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  1. I won't lie First transfer window when he arrived I nearly wet myself when right at the very death we signed Felipe Melo - Brazilian international and playing in the Champions League at Galatasary WE'VE F****G ARRIVED I shouted to the Mrs - who'd been asleep for 2 hours. Following morning and I find out weve signed Filipe Melo - Portuguese nobody who turned out to be complete f****g w*nk
  2. I always refer to my private bits as the crown jewels. Somehow appropriate to this conversation
  3. Seems a bit unfair to bring that up - when you're busy telling anybody that doesnt agree with you not to come You can't have it both ways
  4. I think I'll wait and see it confirmed from someone other than that twitter guy before I get too excited 😄
  5. what? I've genuinely missed this. where has that been reported?
  6. Yes, but APART from all that, what has Chansiri ever done for Sheffield Wednesday? Well. Theres the scoreboard?
  7. But for the EFL mysteriously deducting points from next season and not this - we'd have been down thrice And if the team plays anything like it did in the second half of the season Well. To coin a phrase - "You should be careful what you wish for"
  8. You actually motivated me to look at Wolves Their accounts show them making a loss of £20m reported in the season they went up - with 2 seasons of profit before that £7.4m and £2.3m So they were only reporting a net loss of £10.3 over 3 seasons in their promotion season. in the season they went up they lost a staggering £55m - meaning they would have been at net -£65m over 3 years - giving them a -12 to start the season after like us had they not been promoted. Another team who worked the system brilliantly
  9. Sadly - I think there will be a lot who follow just that line of thought next year. 😞
  10. and the season before when they lost £23m They did it brilliantly - and everybody knew they would be massively in the crap had they not gone up Same as Wolves
  11. If you think Sheffield United have better players than us - then I know more about football than you...
  12. Because the HUGE loss was made in the season they won promotion and therefore not declared until they were in the Premier League. The season they were promoted they reported the £23m loss in the february. They actually made losses of £7.3m and £8.5m in the 2 seasons before that - so their rolling total loss in the season they were promoted was actually £38.8m. which is exactly within the rules They literally went for it at the right time
  13. Can't believe it took 3 pages for this to be wheeled out
  14. All of this speculation on the accounts could be avoided if we bloody submitted them We've made 1 submission in the last 880 days.
  15. It works as per the tweet you posted. Not reset (ie back to Zero)
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