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  1. I'll be surprised if Reach makes it in their first team! He will soon get found out by a good coach.
  2. Have you never heard of ebay? Get on there an buy a couple of cheap pairs of socks! Then tell everyone they are ARMANI or GUCCI or summat.
  3. You love using the buzz words "FUTURE PROOF " don't you!
  4. How is it we fans know what a waste of oxygen he is but every single manager we have keep picking him. Reckon he must have some clause in his contract saying he must be picked or he has got some kind of hold over all managers. I know what it is, he is an expert in hypnotism and hypnotises all managers into believing he "IS A REAL FOOTBALLER" and the best at Hillsborough pick me first. Gotta be summat going on there!
  5. Agree he is a good presenter and the pundits are usually decent, but the picture quality of the actual matches is ABYSMAL! And for that reason "I'M OUT"
  6. Guys purporting to be professional footballers when in reality they would struggle yo get in my local pub team. Professional footballers (including internationals) that cannot use both feet FFS! Grown men on a football pitch falling down if you as much as breathe on them (even when you have not had garlic!) I could go on.
  7. Lump on name your own price, he's not even in the running of a massive list I have just looked at.
  8. # Let it go.....let it go.......let it go "MMMMMM" Thinks that might make a good song that!
  9. Pulis to tighten up the defence and keep us up (hopefully) till the end of season. Then a young up and coming forward thinking manager for next season, voila!
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