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  1. Lets look forward

    Lets face if we didn't have a corrupt ref we would have won today ...no problem!
  2. Controversial..

    Carlos.....blah blah blah.........he has gone....move on FFS
  3. Ref

  4. Player wages

    It's all too complicated innit
  5. Player wages

    I think from the replies the answer is nobody knows......only a professional footballer himself can answer this question... and even then he himself would probably be too thick to understand it
  6. Player wages

    Yeah but do they only do the sports papers?
  7. Just a question, was arguing in pub with my bro, When people say a player gets XXXX thousand pounds a week, how many weeks in a year is that, we working men get paid for the whole year ie 52 weeks, but do footballers? or do they not get payed in close season for instance. is their year only say 30 weeks long or maybe less, Anyone know the answer to this?
  8. Today's Times

    Gonna show us the picture then????
  9. Any form of stripes gotta be better than what we got now....I quite like it.
  10. Rate jos so far?

    7.5 out of 10 .... so far
  11. Forget about the Premier League.

    Why use 500 words when you can use 4.... nice one
  12. Lego Hillsborough

    Bit unfair seven v ten
  13. REALLY....Ha Ha Ha Ha.. sure you will make manager of the year one day.....NOT Seems pretty clear to me in order to keep us up he is gonna try to draw the away games ( and hope to nick a win ) and play to win the home games....it's basically what any gaffer would do given the situation he is in.
  14. Almen Abdi back playing

    Yeah I saw right through him!
  15. Today’s Officials

    Except for the booking of Wallace ....replays show Swans player studding him in the b@lls