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  1. Scrap membership, scrap categories, scrap 6 match bundles POTG Kop - £25 - Season Ticket = £120 saved North - £30 - Season Ticket = £135 saved South - £35 - Season Ticket = £165 saved It isnt rocket science - and it gets rid of our current 455 different pricing options. People can plan their entire season in advance
  2. Tomato sausages are the best thing ever I bought a dozen yesterday to bbq tomorrow. Feel like Im waiting for Christmas
  3. I'm struggling to see at the moment pal I'll be completely honest
  4. I like to think my support home and away for 95% of our games helps our team motivate themselves and the way the team thank us at the end of games for our support backs up that thought Totally understand your excuses though
  5. Of course I got out of the pub, I always do We were absolutely crap, but still better than Ipswich. We looked better when Jos stopped being a to5ser and brought FF on... Enjoyed the post match beer far more than the match. Here's to Reading next week. You going?
  6. Another loser The best chippy is on Penistone Rd - One Yeung Lung or summat
  7. Youve a history of backing losers. Beans Kaven Walker Owen Morrison
  8. In that case I'm definitely stopping int pub. You win hirstyboywonder
  9. Who said anything about form? I said performances. I hope you dont mind but I dont give a flying one whether you think I should stay away or not. I'll keep going, home AND away, I'll moan and whinge if I think we've been crap, and I'll acknowldge and praise when I think we deserve that too. Because thats the very nature of football. Like it or not.
  10. In all of those years did you ever consider contacting Wednesdayite about it?
  11. You mention the financial situation - and then in the next breath you're telling people to stay away? Some fan you are. Don't you care?
  12. Fish and beans is dreadful and just wrong. Chips and beans with a good lashing of vinegar though - and even better with a big lump of gammon and fried egg
  13. Yes I found The Hull game exceptionally dull. I'm sorry if you think that means I wasn't supporting the team. I even clapped a bit in the 2nd half. First half was absolutely crap. I hate it that we point blank refuse to take the game to teams.
  14. Im not there yet... its me sat at home thinking I might not have enough beer at this rate to dull the pain It could easily have been me after Hull at home. Or Brentford & Wigan away.
  15. There are a few posters on here that have been predicting the financial malaise our Chairman has led us into for over 2 years - and all they have had is abuse from posters (like you ironically) desperate to shoot the messenger - and lap up every bit of crap that has come out of steering groups, fans forums, Chairmans interviews and statements on the website "FFP isnt a problem" Oh yes it is, and it still is. We have to overturn a £20m deficit in spending in one season to avoid another embargo next year. I'm going to repeat that for effect and just to make su
  16. That would have been better than the Burton game
  17. Im still cnvinced Milan flew to Bangkok and told him that Sheffield is an up and coming suburb of London second only to Knightsbridge
  18. I'll be in the Jockey by 1, match by 1445, back in the Jockey for drinks with friends after too. The match these days is just a depressing interlude
  19. I always feel a zillion times less positive after a Fans Forum/Steering Group/Chairman's Q&A/Club Statement I wish they'd shut up :-(
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