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  1. How many of his Championship 287 appearances, and 48 Premier League appearances have you watched throughout to formulate that opinion? And just how often do right wingers carry a team through games?
  2. I have enough money to buy every Wednesdayite a season ticket. And I would as well. But the wife won't let me
  3. Should we sign Lionel Messi? "No, hes well past his best, not the kind of player we need to be looking at. What we really need is players who've never played a league game, on the verge of being released from Academies"
  4. These threads always go the same way And have done throughout Owlstalk history.
  5. Willing to bet anybody we don't spend £5m this summer on transfers
  6. There will be players here that have entered into mortgages and credit agreemets based on contracts in excess of what they will be capped at It is CRAZY to cap wages of players already in contract. I totally support a wage cap - but it should be done based on a percentage of club turnover.
  7. That would all make more sense had we then not offered him a contract that he turned down
  8. Because we should have offered him (and others) a contract last summer - and if it wasnt signed - sell him Its the basics.
  9. I don't really understand the desperation for him to fail Same with George Hirst You're like sad jilted lovers. Quite sad from (supposedly) grown men
  10. Thank God hes not our owner Can you imagine trying to fit that into a chant wanting him OUT
  11. Right. Not even going to pretend I understand this Last year we submitted our accounts, after changing our year end by 3 months, late. And included the stadium sale in it. Which meant we showed a small profit. But now we are late again, this time because we are investigating whether we can move the sale of the stadium into this set of late accounts, meaning (presumably) that last year's small profit will become a huge loss? And this is normal accounting practice? Is that summary fair and correct??
  12. The strategy was perfect. They essentially went as far as they could with the £39m loss over 3 years - then bust the bank to ensure promotion Risky. But clever.
  13. I'm not Chansiris biggest fan - but even I can be thankful that hes literally taking £3m out of the bank every month and throwing it down the toilet to pay the wages he committed to and save us from going into admin.
  14. Only takes my PC about 45 seconds to process a new seasons fixtures on Football Manager
  15. Sorry - they lost £20m the season before they went up BUT the accounts were reported in the season they went up The £55m is reported in the first season they were in the Prem. Its always a season behind (for all clubs)
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