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  1. Well Done Atdhe

    Yeah I suppose it depends what we need right now, holds the ball up well, scares the poo out of defenders but does need a foil.
  2. The Cult of Wallace

    I agree a fiery little bugger no quarter given, that’s what I like to see wearing the badge.
  3. How symbolic is the Presto Stand?

    Used to live about 10 mins from presto when I was a kid loved the frozen pizzas (used to nick em and keep me mams money does that make me a bad person?)
  4. Brought up in broomhall flats, not far from the pigsty but supported the owls for the bus ride on me own out to Hillsborough.

    Change manager lmfao
  6. Can We Take Any Positives?

    Ermmm no

    Think I’m gonna play with the traffic
  8. Patience

    Thanks for that hostage
  9. Patience

    Well it’s nice to know it’s the extreme minority as for highlighting it have no idea what your on about
  10. Patience

    Yeah I am maybe that’s it
  11. Patience

    Sometimes I can’t believe what I’m reading on this site, Jos is Carlos the second and Joey p is crap.WTF They have both been here 2 minutes and already they are getting slated ( beggars belief imo)
  12. Relegation or a trophy?

    Cup (no brainer)
  13. The Wednesday Tap logo at Hillsborough

    More staff behind the bar than punters in front of it
  14. Fun things from last night

    Wallace like a little pit bull
  15. Jordan Rhodes..

    Rhodes was trying to feed off scraps, but in fairness he did his bit defensively last night can’t knock the effort he and indeed all of them put in.