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  1. The only thing more boring than fishing is the fishermen themselves
  2. First rule of Away Season Ticket Club...
  3. That's for last season mate We are talking about the season before
  4. 13 months since the application deadline for a season ticket refund - for tickets for 2 seasons ago. I still can't believe this is a thing. Surely one of the groups that represents the fans should be taking this up with the club? We start a new season next weekend. Otherwise whats the actual point of a fans representative group?
  5. https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/dejphon-chansiri-indicates-major-change-in-financial-direction-for-sheffield-wednesday-3321257
  6. We definitely need to chase one of the big supermarkets for sponsorship, taking us back to the days of ASDA at Wembley. Here I've mocked up what the kit could look like
  7. Have you missed the bit where it says 'owl' next to 'Barnsley' in his user name?
  8. After a full season of seeing fans take the ******** out of United for playing in a pig pink kit we launch a... Pig pink kit Home kit brilliant though
  9. Wednesday fans boo all our players All of them. Even the best ones, like Bannan. And Forestieri. The only players our fans hate more than United players is our own
  10. Wednesday fans: "All we are doing is signing Academy cast offs" SWFC linked with Jack Hunt whos played 289 games in the Championship Wednesday fans: "Not him hes rubbish"
  11. So if you bought 7 tickets all in one box - would you get it for £2250 ea (ie £15750) for the season?
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