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  1. How can you possibly know that? Fessi has the ability to change the game with one flash of genius! Not saying that he would have, just saying it is possible and could have happened. Case rested! (much like Fessi)
  2. They could have used a picture of him scoring against them in the last minute on Saturday. Professional to the end, he knew he was going to them and still scored against them for us. GOOD LUCK LUCAS
  3. I was praising Maddison last year and touted him as a good signing but no one seemed to agree. I'm with you let's get him!
  4. If the blunts are willing to pay 20M for McBurnie After todays great goal against Reading Joao must be worth 12-14M Ask high and come down to 10M Do not let our players go on the cheap!
  5. Fessi about to be banned for 6 games...…...we've got the chance to play him and we don't????????????????????????
  6. Talksport rate our kit best in championship...….at least we are number 1 for summat!
  7. Probably not in right section but sure someone can help...….. I have recently changed my address but don't know how to contact owls foundation to let them know my winnings will be going to wrong person (I wish!) No seriously I need a email address or phone number to contact them to change it …….. HELP please WAWAW
  8. So how much is the so called CHEEKY OFFER any clues???????????????????????
  9. One good thing is that there is no red in it at least. I hate any red on a Wednesday shirt!
  10. Agree it's 25Kv a/c and it kills you so don't play on train roofs children! Lesson over now I will bore off
  11. OOPS I clearly need to pay more attention!
  12. So do I pal...…..……...we'll stick together it's a nice shirt with no sponsor......will be a rubbish shirt if they put a sponsor on.
  13. I didn't watch till the very end MiLord we were both right there is a yellow one and a green one. Please don't have me thrashed in the servants quarters! Good day
  14. Whatever works for you Lord (and the team hopefully too) I tug my forelock and bid you goodbye.
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