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  1. Very much so mate Every single post that was complained about by the club in their court papers was humorous Someone was even sued for saying Kaven and Ashley would probably end up signing a hooker on their scouting trip in Europe - a clear play on words relating to rugby and their lack of knowledge on football matters 😂
  2. I always find it's best to take it on the chin when the moderators are saving you from yourself Most of my legal costs were paid by the club, because they didn't have a case. But for half a dozen statements argued by the club's lawyers my bill was £85,000. The club's bill was £110k. Defamation is very expensive and if you have a house you're in danger of losing it.
  3. Our biggest asset is our stadium 🙄 Sorry. WAS our stadium
  4. Neil Can you make me a UsualSuspect™ badge please 😂
  5. I bought 2. One for my son. So that's 460 points a season.
  6. I have more than enough points with my last 2 years ticket purchases and my Club 1867 gives me a season tickets worth of points every year
  7. Seems we do Since my Dad died 3 years ago, my son stopped going to watch local football instead, and my daughter announcing this season she's had enough of the crap and it's just not worth the money - I've been watching us alone. Even back in my teens I preferred away games. Looking forward to those next season I'll have to hand in my TrueFan ™ badge
  8. Untwist your knickers In the original post I separated the 2. Refund everybody now who has requested a refund for the games missed. Not in 60 days And refund anybody who was forced to buy a ridiculously early Early Bird that didn't know next season would be a complete write off Whether he's a billionaire or not (he isn't) - he has consistently told fans he has unlimited funds but the EFL won't allow him to spend them. Despite evidence (lack of investment in Academy or Infrastructure) suggesting otherwise Thankfully I didn't buy a season ticket for next year. I'd already decided I want no more of Hillsboro while he's here. Not going to fund his vanity project any more. Away games only for me. Apologies to Lanzarote Owl. I'd been on the strong stuff and my anger at the club's reputation being dragged through the mud by our arrogant Chairman, as predicted for the last few years, got the better of me.
  9. "We nearly got promoted" "We've signed a young player from Man City" WE DIDN'T GET PROMOTED AND ARE NOW LOWER THAN WE WERE 5 YEARS AGO WE'VE SIGNED A PLAYER ABOUT TO BE RELEASED WHO'S NEVER PLAYED A LEAGUE GAME FFS. How ******** thick are people?
  10. Safe to say from 1000 miles away with a handful of games in the last 5 years under this ******** idiot
  11. Chansiri is worse than Dave Allen At least Dave Allen took us up the league's while he was dividing our club. He never lost the ******** ground I can't believe they're are STILL people supporting this clown
  12. I'd take that Not going again while this incompetent arrogant idiot is here I'll stick to away games.
  13. We have a billionaire 'running the club' (phrase used reservedly) and fans who have requested refunds from last season now have to wait up to 60 days from the end of July to see a refund from the games we couldn't see. Our Chairman should refund all of them NOW. And he should refund everybody who doesn't want to see the crap hand he's dealt us for next season And then he should do us all a favour and leave Absolutely appalled tonight.
  14. Name address and card details That's all you need
  15. We should get @darklord to redesign it When he's finished doing Amazon's
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