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  1. I'd love it, of course. But it is unlikely. On my 'home' forum (s24su.com) there are a number of threads asking Blades what position they expect 2019/2020. A few expect relegation. Many expect just above relegation. And a few expect (or hope) for better. To state the obvious: we've no real idea, as we don't even know transfer fund availability and therefore how much new quality we'll be able to add to the squad. And to make you laugh, I've put £1.20 at 2,500 to 1 on us doing a Leicester City! (Never bet what you can't afford to lose.)
  2. Blade here. I'm not very interested in the ancient history of either club, whether attendances or trophies. I want my team to win something now; and I'm sure that's the case for most Owls. And success brings crowds. But one thing strikes me about attendances now & in the future for either Sheffield club, and that's the impact of televised matches. I'm not meaning those lazy fans who'd rather sit at home instead of getting to Hillsborough or the Lane - I mean when matches are moved (sometimes at quite short notice) to another time or another day. Monday night, for example, will never get the crowd a regular 3:00 pm Saturday fixture will. It must play havoc with those who need to work certain hours. I'm retired, I have no regular commitments and can make any day at any time. But it must really impact those Blades & Owls who can't easily change work times or who book travel/accommodation to get to Sheffield from elsewhere in the country. Even in the Championship SUFC have had loads of matches shifted for TV. It could be worse for us next season.
  3. And if you joined us next season (& we manage not to relegated), it would be good to shut the L**ds supporters up for a few years.
  4. Thanks. I think both teams have folk I enjoy chatting to and those I wish would support L**ds.
  5. Look, I have NO problem admitting the Blades have had a seriously bad time (with SWFC being the more successful local club for a few years). I worried we'd never get out of League One. Just shows what a good manager can do. Looks like SB might be able to do the same for you.
  6. Yes, I support the Blades, but I am genuinely interested in how you do. I can also be (I think) fair & honest about your positives & strengths. For instance, I wish we could score some of those brilliant long-range goals you've got recently. We tend to score after about a million passes.
  7. I reckon Hope Valley is about 50-50 SWFC & SUFC.
  8. Weird? Maybe; it's just boring looking at a single window. I can't even get Radio Sheffield where I live.
  9. The obsession lives on! It isn't obsession; it's rivalry. I basically don't believe any Blade or Wednesday supporter who says they don't look at the 'other' sides result.
  10. It will be a sad day for SUFC when Wilder moves on. (3-0 to the Blades now, by the way.)
  11. I don't have enough Blades loyalty points to get to most away matches (ST at the Lane though), so I 'watch' away matches via social meedia. I have two windows open on my PC: www.s24su.com and www.owlstalk.co.uk.
  12. Nope. I'm a Blade and if it came to SWFC or Leeds going up - my loathing of Leeds is strong - so I'd go for the Owls getting promoted.
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