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  1. You can have 3 hours if you like(although I have absolutely no idea who Salma Hayek is) enjoy it anyway pal!
  2. WHO would you have..........FOX? In all seriousness Dan Petrescu best LB we ever had...... Left to play for Chelsea and they don't buy rubbish! Just my opinion is all
  3. A Kevin Pressman clone Roland Nillson clone Dan Petrescu clone Des Walker clone Mick Lyons clone Nigel Pearson clone Terry Curran clone John Sheridan clone David Hirst clone Paolo Di Canio clone Chris Waddle clone Big Ron Atkinson clone PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Make this happen Santa OOOOOOOOH HAVE I WOKE UP YET!
  4. Nor is Boyd ....he's shot......or possibly just useless!
  5. Having played keeper for most of my life, albeit many years ago,and considered by many quite a good one. I have never ever made a save with the back of my hands, in fact I don't even think that is physically possible and a powerful shot would hurt like foook and probably break some bones, so what the hell are you trying to say about our keeper. Maybe he should get some Inspector Gadget go go hands that he can spin backwards!!!!!
  6. Also people that start every sentence with SO! Get the firing squad ready.
  7. I'd dump Kroos for Iniesta (yes even at his age)
  8. We are not Man City or Liverpool, we don't have 50 million pound players as back up so we cannot afford to squad rotate as the top Prem teams do so why oh why does Jos feel the need to keep changing the team? Good teams in this division play their best team week after week regardless of the amount of games in eight days. Jos needs to learn this...... one game Saturday one game midweek one game following Saturday not a lot to ask if they are fit enough! THEY DON'T NEED RESTING JOS! OK Rant over
  9. Right here goes... Jos was looking like he was getting it right and I was pro Jos, now after last nights debacle I have to say he has lost the plot. Tactically could not even figure out how we trying to play, REACH in the middle ????? everybody knows he does his best work on the left. JOAO on the left????? when everybody knows he works much better in the middle assisting strikers and getting in the box as a striker. Had he been there he would have scored the sitter Matthias missed. Doh! Why could he not see that and switch them around. Defensively we cannot play out from the back if teams press us, we just panic and constantly give the ball away, we find it hard to pass to a blue and white shirt even when not under pressure simply not good enough. It's obvious that good teams invite teams on to press and then have the ability to change, then play it long taking all the player high pressing out of the game but none of our defenders seem to have that footballing brain to do it. IT'S JUST NOT WORKING JOS. So sorry to say Jos out for me now!
  10. Sure you didn't fall asleep and was dreaming of how you would like Fox to play, he was his usual DREADFUL! but he wasn't on his own!
  11. I even got angry when SWFC had red shirt numbers, I also believe red boots not allowed at Hillsborough Red in sponsors name or logo makes me wanna barf! Hey but that's just me.
  12. You took yer time dint ya! Been waiting ages for this one
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