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  1. 31 minutes ago, bladeshater said:

    When a player gets into the last year if his contract and club have made no contact with him about a fresh one everyone knows what's going to happen so monk came in this really in a difficult time


    Theyre going to let his contract run down, alienate him so he hardly plays and then leaves for nothing at the end of it?

  2. Did all the right things here


    Played the best players in their best positions, alienated nobody, took the game to the opposition, especially at home. Brought belief back to the fans


    Signed some great free transfers in the summer


    Left our club better off after just 6 months than any manager since Stuart Gray

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  3. 48 minutes ago, sonofbert2 said:

    I am personally very glad re. Cakeball.


    One of THE best threads EVER!!!


    The best Owlstalk GIF of all time thats still waiting for someone to make it - is Cakeball rolling into the Leeds players collinding into each other gif - knocking them down like ten pin bowling.


    I await the genius to produce it

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  4. 5 hours ago, Grandad said:

    400 pages of complete b*****cks


    23 minutes ago, StudentOwl said:

    Sorry, haven't kept up with the thread for the last few days... can someone summarise in a sentence or two?


    Prize for the best explanation lol 

    see above for more details

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  5. 51 minutes ago, DJMortimer said:


    Do you seriously pay attention to all that stuff as some kind of indicator of how a game has been? It's for obsessives and dilettantes who don't know any better. 


    Just as an aside - and something Ive wanted to ask for ages.

    Do you use words like 'dilettante' on Owlstalk as a kind of warning to people not to debate with you. The inference being that as you're clearly verbose and of sufficient intellect to drop words like that into your posts - that 99% of Owlstalkers would have to google to understand the context - that you're not to be messed with? lol 

  6. Just now, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    The posts so matter of "fact" that the points deduction has been decided and its 12,thats what's strange. 

    Nobody has a clue what the points deduction will be


    Or even if there will be one.


    All of this damaging speculation is a result of the total silence surrounding it

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  7. 1 minute ago, striker said:

    Maybe if the players had performed better and more consistently, befitting the investment DC put into them, then we may have been looking towards the top end of the league. 


    What else did you want DC to do, can't sell players if nobody offers for them, tried to comply with FFP by being frugal of late, sold Joao, sought permission from EFL to buy the stadium, which was granted. Shall we go back to the days of selling our prized assets for peanuts and replacing them with free transfer journeyman?


    Not everything is DC's fault, some things, but not everything. 


    We do need to start looking at player trading as a way to balance our books - so yes, sometimes selling our prized assets is a necessary evil


    We were offered £12m for FF in 2017. He's been one of my all time favourite players - but had he been sold for such a huge profit that enabled us to invest in 2 or 3 quality young players, I could have lived with that

  8. 1 minute ago, BARMYARMY2010 said:

    Strange innit how Admin gets ya  an automatic 12 point penalty, but swfc are going to get that or worse for some financial goings on. 

    Given the EFL rules state the penalty for administration as 12 points, and for FFP breaches as 'up to 21 points' or even relegation... Which bit is strange?

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  9. 2 hours ago, bigdan2003 said:

    Nick DeMarco South Stand if he wins this....


    Greatest SWFC lawyer of all time. 


    With a nod in the direction of @AeroSWFC - not seen round these parts for many a month


    Nick De Marco

    Swfc Appearances - 0
    Swfc Goals - 0


    Relegations saved - 1

    Well done Nick De Marco

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