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  1. It seems any player we have on loan with the name Jacob is poo ! Please no more Jacobs unless the're crackers.
  2. Yeah but the backflip costs us an extra million!
  3. Must admit I watched it on telly but he looked chubby to me, maybe TV puts a stone on. He was still lethargic though.
  4. Totally disinterested und really unfit, that beer belly for a pro footballer is unacceptable, I've seen fitter on the park pitch on a Sunday!
  5. What!...... you want him to push the barrow all the way from Bedford, poor guy will be knackered!
  6. Yeah I remember and I hated them too! I'm just a grumpy old git.
  7. I would love it if the logo was not red n white. Why oh why did they make the logo that colour, any other colour would have been great!
  8. 1. Forestieri 2. notts Forest 3. New Forest 4, Chris Woods Both my parents are dead so I qualify!
  9. The Monkmeister tells Bullen what to do, how he wants to train and how he wants us to play. That's his job!
  10. Meet mates, go to Ozzy Owl club, chip butty, few pints, watch stripper, yard of ale contest(Pasquarly always won!) Pay on gate, get in easy, standing on kop, no roof, no seats but more fun and comradeship, cheer, boo, lose voice, go home on bus. "SALAD DAYS" WISH IT WAS NOW! I would be 17 again!
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