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  1. Best thing you can do - from experience - is accept that we are so far gone that we might never make the Prem again, and get used to the idea. Chairmen, managers and players will come and go, we might have some good seasons, some bad seasons, get lucky, get unlucky, have a good Cup run once a blue moon. The constant will be our amazing fans, and they are amazing. Yeah theres a few idiots, but when you get 20000 people who are passionate some of that will spill over. But our fanbase, and its passionate away following especially, has been something to be proud of for as lo
  2. Swindon 1990 Not a points deduction, but demoted after season end
  3. Chansiri, pictured here with our extensive scouting network (please disregard gentleman front left)
  4. Is Spondon a little known suburb of Bangkok?
  5. Maybe you don't - but there are a number of people who get really annoyed at the suggestion he isnt
  6. Don't really think a protest is the right way forward Im pretty sure the Chairman is as pee'd off as the rest of us It seems that people are voting with their feet, given the reported season ticket sales. And the Chairman will also have a true picture of exactly how many people are coming through the turnstiles too. Thats more likely to have an effect than any protest - and certainly when the target of any protest is on the rides in Japan. Moaning on a forum is a great outlet for frustrated fans. People shouldnt take it personally, especially those who think t
  7. By all accounts Aldridge wasn't utilised in the last year of his contract. Twiddling hs thumbs
  8. Looks like youve got a happy afternoon of googling (Im not doing it for you :-) ) Hope that night out hasnt left you with a hangover
  9. Good post. But for me the warning signs were there long before our outrageous transfer policies. The signs of a business thats going to struggle are when good people who have worked in the organisation for years, even in very difficult circumstances, start walking away from the company they love and take great pride in working for. The club lost loads of long term staff members in the first 3 years - people who loved the club.
  10. Dave Allen left us a full 3 years before we ended up pleading for our lives with HMRC in the High Court Im not defending him - he was a dreadful Chairman. But if you set aside the legal action - he was nowhere near as bad as this one has been fiscally
  11. I think the writing was on the wall for Chansiri the day he took over Nev - and nobody thought to gift him a bottle of Hendos
  12. Yes having researched it you're right I've had £20 on relegation at 20/1, and £10 on finishing bottom at 100/1 Will pay for a cracking weekend away when we play Blackpool next season
  13. Dave Allen took us from 15th in League One to 10th in Championship. Spent nothing Milan Mandaric took us from 15th in League One to 9th in Championship. Cost us about £30m Chansiri has taken us from 9th in Championship to 12th in Championship. Cost us £150m, a stadium and with a points deduction incoming It's not about money. It's about the person spending it. While your point is valid, we need to change the person spending the money. Can't see that happening
  14. Can't believe owlstalk is still going on about bloody pigeons Let it go pal. He's long gone
  15. I'm not sure, but doesn't a points deduction void the bet?
  16. Personally I still can't believe the Chairman hasn't been booed The cringy "**** the EFL" chant misses the real culprit entirely
  17. If I'd lumped the best part of £150m (20% of his Dad's - the rich one - fortune) on getting Wednesday promoted only for us to be languishing mid table, with a points deduction likely to relegate us... I'd look pretty miserable too
  18. Still our best player by far Considering what we've spent - that's disgraceful
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