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  1. Now we got clean rubbish on the pitch!
  2. Now that is one h ell of a brilliant word, Well said that man.
  3. attyjake

    Is Steve Bruce the answer

    I hope he doesn't still keep calling us Sheffield or I will have to slap him.
  4. Call me an old cynic but I never believed the story of the virgin birth or the three wise men either!
  5. attyjake

    Shortlist of 5

    No he's just looking out of the staring window!
  6. attyjake

    You could drive a bus through there

    Someone's looking for a job on Match of the day!
  7. attyjake

    Abdi, Boyd and Hutch

    Chuffin hell brexit brexit brexit!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!.....................sorry got mixed up these two threads been going on for same length of time! GET A LIFE!
  8. attyjake

    How many of our best XI regularly start?

    BOYD, "you cannot be serious" as John McEnroe once screamed............biggest waste of money EVER!
  9. Yep ......first name on the team sheet.......... oops I meant on my mind...................
  10. Ooer missis what fantastic bumps mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  11. Yes i agree both great players but not quite as good as Dan the man.
  12. You can have 3 hours if you like(although I have absolutely no idea who Salma Hayek is) enjoy it anyway pal!
  13. WHO would you have..........FOX? In all seriousness Dan Petrescu best LB we ever had...... Left to play for Chelsea and they don't buy rubbish! Just my opinion is all
  14. Sad to say I am that old but you can only have so many wishes!