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  1. If we ever do hit the Premier League the I'm Alright Jack's who currently tell you prices are only high into we get there - will justify the new prices by saying 'He's got to keep us up there'
  2. I remember a game v Doncaster - 80 Sheffield Royal Society for the Blind guests of the Smile tickets, partially sighted and blind fans forming a guard of honour as the teams walked out, them and the players wearing Wednesdayite 'Smile Ticket' T-Shirts, all sat together in the North Stand, half time entertainment with blind and partially sighted fans taking penalties against a team of fans wearing simulator headsets to replicate blindness, and I remember just how much they appreciated it, and the collaboration of Wednesdayite and the club. Fantastic PR for all as well. Qua
  3. The tickets are still available Its just nobody wants them now
  4. The perceptin was it was no longer necessary as people could just get them straight from the club
  5. Half full stadium purleeeease Lets keep it positive
  6. Actually - the Chairman announcing this scheme completely ended the Wednesdayite Smile Tickets. Wednesdayite would regularly give away 250-350 tickets a season to the less well off, charities and groups of deserving fans By the Chairmans own admission he gave away 10 tickets the season before last - and none last season.
  7. Can we all agree to start using the sad face as the neg.. sorry, disagree button?
  8. £45 of vouchers to spend in the Owls Megastore* *Against purchases of £500 or over. Not redeemable on replica kit, sale items or anything bearing the club logo
  9. 95% of all lightning is negatively charged #justsaying #callmepedantic
  10. My favourite set pieces are the ones that end up with the ball back with our keeper But at least we retained possession
  11. I know weve removed the red down arrows - but can we at least see whos reacted to our posts?
  12. I was really excited about this idea and completely forgot about it until the match was over and the players were applauding the fans I couldnt begin to tell you what they played at HT - I totally missed the walkout music and couldnt even tell you if they played Hi Ho Silver Lining (if they didnt they should)
  13. I just hope that fans moaning on social media isnt seen as too threatening
  14. Wanted to neg this but Neils removed the option
  15. You do realise their average gate is signifcantly lower than ours right?
  16. Yeah - makes you wonder why we had 15000 empty home seats
  17. Ahhhh You mean like we always do at Leeds away?
  18. Ve vere better in bozz directions today but am I happy? No, because a manager kannot be happy vhen you do nicht vin ze game.” “But our defendingkt vas better undt our attackingkt vas better today. Ve had some good khances undt kould haf von ze game.” “But I am nicht angry or disappointed mitt mein players because I zink ve did a good game.”
  19. Hardly any of that is actually true. The club was hardly 'well run'. We'd just seen the club operating without a valid safety certificate leading to the Hillsborough Disaster, 2 dreadful seasons leading to relegation, Howard Wilkinson walking out and going to Leeds (to build a title winning side) citing the Board as the reason and consistently (still) missing out on transfers (as you originally quoted)... Richards massively invested in the ground - the entire South Stand redevelopment was done nder his tenure, including the executive boxes and catering facilities that have generate
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