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  1. Just been having a chat with my away games colleague - and weve decided to miss Sunderland entirely on the strength of our expected reserve team lineup - nothing to do with cost, or it being on TV. Still doing Brentford though - going to watch the home game with Millwall on the TV (even though Ive got a season ticket) because I just CBA to make the journey to Hillsborough to watch Jos's brand of football
  2. You did. Not so much now. I keep a list. You're on it
  3. I'm sorry to neg you here but you really walked into that
  4. Yes, I was. Pretty much ever present at home games since 1972. I was only a young lad then - but I knew just how important it was to us as a club when we beat Southend to avoid the 4th Division. And of course I remember Big Jack - and of course I remember him being hampered by a board who would refuse to spend any money. All Ive ever wanted is for us to be run well as a club - in all that time. Sadly, even McGee didnt run us that well and the desperation to keep Hillsborough being chosen for semi finals for a much needed annual cash boost led to corners being cut.
  5. When I get negged constantly by the likes of @Willow Owl and @casbahowl for making points which I feel are well constructed - but don't paint our future in such a good light- it always makes me think of them sat at home like this
  6. And its exactly the same the other way mate. Don't take this the wrong way - but try not to be too sensitive
  7. The lower tier holds 8200 Id suggest a maximum away allocation of 2050 or 25% - all at full price of £40 - thats £80k from a full away following. They get much better seats for their money - we get a full stand back. Ive seen away ends in stands segregated on concourses by roller doors - a roller door to fit our concourse wouldn't cost any more than about £3k. In the stands - obviously the netting on seats generously stewarded. Already covered off the access piece. You could even throw a few extra turnstiles at it - in the area behind the score board - ensuring that there is still
  8. All of that issue could be sorted by making access to the away end of the South through the gate from Lepping s Lane. And by installing a new matchday gate under the South Stand to block off the away turnstiles. It would even provide a 'holding area' for away fans after a game. No access to away end over the bridge
  9. I do feel that the worse things get - and the more vocal fans are becoming - the Chairman has to listen more.
  10. I'd shut the Grandstand, and I'd shut the upper tier of the West Stand. Reduce our capacity to 31,234. And make damn sure people knew that wouldnt be changed regardless of how many tickets were being sold for the season. I'd move away fans to the South Stand wing - and segregate with stewards. Ensure the executive boxes behind them were sold to away fans. You could then justify the expensive ticket prices. Sell the West Stand Lower to our fans - and have our own fans behind both goals. The reduction in capacity then creates some urgency for tickets - peop
  11. Or maybe the team was picked on Friday, Joao was sub again despite changing the game the previous week and he though "F*** that"
  12. Bloody hell. That sounds fishy They didnt even stay and watch the game?
  13. Where did this get announced? I try to keep up with team stuff on club social emdia etc - and I dont recall hearing he was injured from the Jos presscall - even the press were all expecting him to play on the morning of the game Has it been confirmed what the injury is?
  14. Think the Millwall game is the first one of the free TV games too
  15. Away ticket prices yesterday Wigan at Villa: £30 Millwall at Blackburn - £24 Bristol at Bolton - £32 Preston at Swansea - £30 Brentford at Stoke - £25 Leeds at Derby - £29 Brum at Boro - £30 Pigs at QPR - £26 Reading at Forest - £25 WBA at Norwich - £35 Hull at SWFC - £39 Average price at all other games - £28.60. We were £10.40 more expensive.
  16. Im a season ticket holder - I go home and away and seriously considered doing exactly what you described there this season. Boycotting home games and just going away. It took my Mrs to talk sense to me - if I stay away who will hurt the most? The Chairman (whos got my money) or me - who would just mope around and try and catch the game on a dodgy stream, missing the afternoon with my mates in the pub. She was bang right. Went yesterday - and as per usual only the match spoilt a brilliant day. But you said we have too many casual fans - who'll come crawling back. They we
  17. You actually couldnt be more wrong if you'd intentionally tried to be We don't have too many at all We don't have ENOUGH We need every schoolkid in Sheffield and South Yorkshire to have a poster of Forestieri on their bedroom wall, to dream of their once or twice trip to Hillsborough a season. For them to want a Wednesday shirt for their birthday, and hopefully a ticket for our Boxing Day game for Christmas. Thats what it was like in the early 90s - and it is those casual supporters of back then that are the reason our crowds are so good now. Alienating the
  18. Hate threads like this It gives the band of 'I'm Alright Jacks' the platform to slate those worse off, fans who can't or won't attend at the ridiculous prices we charge for poor Second Division football. I'm more ashamed of a fan like that than I am one who wasn't there yesterday. Edited because he posted at the same time as me - Just like Bladeshater above. Perfect example
  19. How bad is it that we're £50m overdrawn and we are scratching around for a midfielder better than Pelepussy
  20. Until he came here he'd worked 3 months in 4 years. He fit the bill perfectly. Desperate for a job and would do what he's told.
  21. The more I watch football under Jos, the more I realise that he was the manager to bring life to Dave Allen's preferred 4-4-1 formation
  22. Said it last week The only thing hes got going for him is a striking resemblance to Gary Shelton... and thats where all similarities end
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