are absolutely unique Not identikit Adidas with a badge sewn on I like that
  15. I still don't think there's a snowballs chance in hell of that happening But it is feasible, especially if he can do so while remaining owner of the stadium and restructuring the debt to mean he has to pay no more for Hillsborough Indemnifies him a little It's certainly what I'd be doing in his position
  16. I'm talking about the personal cash injections he's making on a regular basis If they can be demonstrated as payments against the purchase it would make sense
  17. Kit meeting at SWFC: DC: "So, were thinking of going with grey for the new away kit" Staff: "Really?? You may not know this but Man Utd had to drop their grey kit because the players couldn't be picked out by other players on the pitch" DC: "Ahhh. But we're making ours slightly different. We're going with grey camouflage" Staff: "😳" DC: "And we're going to call the marketing campaign "STAND OUT"
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