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  1. When Ayew collects the ball van Aken is in the correct position, he's literally forcing Ayew to move centrally while preventing a shot by blocking sight of the goal. Note Wildsmith positioning When Ayew takes his shot van Aken has clearly moved along tracking his player and still prevented the shot, can't ask for anything more (unless you want him to make a rash challenge of a tricky forward in the box). Note Wildsmith literally hasn't moved. At all. One yard to his right to track Ayews movement wouldn't have put the goal at risk as VA is in the way. And would hav
  2. What an amazing save he made to keep us in the game before he went off tonight Still got it
  3. Much better Had Wildsmith moved his feet instead of standing with them planted to the ground as Ayew moved across to make his shot the result could have been very different.
  4. 0.5 Significantly worse than Monk Got to go for me
  5. Can't understand why people think Neil doesnt like Westwood. Hes merely fuelling debate. That Bentley doesn't pay for itself you know.
  6. Who was that bald guy in the tight blue bra that used to go round the pitch doing crowd photos?
  7. Steve is Sheffield Wednesdays Number One Fan Thank you for this amazing compilation Steve. Have you sent a link to Bucks Fizz?
  8. It would have taken 24-48 hours maximum to collate every single ST holder who applied and cross reference their refund amount into a spreadsheet Then merge those details into any one of the dozens of cheque processing software packages available. You could even use a mailing house to do the envelopes It's not rocket science
  9. I actually saw Josh Windass tie Westwoods laces together moments before he was called on to punch the ball
  10. well done pal. I totally expected you to bite - but just not quite so quickly
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