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  1. Yeah I thought so , you don't know either.
  2. How pretty open? Did they state a figure?
  3. OK then mr ITK how much do you reckon Rhodes is on?
  4. We are allegedly paying Rhodes 40K so 50K in the prem is nothing
  5. He is wanting 50k a week that's the problem and that could well cause unrest between the rest of the squad which are all pulling together as one at the moment. It only takes a bit of jealousy to split the squad! FORGET HIM
  6. Reach isn't fit to wear the shirt, he never has been and never will be a striker and defensively he couldn't tackle my granny! Get rid ASAP!
  7. You do realise it's illegal to praise the team on here don't you!
  8. Away shirts should always be orange or yellow, no other colour acceptable! Just my opinion you understand, go back in time and look at some of the beauties we've had.
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