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  1. I for one thought it time for Carlos to go, he's done some good things for the club but this year couldn't have got things more wrong, He has paid the price for his stubborness and scared of every other team in the league tactics. Still though tinged with a little bit of sadness it being Xmas an all. Good luck in the future CC Merry Xmas.
  2. That made me shed a tear, best wishes to the lad and many thanks for SWFC for showing they really do have a big heart after all.
  3. This happened to my fone battery, I don't know why? This also seems to have happened to some of our players, I don't know why that is either but it has got to be somebodys fault, and I blame Carlos.
  4. is a foreign language.....maybe klingon?
  5. You could maybe get some medication for your delusions if you went to see a specialist.
  6. Why not give Jake Kean a go he's never played a game yet,, about time he earned his massive wages..... You might say I'm KEAN to see him,,,,oops sorry couldn't resist...lol
  7. Graham Potter or Paul Lambert for me.
  8. Graham Potter or Paul Lambert for me.
  9. The way the new lightweight modern footballs never go in our opponents net!
  10. Just being a realist, not like some of the dreamers on here. Our team will continue being a joke whilst clueless clown remains in charge. THE TRUTH HURTS and it hurts me too, to say that about the club I have loved for 50yrs.
  11. WOW us 9th you must be one hell of an optimist pal.
  12. How come back in my my day Ozzies smaller friend was called Ollie Owl but now he's had his name changed to Barney Owl. I thought Barney was Nigel Worthington. PUZZLED???????
  13. SERIOUSLY you got nothin better to talk about.....WOW the clubs about to implode mate!
  14. Back in the 80s used to work with a band we played the Staniforth Arms every Wedneday night David BRONCO Layne was the landlord He was a great guy, Him and the family even came on holiday with us we went boating on the thames, he coudn't drive the boat for toffee, tried turning the boat round and an overhanging tree branch smashed through a window. Oh how we took the p!ss, cost him a bomb to repair. We had a good laugh though great times, I fancied his daughter she was gorgeous, pity I was about to get married.
  15. Clearly the refs are to blame for all our players not having shots on target in the first half....it is blatantly obvious innit!
  16. So are most of our so called superstars... overpriced average footballers... I use the term footballers very loosely obviously
  17. A positive fred is what we certainly need.... How about we go for the FRED who plays for Brazil he would give us something to be positive about
  18. davyboy... I deliberately misspelt stupidist for a bit of fun ..ha ha I actually pride myself on my spelling and grammarrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
  19. If chansiri lets G Hirst go to ANY other club it will be the stoopidist mistake since letting the legend ERIC CANTONA go to scumland cos tricky trev never saw him play on grass. DOH! Our club which we love is sadly the biggest joke in the championship and something needs to be done FAST!
  20. Second 11 might do better than first team..... that's if any wise man knows what the so called first team is yet!
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