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  1. Carragher: Leeds wrong to wear protest shirt in tonight's game against Liverpool. "This is not about Liverpool FC, it's about the owners" Yeah. **** Off Carragher, your "It's not our fault" line isn't going to cut it
  2. Years ago I'd have a wander down on a Sunday morning to watch a local pub side play on the park near me. I'd see mates from school also watching, and we'd get chatting and they'd tell me they'd fallen out with watching Wednesday/United and were more interested in the non-League, even the pub leagues, now. I never got it. Always thought it was a bit weird. I'd already decided that after lockdown my time at Hillsborough was finished until Chansiri had gone. I was going to watch us away from home so I wasn't giving him any of my money. Following yesterdays ne
  3. Nope Losing at home to Utd was the beginning of the end. All unraveled from that moment
  4. I genuinely can't believe anybody would pick Neil Thompson Who has won half of all the games we've won all season
  5. The club have already stated that this seasons ST will roll over to next season Its been confirmed.
  6. Giving Darren Moore a 5 year contract would be right up there with some of the stupidest crap Chansiri has done What an absolutely ridiculous idea. The guy has (so far) been almost as disastrous as Pulis.
  7. Isn't one of the Barnsley directors the guy who the film Moneyball was about?
  8. Grandad


    Which news outlet would you prefer? Why do people constantly point to a story and imply its not true because it's in the Daily Mail?
  9. Id imagine in a direct poll between the 2 more would want him than Chansiri
  10. Why can 1 manager get 5 wins in similar quantity of games to other managers who manage 1 or 2?
  11. ALL of the managers we've had this season have overseen 'awful' defeats
  12. Not convinced by anybody thats been in the dugout this season Except Neil Thompson - Won 5 out of 11 league games (with the same players available to all of the others) Moore - won 2 out of 9 (one he didnt even attend) Pulis - won 1 out of 10 Monk - won 3 out of 11
  13. when you post your consistent defences of Chansiri I picture you sat at home punching yourself in the face
  14. 4 separate managers and a 12 point deduction at the start of the season. Only one person to blame for this relegation, and he's the only one pointing the finger of blame at everybody other than himself
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