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  1. In the last 10 yrs they've spent 7 in the Prem. Conversely we've spent 7 in the Champ - the rest in League One.
  2. I think I'd try not to be a nasty bitter rascal and let it take over my life. What the actual F has happened to Wednesday fans?
  3. Nobody knows how much we offered him The sense of entitlement on here is feckin horrendous at times
  4. I think thats been the most sinister thing about the club in recent years. Dave Allen used solicitors to silence criticism. Currently there is a select band of attack dogs within our own fanbase to do the same. Quite relentless too. Saw it last night when handworth made the mistake of saying something negative - 2 pages of attacks on him within 10 minutes. Its really not worth raising a point that people perceive as negative.
  5. And you're still the only person out of 30000 Owlstalkers who heard David Hirst say there's no way his son would be signing a contract - long before it became public. And didn't say a word about it at the time. Funny that....
  6. Last week you agreed they should be free And they should
  7. Bet you don't post anything to upset the stormtroopers again handworth They hunt in packs you know
  8. FF is the best player we've had since the early 90s. He's nowhere near the end of his contract. If he has to be sacrificed because of our financial mishandling I'd be absolutely furious. He's one of the few players we have that's worth the scandalous season ticket pricing
  9. The club announcing the transfer embargo has been lifted - before midnight tomorrow. meaning no players are sold
  10. Don't get me wrong I celebrated like we'd won the Champions League
  11. Living off one great goal at Leeds That hit his shin
  12. Wait til young Att gets Wednesday into the Champions League on Footy Manager. We'll be seeing some reyt names down at Hillsborough then
  13. 10k at £20 for 23 games would only raise £4.6m Hardly seems worth it
  14. The whole point was about whether investment was being maintained - or reduced. Its been reduced - by every single definition of the word
  15. I wonder what the combined investment in Loovens, Venancio Wallace, Kean, Hirst, Clare, Hunt and Rhodes was
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