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  1. Judging on Jos playing Hutch behind the 2 strikers away at Wigan last week, playing Lees on the right side of the 3 defenders at Wigan and van Aken in the middle, starting with Reach up front today, leaving Pudil in the centre 3 today instead of swapping wth Thorniley at HT... I wonder if Jos actually goes to training...
  2. Yes, Im a bit like that I have a season ticket, am going to Sunderland and Brentford but really CBA with Hillsborough a week on Wednesday - going to watch it online
  3. I think we definitely need to give Jos our full support The last thing we want is our Chairman appointing ANOTHER manager.
  4. I'm keeping my faith with the Chairmans ticketing policy - and I won't be criticising him on this as I don't want to scare his family. Please also try to remember that hes a very successful businessman. GO CHANSIRI
  5. £50m overdrawn and we start with Fox on left wing and Baker on the other FFS Fk off Jos
  6. I wonder what Hirsty thinks to the club using his image and identity to make money given the abuse hes had for the last 12 months.
  7. I hope they dont play 'Don't You Want Me' Might upset Chairman that
  8. I think youre being EXTREMELY generous to Joey there
  9. I find that VERY hard to believe Hes a MASSIVE Wham fan (seriously)
  10. The lads been here 2 years, spent the majority of his time on loan at 3 other clubs, so we weren't even paying his wages, then recalled to do a job for us during an injury crisis in a struggling team. Got to the end of his deal, we didn't offer what he felt he was worth, so he's moved on. It's football. Meantime we have loads of fans tagging him on social media calling him a greedy c***, hoping he breaks his legs, and idiots in here doing the same. What a vile club we are becoming. You lot should be ashamed of yourselves
  11. The comments on here and on social media are a complete embarrassment to our club What a set of nasty cu*** some of you have become
  12. Thats how I read it We know we need to get his wages off the books - told him hes surplus - and he can go. Its up to him and his agent now - he has to find a move if he wants to carry on playing because we wont be playing him here. Shoddy
  13. Got to feel sorry for Westwood Frozen out. No move elsewhere.
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