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  1. Can someone ask this I found a copy of our accounts from 2007 this week. Our commercial income in 2006 was £6.5m Our commercial income last season was £6.5m Does the club think our commercial strategy is a good one?
  2. Flattered But I'll be doing something far more productive and worthwhile
  3. Hallelujah to that! In fact in some circles "Hard part on life is letting yourself enjoy the good things wherever you are without letting the bad get you down" is the very definition of Conlisio et Animis
  4. Mate I love your positivity. But I'd be positive if I was 8000 miles away in South Africa. I reckon I'd be even more positive if I was in New Zealand and couldn't get iFollow.
  5. He turned us down because we only offered him a 1 year deal
  6. While I'm not sure theres quite such a need for the rabid sarcasm - you do make a valid point Changing a pre match music playlist, reducing an ill thought out membership pricing to last years pricing (but reducing the benefits) and introducing a 6 match ticket that works out at £30 a game minimum - are all steps in the right direction. But they are all lip service - giveaways that do nothing to address the vast majority of problems that are huge in comparison
  7. It also stops fans from screaming for players to play when they aren't fit
  8. Maybe we dont release the info because when we do - we have players on Twitter saying "Im flipping not injured"
  9. You can get FM Radio Sheffield in some parts of Liverpool.
  10. It makes you wonder how many amazing ideas have never made it to the Chairman because theyve been shouted down by people who just assume that because the club isnt doing it already you're just being negative
  11. Thats what makes the whole thing pointless in my view Attended things like that before - you find that the majority of the room wants to answer your question before the person you're putting the question to gets a go. It becomes a slanging match.
  12. I dont think Neil should be on any steering group hes not been since Wembley
  13. Thats the whole point - and the best bit Its likely we can only sign players up to £10k a week - offer Sunderland that and they'll snatch our hands off for a loan
  14. I think his disciplinary record in the last 6 years is entirely appropriate
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