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  1. Can't believe I got zero credit for announcing this a full 6 hours before Pelupessy's agent 🙄
  2. Westwood injured? Reckon he'd have made a faster comeback if he'd had a triple heart bypass
  3. Makes Darren Potter look like David Beckham at corners
  4. If the club planned to ask supporters not to push for refunds - it might have been an idea not to announce Pelupessy's new contract first
  5. All of this damaging speculation could be put to bed with a statement from the club
  6. Not having that You said "after that set of circus clowns at the EFL have finished " What about that clown at Hillsborough who drove us into this massive ocean of s**t
  7. I'd sooner have Bothroyd & Jeffers back Not even kidding
  8. At Barnsley away - there was a Barnsley fan in the Upper Tier who had more touches in that game I really wanted to be wrong about this
  9. Yes hes never usually far wrong Told me in February that Fox had no intention of staying either - and said that was more down to the fans than anything else
  10. Yes. We all know hes f****** ***t
  11. ^^ This Tbh if it is true - I'm sure the club would have announced it by now - give the fans something to get excited about
  12. Mate last night reckons he's accepted a contract extension from us I'm really hoping his ITK translates to KFA
  13. If anybody wants their details - let me know If you've always wanted a Wednesday tattoo - nows your chance
  14. One thing thats been very clear from Day 1 of Mr Chansiris arrival is that he has a deep seated desire to be popular Things havent gone his way in recent years and I'm sure that will be really hurting him. Hes faced criticism from a growing section of our support and that will be hurting him too I can't see anything other than a really generous package being offered to our supporters as a demnstration of his genuine goodwill to our supporter base. I'd imagine putting this together is why there has been a delay in announcing measures. rest assured - our Chairman will look after our fans on this.
  15. he has also said he has £100s of millions to throw at us but is prevented from doing so
  16. The clubs wage bill is £870k a week By the time we kick off again 15 weeks will have passed - where the club will have spent £13.05m on wages for players to sit at home Had the players taken a 20% reduction in pay, as a large number of our fans have been forced to that earn a fraction of the sums of money our players earn - they could have saved the club £2.61m Our gate receipts ar £14m Thats £608k a match. 5 matches refunded to every fan would cost the club £3.04m That would have meant a shortfall to refund every single fan of just £430k. Half a weeks wages for the players Should our fans, many of whom are suffering severe financial hardship in this pandemic, many of whom who will lose their jobs as the economic realities are played out when the return to work happens, forego a refund for 5 games they will never see?? Or, should the club look to an underperforming, bloated, overpaid playing squad for that money? Or, to a Chairman who has fleeced our loyal fans for 5 years on the promise of building a squad for the Premier League - when we are worse off now than when Mandaric sold to him? I think its pretty poor form for any fan to point to another fan and suggest they should be leaving their money in the club.
  17. I dont think any club should be expected to refund tickets sold in advance But definitely the ones for games we know we wont see
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