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  1. We definitely looked our most convincing today with Wickham & FF up front in a 4-4-2 - with Harris and Murphy wide And Pelupessy off the pitch Fancy that!!! 😂
  2. However bad our fortunes as a club are just now, it wouldn't hurt to show a little respect to the Chairman and his associates
  3. Seen every minute Cruz has played so far and don't understand his signing at all
  4. It makes an ass out of you? If the cap fits 😂
  5. CW not really looked fit yet, but I'd definitely give this a go in a 4-4-2... And while Reach is injured get Harris and Murphy wide Looks like we are stuck with Pelepussy if Luongo not fit so I'm still not convinced it would work for us though
  6. Woooooah Hang on. What do you mean EVEN Grandad has a sense of humour sometimes??? Even???
  7. Everybody knows that Ian Cranson is code for Chansiri You're not fooling anybody
  8. Owlstalk would be very dull if everybody agreed on everything. Don't you agree? 😂
  9. Would be just our luck not to get a points deduction and our players get us relegated instead
  10. It's the only thing that makes Saturday afternoon bearable
  11. I've never understood fans getting angry about other fans saying our tickets are expensive, and aggressively defending them It always feels like turkeys voting for Christmas
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