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  1. Just now, morganowl said:

    chansiri gets a lot of knocks but he paid all staff when covid started how many other clubs did that? he paid for all staff to go to wembley for playoff final , has had zero income in nearly a year and is funding club otherwise club would have gone under by now and he does talk to supporters not many clubs owners do that . thats not to say that his advisers are toilet and the club on the pitch and off could be going to a very dark place. 

    Call me old fashioned but I'd much rather he paid the players the club relies on as well

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  2. Stuart Grey and Mandaric had built very firm foundations in our 3 years in the Championship - indeed the side that took us to Wembley was heavily based on that.


    What Chansiris millions did was allowed us to add the real quality and attacking flair we needed to turn us from a solid mid-table Championship team into contenders for the play-offs.


    In that first summer - the real impact players we brought in were Forestieri, Bannan, Wallace, Joao and Matias. 


    So yes - Carlos did get a fair bit of money invested. 


    The real money was thrown at the team in the 2nd summer. And very little since that season.


    In that time we have gone backwards, finishing further and further down the league and playing worse and worse football.


    Is that really the fault of Carlos?

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  3. 2 minutes ago, @owlstalk said:

    I've read it


    Was an interesting read

    But it's simply not accurate.

    It's like a fairytale version although I do understand that some of our fans really do believe it's the EFL not allowing Chansiri to spend his millions and the parachute payments that are at fault. I understand some of our fans still actually really do believe that.

    But the worst part of all of the original post at the top of the thread? Well Imagine writing that the bosman ruling is at fault for us repeatedly losing players



    To be fair the Bosman ruling doesnt apply to Brentford 

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  4. 3 minutes ago, kirksandallowl said:


    Sounds ideal.  are they ok with gaming? (latency, ping times etc) 

    (We always do a site survey before install as sppeds can vary)


    Fastest one weve installed runs at about 150mB download, and about 40mB upload - thats at an industrial park in Barnsley. Pings often around 10-20

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  5. Yep, we install these and been doing loads recently


    They work really well, we've done quite a few farms and even Croxdale Hall in Durham. I'd be happy to talk to your guy





    You want to avoid the little WiFi routers the network sell. These need to be properly installed externally with a cable run to the inside


    This is one of ours in London



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  6. 25 minutes ago, hirstyboywonder said:


    It's not good enough is it. These accounts are now 6 months late.


    On 5th November he said they would be published 'soon'. On 31st December he said the accounts had been finished and would be published 'soon'.


    I guess 'soon' is a relative concept dependent on what time scale you are comparing it to! 



    Actually 9 months, given we used the extended deadline allowed because of Covid

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