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    The elephant in the room

    I understand this focus on United. I'm a Blade and I ALWAYS look at Wednesday's result first after United's. We are revivals. We argue about who are the top team in Sheffield: Sometimes it's Wednesday, sometimes it's United. It's not a nice thing to admit, but we always want the other Sheffield team to lose - with possible exceptions like when they're playing Leeds ('cus no real Sheffielder wishes Leeds FC anything other than relegation & bankruptcy). I've supported United since the 1970s. When I started going to the Lane then we were in a golden period. Tony Currie and all that. Wednesday have had your periods of glory since. We can argue till the 'cows come home' about who has been the biggest team over the last few decades. I will certainly concede our LONG period in League One was very dispiriting, whilst you got to the Championship sooner. When you got promoted out of League One first at our expense that was an EXTREMELY painful moment; not just to miss out on promotion, but to miss out to Wednesday. I'm sure you'll get that. These folk on Owlstalk (or S24SU) who say they are above looking at 'the pigs' (whoever they are!) I think are a bit unusual. Supporting a team means wanting our rivals to lose. This is not Disney. We don't all win. I want United to win & get promoted. I also want you to lose. Finally I'd add that those so-called supporters (or either team) who think violence is a natural part of football are dinosaurs. I don't want a single Wednesday supporter physically hurt. But relegated? Sure!
  2. We have just the same problem at Bramall Lane. I go with my two young children. We have season tickets in the so-called Family Stand (John Street Stand). Week after week there are clearly articulated obscene mouthfuls coming from the seats all around us. When I point out to them that my children can hear them, they always say 'Sorry'. Unfortunately they are only quiet until the next bad tackle or (in their opinion) questionable refereeing decision. Of course we know that school can often be the same. But that doesn't mean we shouldn't have safe places we can get away from it. It's disappointing.
  3. Blade here in peace: ALL teams get some good luck. All teams get some bad luck. As supporters of a club (either Wednesday or United), we can often be half-empty type of people, who see all the things that go against us and ignore the things that go for us. Almost every set of fans I know feel refs are against them or something. It's part of being passionate fans. Disappointments we take VERY badly. When we lose it does seem more than a game of football. (As a Blade those long years in League One were just awful. Really, really bad.) Out of interest; most United supporters feel pretty low after last night. Yes, we won comfortably and got three points. But one of our key players (some say, THE key) has a bad leg break and might miss the rest of the season. Why do I think the Blades have done so well up to now? Yes, Wilder has created it all. But on the pitch I think it's our fluid, passing, attacking midfielders. And Coutts is a massive part of that. How will we cope without him? Time will tell. But I'm less confident now than I was before last night.
  4. Blades fan here in peace: I think a BIG part of the two Sheffield club's heritage is our traditional grounds. Sheffield Wednesday is closely associated with Hillsborough. United with Bramall Lane. It's part of what makes our two great clubs what they are. We know both grounds would benefit from development; but better that than a soulless new ground. Sure, when we visit clubs with new stadiums (supporting the Owls or the Blades) we're envious of disabled access, catering facilities, toilets, etc. etc. But atmosphere? Most of them aren't in the same league as Hillsborough or Bramall Lane. So my ten-pennyworth as someone who first visited your stadium in the 70s with Owls-fans from school, keep one of the aspects of your club that most other clubs can't buy with their millions.