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  1. To worry about the manager yet? Or will we get accused of coordinating a Moore Out group?
  2. To be fair - most of the site does (especially me)
  3. Not working for Rotherham atm - but its early days yet
  4. Predicted 19th - and said I'd be delighted with it. Still would
  5. So basically we need to aspire to be MK Dons.
  6. Or maybe they would have ended up in non-league. Which I admit wuld have been awesome
  7. Leeds had 15 managers in their 10 years from going up from League One to getting in the Prem. 15
  8. It proves your point that they went straight through into the Prem after promotion from League One? Thats stretching it a bit
  9. Its a culture of failure thats been prevalent at the club for many years - pre Chansiri too. The only Chairman who has taken the club forward in all of the last 30 years has been Mandaric - and before that Dave Richards
  10. When did Leeds go straight through into the Prem? They spent 10 seasons in the Championship after their promotion from League 1? Swansea spent 3 seasons in the Championship after promotion from League 1
  11. But did stay up And made steady progress season on season the 2nd time - building on the squad and finishing higher and higher - until our Chairman f****d it up
  12. *apart from our 2 promotions from the 3rd tier
  13. So do we not give him credit for the games we did well in when he was absent? As his record looks worse if you don't
  14. I'd love you to post a decent amount of evidence to back this up Because I know you can't
  15. And you keep on defending the indefensible
  16. You think playing out from the back is BPFs tactic?
  17. I watch a lot of Sunday League. I've never once seen a keeper do that
  18. Not if he kicks from his hands
  19. We weren't obsessed with p1ssing about with the ball and playing it out from the back, even in the 90th minute when we could do with just belting it long, we'd have won that. Don't blame BPF. Blame Moore
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