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  1. 250 days since you could apply 8000 applied. 32 refunds a day would have everybody paid by now. Or 4.5 an hour
  2. Only 1 person is responsible for all is this And it's Paxos boss
  3. How have we stopped playing him at the back?
  4. Been trying to remember what the game was it reminded me of. Finally got it https://youtu.be/bRU0TaJq2eA
  5. Did you not find it all a bit easy It was a little bit like those cartoon style video games they had in the 80s, where it was a bit like an adventure game and you went from scene to scene without ever really failing Or was I just amazing at it
  6. My lad made the point about all the unmarked players in the box for their 3rd He said "I'm not being funny but the quality of football we play doesn't seem much better than Swallownest on Sunday mornings" I put him right on that though. Swallownest are MUCH better than Wednesday
  7. Some really touchy folk about I wasnt serious about getting your family around to help you disable your internet banking Although reading some of the responses - it might be an idea
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