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  1. 3 hours ago, ka58 said:

    he did - the crown on Meadowhall road. Pubs still open. 




    He was also the landlord of the Staniforth Arms on Staniforth Rd,  I used to work for a band that played there every Wednesday night.

    Himself and the family came on a boating holiday we all went on one year, a good laugh and a great guy!  Had a bit of fun with a barmaid there gave her a lift home one Wednesday night, ooh errr missus!   Got to know his daughter quite well a lovely lass, she recognised me years later when she had grown up to boozing age.      Good times back then around early eighties I think.

  2. 20 hours ago, IWEDFM said:

    I know I will get negged to death for this but what our club needs is relegation to League One. Let's take the EFL 12 point hit and start over. It is soul destroying seeing the state we're in on and off the pitch. Let's be honest things couldn't be going any worse and seeing what the other lot from across the City are doing just compounds our misery even further


    This hurts but they deserve all the credit in the world. They are a club transformed in every sense of the word. Not only are they in the Prem but they are competing with the best. They gave both Liverpool and City a right go and could easily have come away from those matches with something. Seeing them pull of £22m International signings just rubs salt in the wounds


    This post is not about them but about us. We need a complete overhaul. I couldn't give a rats back side if we are in the Prem or League Two as long as we have a team to be proud of. It has got to the point where I am sick to the back teeth of seeing the same names on the teamsheet week after week, season after season. Most have been here for years and it's time they are moved on even if that means selling them on the cheap or releasing them. We need to start again from zero. Build a new young side and if that means getting relegated then so be it. I want another side like the one we had back in 2004. Unproven youth with a point to prove. I was so proud of that side. Bullen, Heckingbottom, Whelan, Brunt, MacLean etc. They were so passionate and you could see what it meant to them playing for Sheffield Wednesday


    DC has made mistakes granted but he does have the club at heart otherwise he wouldn't have spent the money he has and would have sold us. He needs to learn from those mistakes and put people in charge with football experience who know how to run a club. As for Monk, it's hard to critisise him when he hasn't been able to bring in his own players


    Like I said above, things need to change both on and off the pitch and if it takes another relegation for that to happen then i'd accept that 




    The only good thing to come from going down would be the parachute payments, especially if we went straight back up at first attempt we would also then get parachute payments going back up, probably get us out of all FFP problems with money left to buy players!


    Just playing devils advocate here ya know!       :rolleyes:

  3. 11 minutes ago, S72 Owl said:

    If your captain has to tell you to ‘watch out for there number 7’ there’s something wrong. It’s not the under 11s team. 

    Ok maybe not as simple as that but I was just creating a totally random scenario, Sorry most footballers do need telling how to wipe their own arses at times they are really not that bright so yes need somebody to make them understand subtle changes that need making, preferably someone who maybe needs to shout to get their point across!                                    

  4. On 20/01/2020 at 16:43, S72 Owl said:

    I think people read too much into the captaincy these days. All the captain does really is decide which end we kick towards. We’ve got a lot of experienced players, and gone are the days of captains like Roy Keane, Nigel Pearson etc 

    Absolute hogwash!   A good Captain also assesses the game, for instance if a team gets straight at us in the first 10 minutes and is overpowering us a great Captain will quickly suss out how and why  and change things ie tell players to move positions slightly drop back get wider etc, watch out for their number 7 he's pulling you too wide allowing their 8 to get through a big gap

    we can't cover. This is all part of a strong Captains job and most really good teams have one.  We haven't had one since way back when and we are desperate for one NOW.   Believe me they do make a big difference between good teams and average/also rans.....…….. we fall in to the latter category.

  5. 2 hours ago, Yellowbelly said:

    It’s amazing how after a heavy defeat there’s a nice long queue ready to put the boot in and an even longer one ready to believe it.

    I’m not half looking forward to winning a game again so we can go back to espousing how brilliant we are.

    Stop using big words, there's people on here can't afford dictionaries tha knows!

  6. 23 hours ago, S72 Owl said:

    We all know Nuhui’s attributes. Yes there limited but at times can be very effective. No reason to slag him off every time he has a poor game. 


    He’s an impact player for home games really. It’s up to Monk to work this out and address it in January.

    Do we?...……………. Wracks brain.....Nope can't think of any.      sorry

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  7. Quote
    11 hours ago, N0rtherner said:


    Exactly, no time wasting, think Fessi even went to collect the ball from the net so we could get going again and maybe try win it. No need for Owlstalk to start any more drama between players.

    Fessi came on, worked his socks off, which is more than can be said of a lot of others last night. Let's rate him on performances, and get him into the starting line-up. He's always been emotional, being sidelined for so long, and for strange reasons lately, when the team is screaming for a bit of creative flair, well, let's give him play time and see if he comes alive again.


    Reach surely can take a break for a few matches.



    He "takes a break" for 70% of most matches doesn't he!

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