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  1. attyjake

    Sheffield Wednesday Ladies FC

    SWFC do have a ladies team, I read on twitter the result a couple of days ago won about 7-0 if memory serves.
  2. attyjake

    Gonna be a long old season

    Or we could look at it this way, if Hoops had been playing and had the chances Fletch had we might have won 4-1 then all the moaners on here would have been well happy. That's the way it goes sometimes, chins up boys WAWAW
  3. attyjake

    Gonna be a long old season

    I read a stat on twitter about half hour ago said Pelupessy 100% pass completion only player on pitch with 100% Think it said 26 passes(don't quote me on that)
  4. attyjake

    Wasted money on Transrers?.

    Equal with Roland Nillson
  5. attyjake

    Times are changing

    So true.
  6. attyjake

    Times are changing

    and 10 oclock Sunday morning repeat.
  7. attyjake

    The formation....

    As the defence is terrible why dont we just go all out attack, play the game in their half, If we gonna ship goals anyway play the old we score more goals than you game! It worked for Kevin Keegan for a while. Just saying like.
  8. attyjake

    Great game to watch

    and you are ever the pessimist. I love that about you.
  9. attyjake

    Great game to watch

    Tons of chances??????????? up until Nuhiu scored we hadn't registered a shot on or off target!
  10. attyjake

    New season for #SWFC though!!

    Come on you blue n white wizards!
  11. attyjake

    EFL highlights

    I remember the Owls v Villa match they didn't show the dodgy incidents/decisions and they were clearly censored over what they wanted to say, only thing they said were this match was full of incidents and talking points, but you could tell they wanted to say more!
  12. attyjake

    Van Acken at left wing back

    Fessi in goal maybe?
  13. attyjake

    Thoughts After Today