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  1. If you really want to know whether the new group is worthwhile, it can all be sorted with one question at the start. In the accounts that are 10 months overdue, what is the club's loss? If it's going to be open and honest there should be no problem answering
  2. Call me old fashioned but I'd much rather he paid the players the club relies on as well
  3. I'd much rather they announce a new manager. It's been 3 weeks. Or some players that can dig us out of the relegation crap. Revamping the old steering group that met for 2 years without actually achieving anything at all won't keep us up
  4. Hes a great kid - used to turn out Sunday mornings a couple of years ago for my lads team. Really hope things work out for him.
  5. All DC had to do was use the resource he was left with by Milan Paul Aldridge was hardly used at all in the year he stayed on (which was part of the deal) and he was constantly frustrated by that. DC could have done a lot worse than let him run things for him
  6. The point is As a club we can invest on both those major items that would improve our club without it affecting FFP. And yet. We havent.
  7. Boooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
  8. Stuart Grey and Mandaric had built very firm foundations in our 3 years in the Championship - indeed the side that took us to Wembley was heavily based on that. What Chansiris millions did was allowed us to add the real quality and attacking flair we needed to turn us from a solid mid-table Championship team into contenders for the play-offs. In that first summer - the real impact players we brought in were Forestieri, Bannan, Wallace, Joao and Matias. So yes - Carlos did get a fair bit of money invested. The real money was thrown at the team i
  9. OFFICIAL CLUB STATEMENT Fellow Owls We are in difficult seas. Our problems with FFP are well documented, and the remainder of the season will reveal whether that will threaten our Championship status. Regardless of whether that status will be maintained, it is clear that our clubs approach is unsustainable given the current rules of FFP, which incorrectly favour clubs with parachute payments. We will continue to challenge that rule, but also recognise there are other factors that must change in order for us to re-establish this great club in the Premier League, a
  10. To be fair the Bosman ruling doesnt apply to Brentford
  11. George ****ing Tyson as referee. Almost as bad as George Courtney
  12. (We always do a site survey before install as sppeds can vary) Fastest one weve installed runs at about 150mB download, and about 40mB upload - thats at an industrial park in Barnsley. Pings often around 10-20
  13. The one at Croxdale Hall was installed specifically for the guy who lives there to use with his Xbox!
  14. Yep, we install these and been doing loads recently They work really well, we've done quite a few farms and even Croxdale Hall in Durham. I'd be happy to talk to your guy You want to avoid the little WiFi routers the network sell. These need to be properly installed externally with a cable run to the inside This is one of ours in London
  15. This is what makes him entirely unsuitable to be working in a professional environment
  16. Depends how much we are paying him
  17. Maybe Chansiri is really p****d off with his lack of discretion recently and has told him to do one If he has - well done Mr Chansiri. You just went up in my estimation a notch
  18. Jeeeez they must be really crap to lose to Rother.. Oh. Wait
  19. Actually 9 months, given we used the extended deadline allowed because of Covid
  20. One set of ANNUAL accounts submitted in 1100 days
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