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  1. Hard to imagine any person with any nous whatsoever entertaining this guy for any length of time. Let alone as an advisor for 18 months
  2. I thought hard about Luongo before posting this But I just don't think we can risk him
  3. We have all seen our team is lacking in backbone this season. Think it would be a mistake to throw Luongo back in. But we really do need players who will give it all for the cause. Westwood in the net Hutch, Dunkley and Palmer in defence Bannan and Pelupessy in midfield Windass & Rhodes up front The rest - meh. Those players have to start
  4. F*** me. You're texting me to do your research for owlstalk posts?
  5. I would imagine most players would be happy just to sign for a club that will pay their wages on time each month
  6. "OK I'm sorry but I cannot pay you for this month. But after next month, I will pay you for 2 months. I promise..." I see a flaw in this plan
  7. Does anybody seriously believe the club would announce this even if he got 10k more than the next placed player?
  8. Half arsedness? If I'd not been paid in time for God knows how many times this year - I'd not even show up til I was paid. The players did fantastically just to even show. Fair play to them
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