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  1. A song sung by a gypsy, used as a reference to some football teams who want to become gypsies. QUITE IRONIC REALLY.
  2. This is a SWFC forum So this affects us how exactly!
  3. About time we had a long throw specialist! Just need a striker to head em in now!
  4. I thought Monk had lost his mind but it turns out he's just narrow minded. boom boom tish!
  5. You would think in that case the ref would not have played an extra minute on top of the 5 added mins said sod you, you already wasted my time before kick off! Oh wait he's ref!
  6. He wouldn't get in my local pub team, couldn't tackle my granny! Lazy and a waste of space. Other than that I like him.
  7. Reach isn't even a footballer is he?
  8. Yeah I thought so , you don't know either.
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