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  1. He was also the landlord of the Staniforth Arms on Staniforth Rd, I used to work for a band that played there every Wednesday night. Himself and the family came on a boating holiday we all went on one year, a good laugh and a great guy! Had a bit of fun with a barmaid there gave her a lift home one Wednesday night, ooh errr missus! Got to know his daughter quite well a lovely lass, she recognised me years later when she had grown up to boozing age. Good times back then around early eighties I think.
  2. Good, give us the points deduction now, hope the season is a write off cos of the virus, and we start again when the next season starts (eventually) and we are on a level playing field with everybody else. HAPPY DAYS! WAWAW
  3. I don't know but what I do know It will do wonders for my fantasy football team, I have Gundogan, De Bruyne, Jesus, and Aguerro!
  4. Jesus was supposedly a carpenter but even he couldn't have done owt if his boss (God) kept giving him plastic and metal to work with!
  5. Hows it feel to be BROUGHT DOWN TO EARTH WITH A BUMP
  6. Well yes I am and you would be pissedoff if you got played at left back never having played there before in your life and its very unfair to booooo me, it made me cry.
  7. I think with level of other problems we have players names seem to be the least of our worries! Anyway I thought most of our players pet names was Lazy W@n£er$!
  8. The only good thing to come from going down would be the parachute payments, especially if we went straight back up at first attempt we would also then get parachute payments going back up, probably get us out of all FFP problems with money left to buy players! Just playing devils advocate here ya know!
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