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  1. Really? Where?? I can't see anybody saying that you shouldn't believe the Chairmans version at all? I'm beginning to smell an agenda - you've been a member of this site since 11/Sep/2012 - a total of 2103 days. In all of that time you've contributed 780 posts - around 1 every 3 days on average (But only 8 posts in total since 11/Sept 2017) Since the news came out on Friday youve posted 175 times on the matter - most of them slating David & George - and yet your username would suggest that he's some kind of hero of yours. And you're prepared to write off
  2. Has anybody really 'put the boot into Chansiri' on this? I can't see much evidence of it (if at all). If anything I think this whole thread has been more sympathetic to his naivity, which looks to have cost him.
  3. Is there a reason why you keep insisting this will happen?
  4. Unless she was really careful to only intimate something happened rather than accuse directly so as to slander indirectly
  5. is this now fact? The Chairmans statement wasnt that clear about this?
  6. Get yourself down to the training ground - we're back today!
  7. Can we order some trestle tables and bunting?
  8. I did think Milan was proper savvy getting someone to pay £35m to take us over
  9. We were told there was a lot more planned. Are we still in the 150th year? Whats coming up?
  10. Can I just apologise for my last 6 contributions to the thread I'd completely forgotten that Akbuk had closed it
  11. Or What if he ends up on loan at Rotherham for the season - and gets a hat trick at Hillsborough?
  12. Its not compulsory to read the thread, or to contribute. You must be the 20th person to write end of thread - and its clearly not as people are still discussing it If you ARE Owlstalk Police then I apologise. But if you are you could also close the thread
  13. If thats the case then its utterly ridiculous we turned down a bid of £2m
  14. Absolutely In this instance I guess what happened is not too far removed from these lines Young George, spending more and more time with England and doing well, gets chatting with his teammates and finds hes earning about 1/5th of that the other lads are on. He's also in contract with us - and we start negotiating a new deal He turns down whats offered because its nowhere near that of his peers in the England side The club ask him what hes prepared to stay for - and he gives them a figure similar to that of his peers in the England side The club says
  15. I think Geoffreys beef is with the hypocrisy of calling out Leicester for using a loophole to avoid paying a transfer fee - while not seeing a problem with us having 2 'sponsors' owned by our Chairman who aren't actually trading. Was my Mum ok?? I must pop round and see her this morning
  16. Ive never really understood posters complaining about people contributing to a threads longevity - while contributing to the threads longevity
  17. Give over will ya - I'm tracking it on my app... Its still at Manor Top
  18. While its correct to compare the two - there is a huge difference in the scale of how much is involved. But yes - non-existent taxi companies (however soon they may arrive) and drinks companies chucking £1m at us to circumvent FFP rules is another example of loopholes being used to exploit the system
  19. Thats a great article - was aware of most of that stuff but when you see it all laid out like that - its absolutely disgusting isnt it. There are rules around administration that prevent you from making anyone a preferential creditor - which is why the Ambulance guys have still not been paid - but there would be absolutely nothing to prevent Leicester from paying them more for a season to cover the debt. The fact they havent says it all. Its all just part and parcel of money, greed and football these days and thats why so many are falling out of love with the game. Even
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