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  1. The lack of belief on the pitch has now fully manifested itself in our support. It was so sad yesterday to see our fans go so quiet during the 2nd half - the acceptance of our fate, our lack of fight, lack of ideas, tactics, bewilderment at constant formation changes, the blooding of so many youngsters in our side at the expense of seasoned, experienced pro's It feels like Jos has (and is) slowly but surely alienating whats left of our squad - the most obvious being Westwood, but other players too not getting a look in. Palmer, Fox, Jones, Abdi, Boyd, maybe now Joao - I just don't
  2. You can't fault the Chairman for blaming fans when even fans are doing it Our fans at Brentford were fully behind the team yesterday. Didnt make a blind bit of difference
  3. I love it when people outright dismiss potential managers immediately Like the one we have is doing a good job
  4. Here's a tip If you want to feel more positive, don't go home and away I'm 15 minutes from home and the Mrs is currently hiring all the sharp objects
  5. Casbah and Willow Negging us back to Division One
  6. This is the worst Wednesday squad and manager since megson got us promoted
  7. Loovens, Wallace, Hunt, Rhodes, Butterfield, Kean, Clare and Hirst all off the payroll
  8. The wholesale acceptance of a couple of paragraphs from the club to say 'The embargo is lifted' equalling "We are back and trading again" tells you everything you need to know about the majority of our fanbase and the contempt with which it is held by the people at the club. They know they can treat people like idiots because the majority are. This from the club who knew we were embargoed in April, knew we would be embargoed well before April and still released the survey, & sold season tickets to people on the strength of maintaining existing levels of investment (
  9. Bloody brilliant news and credit all round Can we please keep Westwood (and start playing him) now?
  10. Given the amount of great youngsters coming through the ranks just now - might be time to acknowledge (and give some credit to) both Dave Jones and Milan Mandaric for making the changes required for our Academy to bear some fruit.
  11. If the money going into our business was from TUF - we wouldnt have the isssue we have with money going in from one man and his dog taxis
  12. As far as I'm aware BET365 are a global company with over 3500 employees, founded in the year 2000, with annual turnover of £2.3bn As opposed to 2 local companies with a total of 2 employees that don't own any taxis, or sold a soft drink. I think we might be on a sticky wicket if we try to compare the two.
  13. spent most of last nights game not believing he was still at sunderland what a shame we are in such a mess we cant sign him on loan.
  14. DAMN THOSE BLOODY JOURNALISTS FOR PUBLISHING STORIES ABOUT US BEING IN A TRANSFER EMBARGO, WITH PLAYERS LEAVING, PLAYERS ON THE VERGE OF LEAVING, PLAYERS BEING INJURED, MANAGER NOT PLAYING OTHER PLAYERS WHO ARE FIT Especially when we're in a transfer embargo, with players leaving, players on the verge of leaving, players being injured, and the manager not playing other players who are fit. DAMN THEM Joaos off to United by the way
  15. Nuhiu was injured?? FFS. As well as being suspended?? WHAT ARE OUR PLAYERS MADE OF?
  16. You're driving from North Wales to Sunderland on a Thursday night to watch our reserves?? Absolute top respect to you mate. wow
  17. Can't see the problem with advising people that a deal is coming soon, so that people look out for it The problem is advertising a taxi company as coming soon and your still waiting a year later
  18. Here's a change Just announce that every game for the rest of the season will be Category D. Done
  19. It's too late for all these different schemes Most fans not attending now won't come back at £20 a game for some time due to the perception of being ripped off
  20. I didnt say they werent value for money. I said they were the 2nd highest priced in the Championship
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