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  1. What the hell does understandin the city have to do with being a club captain?? Are YOU on crack?? Thats a classic that one (by the way - his disciplinary record is nowhere near as bad as Hutchinsons)
  2. I listened to the Press Conference and saw it exactly the same way as neil did
  3. I want to cry with frustration I want to shake the Chairman and shout in his face "WAKE UP YOU F*****G IDIOT AND DO SOMETHING" I want to shake the Manager and shout in his face "STOP BEING SO F****G STUBBORN AND PLAY YOUR BEST PLAYERS, AND STOP MESSING ABOUT WITH THE FORMATION" I want to shake the players and shout in their faces "STOP PLAYING GAMES - YOU'RE HURTING THE FANS - THE 20,000 PEOPLE WHO BELIEVE IN YOU AND PAY YOUR WAGES" I want to shake the fans who still support all of whats going on from the people at the top of our club and shout i
  4. I watched that press conference like this Jos was so uncomfortable and the questions were so good. I really feel for the guy. Hes so far out of his depth hes in the Pacific Ocean, he's in place as a stooge and a yes man, he is earning his first decent pay cheque in 4 years and he's doing (and saying) as hes told. He looks like he wants someone to put him out of his misery. Really sad to see.
  5. There will be plenty of people who want to manage Sheffield Wednesday The Chairman is the biggest potential drawback. Not the players we have
  6. I'd play him in midfield instead of Pelepussy Although to be fair I'd play Bullen in midfield before Pelepussy
  7. Mate of mine just messaged me this "David Herbert coached very successfully at my club AFC Dronfield for a number of years. He has a legacy award at the club every year presented by his wife to someone who has made a significant contribution - "The David Herbert Trophy". She lives in Dronfield.
  8. Everybody saying its too early Can I ask - genuinely - how much have you seen us play so far this year? In the flesh
  9. If I was Chansiri I'd definitely be looking to sack whoever it is that looks after the clubs HR All these confidential contract details finding their way out
  10. Not sure what happened to David Herbert at Hillsborough - but he was playing at Buxton some 5 years later - scored hat tricks in 2 conseecutive games - still a club record he died in 2002 following cancer treatment - aged 46
  11. You contradict yourself Hes either been played a bad hand - or hes playing his hand poorly. One hes at fault for - the other he isnt.
  12. I think he was something like 13 games in before a ball finally hit him and bounced in the net. The ground fell silent. Nobody could remember what to do when a striker scored anymore
  13. If we're out of our embargo on the same terms as Brum - I'd be on the phone to Sunderland and offer to take Cattermole for the season - pay them £10k a week towards his wages and make him club captain Let him kick arse in midfield - and send Pelupessy back to Holland. Him and Bannan would be a great pairing.
  14. The thing that might swing it - is that it would give Mr C some breathing space and reduce pressure on him from the fans
  15. Luhukays win % is our lowest since Terry Yorath But hey. Keep clapping - cos thats the fans fault
  16. Grays last season was the most boring ever 16 goals at home, all season. And some want him back?
  17. It really means so much to kids this My son's Sun league side got to a cup final last season and played at Parkgate FC ground, and one of his teammates lads led them out. He was only 6 but the look on his face was absolutely brilliant...
  18. Never expecting to even make it to the round when we played Arsenal in the cup a few years ago, I found myself in a bar in Benalmadena, the only Wednesday fan with about 50 Arsenal fans eagerly awaiting kick off. They'd taken the wee wee since I walked in with my discreet owl logo on me Polo shirt... The Mrs said 'we can go somewhere else?' hopefully... No way I said, I can take it It was much quieter by half time, I'd strategically moved nearer the door so I could say good night to them as they left during the first half, but there were still about 10 optimistic ones l
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