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  1. wow he did something good for a change, that doesn't make him a superstar overnight, Lets face it he does a lot of running but very little else.
  2. I'll be the first to admit that Fessi has not been great since his comeback from injury but I believe he needs a sustained run in the team to regain his confidence.
  3. Is this because of the summer too!
  4. Are you on drugs? get me some of them they must be good!
  5. Well when my missus met him in the woods she said he was no good at that either!
  6. Now that is one h ell of a brilliant word, Well said that man.
  7. I hope he doesn't still keep calling us Sheffield or I will have to slap him.
  8. Call me an old cynic but I never believed the story of the virgin birth or the three wise men either!
  9. No he's just looking out of the staring window!
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