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  1. attyjake

    Rhodes to ranges

    Spelling aside, That grammar though!
  2. attyjake

    New Spirit

    Is commie a new signing you've heard about? or just another bad rumour.
  3. attyjake


    Yes I'd like to know what "GENERALATION" is, as used in an earlier thread.
  4. attyjake

    New kit designs

    Can only think of this
  5. attyjake

    New kit designs

    Dream on guys!
  6. It's only small, cos I'm not very brave.
  7. YEP............... D P Gumby on the end!
  8. YEP............... D P Gumby on the end!
  9. Nooooooooooo......You got the decimal point in the wrong place!
  10. I always get gravy down my chin and shirt if that helps.
  11. Oswald Cobblepot strikes again!
  12. attyjake

    Surely bloody not!

    BUTTERCUP should never set foot on professional football pitch ever again!
  13. I remember when Rooney was supposed to be the dogs blx, everyone raving about him. At the time I thought yeah he is a great English player no doubt, but not in the same league as the continental superstars, not even close. We are led to believe that our players are much better than in reality they are, cos they are over-hyped by the media. THIS IS WHY WE ALWAYS UNDERACHIEVE!
  14. attyjake

    George Hirst

    OOOerrr who got out of bed the wrong side?
  15. attyjake

    George Hirst