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  1. While I'm not sure theres quite such a need for the rabid sarcasm - you do make a valid point Changing a pre match music playlist, reducing an ill thought out membership pricing to last years pricing (but reducing the benefits) and introducing a 6 match ticket that works out at £30 a game minimum - are all steps in the right direction. But they are all lip service - giveaways that do nothing to address the vast majority of problems that are huge in comparison
  2. It also stops fans from screaming for players to play when they aren't fit
  3. Maybe we dont release the info because when we do - we have players on Twitter saying "Im flipping not injured"
  4. You can get FM Radio Sheffield in some parts of Liverpool.
  5. It makes you wonder how many amazing ideas have never made it to the Chairman because theyve been shouted down by people who just assume that because the club isnt doing it already you're just being negative
  6. Thats what makes the whole thing pointless in my view Attended things like that before - you find that the majority of the room wants to answer your question before the person you're putting the question to gets a go. It becomes a slanging match.
  7. I dont think Neil should be on any steering group hes not been since Wembley
  8. Thats the whole point - and the best bit Its likely we can only sign players up to £10k a week - offer Sunderland that and they'll snatch our hands off for a loan
  9. I think his disciplinary record in the last 6 years is entirely appropriate
  10. What the hell does understandin the city have to do with being a club captain?? Are YOU on crack?? Thats a classic that one (by the way - his disciplinary record is nowhere near as bad as Hutchinsons)
  11. I listened to the Press Conference and saw it exactly the same way as neil did
  12. I want to cry with frustration I want to shake the Chairman and shout in his face "WAKE UP YOU F*****G IDIOT AND DO SOMETHING" I want to shake the Manager and shout in his face "STOP BEING SO F****G STUBBORN AND PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS, AND STOP MESSING ABOUT WITH THE FORMATION" I want to shake the players and shout in their faces "STOP PLAYING GAMES - YOU'RE HURTING THE FANS - THE 20,000 PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN YOU AND PAY YOUR WAGES" I want to shake the fans who still support all of whats going on from the people at the top of our club and shout i
  13. I watched that press conference like this Jos was so uncomfortable and the questions were so good. I really feel for the guy. Hes so far out of his depth hes in the Pacific Ocean, he's in place as a stooge and a yes man, he is earning his first decent pay cheque in 4 years and he's doing (and saying) as hes told. He looks like he wants someone to put him out of his misery. Really sad to see.
  14. There will be plenty of people who want to manage Sheffield Wednesday The Chairman is the biggest potential drawback. Not the players we have
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