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  1. So if we paid Rangers direct - it might not necessarily be registered against a transfer Maybe 'consultancy' Remember. we are Loophole crazy
  2. https://www.football.london/queens-park-rangers-fc/qpr-news-january-transfer-embargo-15614213
  3. Embargoes allow you to sign players up to £11,500pw
  4. Every player we've signed would satisfy the terms of an embargo But let's not assume anything.
  5. Fanatic to see Joey wearing the Captain's armband A true indication of the way he's proving himself a true legend at the club
  6. Can always tell when Neil's had a call from the club
  7. Apparently he's just said "Pelupessy glues it together in the middle" 😳
  8. Just said exactly the same! Turned the volume completely off
  9. Is it that one side has been dignified by not washing dirty linen in public? And the other has?
  10. He wore that white tuxedo every single night it was open 😂
  11. I was a Sinatra's man. Stevie Splash made me look like a ghost in comparison
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