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  1. Can't say I mind the Elev8 logo being on there, what I do mind is the appalling way it's been embroidered. The club badge embroidery is the highest standard, but it looks like the Elev8 bit was added by a different supplier, the pulls on the shirt around the embroidery are shocking. We buy a lot of branded clothing through work and I can guarantee we'd return shirts with this level of pulls around the embroidery. It's exactly the same on the home shirts
  2. Why do you get to decide who's posts are valid? Not everybody has their head so far up the Chairman's backside they've lost all objectivity
  3. I might be wrong But I just get the impression the OP is a TrueFan™
  4. The watershed was bringing in Fletcher on twice the wages of most of the squad who got us to Wembley. Upset the whole squad, not just FF
  5. I think every Wednesday fan in the world would agree with that
  6. It just all has the feeling of a real life game of Football Manager. You've dropped it into Cheat mode, stuck £100m in your bank account, blown as much as FFP will allow on average players and given them big wages to ensure they sign for you, had a season where you just about made promotion then blown the rest of your cash on bringing in a couple of big names from the Premiership - which have unbalanced your squad and caused a player revolt because of the huge wages you've had to give them. Youve redesigned the kits, youve upped the ticket prices, youve designed a scheme to pre-sell season tckets for the promotion that looks increasingly unlikely and sold less than 10 of them, youve upped the commercial charges to desperately get some money in, the sponsors have dumped you so you've even set up some other companies that can sponsor you (only available in Super Cheat mode), the fans are getting restless and now starting to call for your head... And you're now really close to resetting the game and starting again
  7. Many people who commented on Twitter made the same point about Dave Allen. Although I know as many people felt closer to the club - and realised it needed protecting from the Board at that time
  8. DC doesn't want to sack CC this side of Christmas as he has a clause in his contract that if he's sacked before January, he has a pay off of £100 million, and has to hand over all of the shares in Thai Union that his family own, along with Atts Youtube account - written in his contract. ITK. It definitely adds up though. Definitely.
  9. Lower your expectations Been watching us for around 50 years now, and but for around 5 seasons we've mostly been absolutely dog poo Lose your expectations, and 1 year a decade we will defy those expectations and really surprise you with a modicum of success. We're not a big club any more. We're well behind even the likes of Bournemouth. Merry Christmas
  10. I have a friend who works in the offices at Barnsley - and before our game there last season (that he scored in) Winnall was in the offices bad mouthing our team and Carlos
  11. I was told on Friday that the 3rd kit shirts for the team have arrived. But no shorts or socks yet
  12. Bit selective We had a run of 1 win in 7 before Hooper came back, Fletcher found his best form for us since he arrived and we then win 6/7. That put us in the playoffs when it seemed unlikely
  13. I turned the telly off with my mobile for a laugh about 20 minutes ago. Seems I'm sleeping in the spare room tonight
  14. He's right to be fair I'm surrounded by the women in our house watching bloody Strictly. His night sounds far more exciting
  15. You can't pay the mortgage with respect And what Chairman will employ him when he's hung his previous Chairman out to dry?
  16. There's a lot more to play out yet before that statement can be made
  17. I feel sorry for Carlos I'm not convinced he's choosing the players
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