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  1. I'll be in the Jockey by 1, match by 1445, back in the Jockey for drinks with friends after too. The match these days is just a depressing interlude
  2. I always feel a zillion times less positive after a Fans Forum/Steering Group/Chairman's Q&A/Club Statement I wish they'd shut up :-(
  3. Well I for one am remaining positive Absolutely convinced Mr C has a plan
  4. We have to break even this season due to the cumulative losses of the last 2 seasons being £40m
  5. I saw this write up on Facebook - this guys a proper home and away fan and usually very positive
  6. Its too late to register a player for tomorrow is the point
  7. I know mate - I just wanted to see if you'd bite again tbh. I'm sorry
  8. I really hope someone raises the Chairmans awareness tonight of just how many fans we have who rely on radio coverage for their Wednesday fix and encourages him to relent on his stance on broadcasting the games on Radio Sheffield That would mean more to me (and many of our elderly fans) than any amount of Arctic Monkeys and Reverend and the Makers tracks we play before kick off
  9. After tomorrow that will be 3 games since we cleared the transfer embargo - nobody in, nobody out. Did it really matter?
  10. I'm not sure the club are really that bothered about stadium catering. I went to get some lunch at the first home game on the Kop, there were no signs for me to make my mind up before I got to the till, and then only this when I got there. It's clearly last season's with some stuff scribbled out. And as soon as you get to the till they shout 'NO HOT FOOD' in your face.. It's like they just don't give a poo and have decided to stop trying.. I've been to non league ground that are more professional
  11. As if anybody with time and inclination to attend a meeting at Hillsborough on a Friday night is in any way interesting to the opposite sex
  12. I hope we never see a back 3 or 5 again with this set of players after that performance last night The whole team looked more comfortable, Palmer was absolutely brilliant, Thorniley looks like hes been playing there years, Penney looked like our best left back and Lees just marshalled them all like an old pro. As a result the whole team looked more settled. Ignoring the last 15 minutes.
  13. Only Megson has a better win ratio since Howard Wilkinson Our 2 highest finishes since we were relegated from the Prem 20 years ago.
  14. This gives Lucas a real opportunity now to build on his 15 goals in 84 appearances.
  15. That is absolutely brilliant news - and a real positive after coming out of the embargo Well done to the club
  16. Surely theres gonna be a few drop out from 300 seats?
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