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  1. We had even more at the weekend - and he didnt make the squad
  2. You mus thave missed the bit about imagining Gillingham would have been keen to extend that loan period.
  3. Apparently Exciting news, more youth coming through into the first team.
  4. Looking at this logically - I don't for one minute believe we will be freezing him out. He was brought back from a loan spell with Gillingham having played 20plus games and really impressing - just a few league places below us. You'd imagine Gillingham would have been keen to extend that loan period - why would we bring him back here, put him back on the payroll, only to force him to sit on the sidelines? That doesnt make any sense whatsoever. If Luhukay had a look at him and didnt fancy him there was still plenty of time to let him go back to Gillingham. Think this rum
  5. Can you post that link so we can all log on to buy those chocolate balls on Wednesday morning please I'm predicting a first goal for Sean Clare
  6. Personally I'm reassured by the ITK'ers on here who reckon Clare and Murphy are playing tomorrow night. Thats brilliant news. It can only be a matter of time that these youngsters are pinned down to 10 year contracts tying them to the club for the duration of their careers. Well done the Chairman - thats another one in the eye for the naysayers.
  7. I blame Lee Srafford personally (Are we still allowed to mention him or do we have to pretend hes never posted on here now?)
  8. Can I just say that I think its absolutely disgraceful that the OP didn't search through Owlstalk for a similar topic before starting his own. Owlstalk doesnt need posters like that. He should be banned for life
  9. You seriously think Hirst was frozen out for not bowing?
  10. If I was DC I'd be getting straight on the phone right now to JL and saying "get this lad on the bench tomorrow night"
  11. The message is "Sign any deal to stay with us you barstards" - and fully supported by 90% of Owlstalk posters Maybe the contract thing happened after that
  12. We'd get more compo for them if (in the Clare example) he'd been allowed to continue at Gillingham and played more games. Rather than bringing him own, putting him over a barrel and saying sign this, and if you don't you can rot
  13. We have a Desso pitch with undersoil heating in our stadium. Thats a Desso, super hard wearing pitch designed to stand up to the rigours of winter. 7 days x a couple of hours - would 14 hours of extra football really damage it so much? I can't believe what I'm hearing. Unbelievable
  14. Clare played regularly at right back for Gillingham - given his attacking prowess maybe hes the better option for us at right wing back Guess we wont know now if he's been dropped from all teams
  15. That would be an excellent point. If he hadn't played 2 more games there directly after
  16. Reach could have played wingback yesterday if he'd played Fox at centre half instead of Jones. Fox has done well this season when filling in at centre half. Jones could have played midfield.
  17. Palmer had a decent game yesterday. Were you there?
  18. Ive seen a bit of argy bargy on the Kop - but nothing like Ive seen away. (Didnt see yesterdays alleged incident btw)
  19. Couldnt agree more - its crazy. Where have you been hiding if youve not seen it? (Some of it has even made local press)
  20. I really really hope we offer Butterfield a contract and he turns it down
  21. Ive seen fights amongst our own fans at nearly every away game this season. WAWAW is the biggest joke of the lot these days.
  22. Its one of the few things that makes games bearable
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