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  1. ^^ I got that far and stopped reading - assuming the rest of what you posted was similar ballcocks. Not read your subsequent posts either. Under Mandaric we invested in the Academy and it achieved Category Two status in 2013. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2013/july/owls-achieve-category-two/
  2. Saw this on another post and it sums it up perfectly. Can't remember who posted it but it's the best summary I've seen P&S is a 3 year rolling process and our 12 point deduction is due to ground sale not being allowed in year end July 2018, so lost over £35m that year + £20.7m and £9.7m in previous 2 years. Allowance is £39m over rolling 3 years. There is no reset, it’s a rolling 3 years, so it’s now £20.7m, £35.4m and year end 2019 less the ground sale profit of £38m. Basically, if we’ve lost more than £20.8m to July 2019, we breach again and are liable for another points deduction. July 2019 accounts are due to be published anytime now ...... EDIT: It was @IanSwfc1867... Great post Ian. Thank you
  3. So you now agree that the money/some of the money hes put into the club could be shown to be payment for the stadium - hence he could demonstrate he doesnt owe anything on the stadium if potential administrators went after him?
  4. If you're not in the shop trying to buy new grandchildren we could probably come up with a really long list Lachmann. Sougou. Emanuelson. Drenthe...
  5. According to an article with the Chirman - Paixao was only ever responsible for Lees, Bannan Forestieri and Iorfa Which begs the question - WHO THE **** RECOMMENDED PELUPESSY??
  6. Which is a fair point But what is stopping us wishing Paxaio a fond farewell - especially when we employ a footballing head of recruitment?
  7. Leeds finished 12 points clear of 3rd And 23 points clear of 6th If we go for it there's no reason we can't aim for the play offs IF we build the right team for it Sadly, re-signing Pelupessy doesn't suggest that's what we are aiming for
  8. Found the quote It makes no mention of 'If the people wanted' Is it you that's misquoting him?
  9. I was in the Directors Box at Brentford when Jos was manager. Chansiri's Dad was definitely at that game
  10. Isn't that what I suggested a couple of weeks ago that you disagreed with?
  11. Maybe he sold his individual shares in TUF to his family to fund this project? I'd imagine that would have been worth a fair chunk?
  12. When was he misquoted? This is all well and good But why are they claiming to speak for all the fans? 😡
  13. That would liven up things completely differently 20k shouting 'Chansiri Out' in a really high squeaky voice really would get the attention
  14. 😂 You do realise I wasn't even a member of Wednesdayite when they did that. Right??
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