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  1. You think we have fans who are 'anti-club' 😳😳😳
  2. Has bladeshater told us what the agenda is yet? Sorry, been busy
  3. Are you suggesting that you are prepared to balance your opinion?
  4. No matter what he says some fans will always believe him Whereas if he told me the sky was blue I'd still check. But I'd be prepared to acknowledge he was right
  5. Pretty sure it was Huddersfield away. He stood in front of the keeper to stop him kicking it quickly, keeper took it anyway and it hit him under the chin, knocked him clean out I've asked him about it but he says he doesn't remember it I'm not surprised
  6. These were the days before the most successful post war Chairman Dave Richards developed the stadium, won us our only trophy, achieved our highest League finish since the early 60s, took us into Europe and developed a team that included the likes of Waddle, Walker, Warhurst and so many more Happy days
  7. I for one am delighted that Mr Chansiri has reinforced that the club is doing so brilliantly under his leadership
  8. I don't think this is Trevor's work The spelling is spot on
  9. Bet youve got loads on your CCTV from home (when you were at work)
  10. Was convinced this was gonna be Owen Morrisson
  11. 3 days that rocked the world....* *Wadsley Lane
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