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  1. Would never give up my season ticket I need the priority points to attend the away games
  2. Hang on The Realist = Lichfield Alien?? Well that answers lots of questions Is Rickygoo Big Guns??
  3. Watching it myself, there does seem a delay. We've just equalised
  4. Not getting another penny from me, not even a programme, til season tickets go on sale next year.
  5. That's the most spot on post I think I've ever seen. And why the meetings are completely pointless PR exercise. They achieve nothing
  6. Can I just say that when I made this post I was high on a mixture of paracetamol, ibuprofen and amoxycillin to deal with incredible toothache.
  7. I click from Owlstalk to p orn when the Mrs walks past She prefers that I spend my time looking at that
  8. I don't know whether I would or not I'll ask the Mrs and get back to you
  9. That gave me a right old chuckle mate Have you asked your wife if you can have the trousers back yet?
  10. Agree with most of that - but can I just ask what van Aken did to get more than a 1?
  11. No its not. Its Henry Cheng, a Hong Kong billionaire who is looking to get involved at Wigan
  12. But you can make up imaginary companies? OK. Seems reasonable
  13. £2m a season for 10 seasons would seem fair
  14. Mr C could chuck £20m at sponsoring the stadium for 10 years - and that would solve FFP overnight Stop believing everything he tells you
  15. That's who I was thinking about when I said far too injury prone. And Hutch
  16. That are good enough for a Championship winning side are Westwood Lees Bannan Reach Forestieri All of the rest are not of the required standard, or far too injury prone to have a sustained presence in the side. I'm going to give João the benefit of doubt and say he's borderline. We really have wasted so much money on absolute dross. Including the manager.
  17. It felt like Jos had never watched either player play before
  18. I also think cashflow is the problem That's why I've refused to spend anything other than a season at a time on a season ticket, despite the savings Refuse to give the Chairman 5 years money up front to waste on crap - reducing our income in the seasons to come. Anybody buying the club will be disappointed that a large chunk of future guarantee'd income has been priced low, received and spent
  19. Do you never worry you might be trying too hard to look like a t wat?
  20. Oh aye, cos if I was gonna pretend to be a football fan I'd definitely choose to go and watch Wednesday turn that absolute shyte out week in week out
  21. He also kicked the player when he was down on the floor. Totally ridiculous. I hope the club fine him 2 weeks wages
  22. Given he played there last week too - you'd imagine thats the managers doing
  23. There were fans offering each other out at half time too. It's a common occurrence now. What a club we've become
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