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  1. Ok maybe not as simple as that but I was just creating a totally random scenario, Sorry most footballers do need telling how to wipe their own arses at times they are really not that bright so yes need somebody to make them understand subtle changes that need making, preferably someone who maybe needs to shout to get their point across!
  2. Absolute hogwash! A good Captain also assesses the game, for instance if a team gets straight at us in the first 10 minutes and is overpowering us a great Captain will quickly suss out how and why and change things ie tell players to move positions slightly drop back get wider etc, watch out for their number 7 he's pulling you too wide allowing their 8 to get through a big gap we can't cover. This is all part of a strong Captains job and most really good teams have one. We haven't had one since way back when and we are desperate for one NOW. Believe me they do make a big difference between good teams and average/also rans.....…….. we fall in to the latter category.
  3. Have I been living under a rock or summat, PL2 wtf is that?
  4. Stop using big words, there's people on here can't afford dictionaries tha knows!
  5. Luongo…….. purely for managing to get off earlier than some fans!
  6. Totally Agree as we now know we lost without him! Monk is tactically naïve, ie rubbish!
  7. Do we?...……………. Wracks brain.....Nope can't think of any. sorry
  8. He "takes a break" for 70% of most matches doesn't he!
  9. To the jokers just...……….THIS
  10. It seems any player we have on loan with the name Jacob is poo ! Please no more Jacobs unless the're crackers.
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